Will Pangu 11 Jailbreak make a soon comeback?

When Pangu 9.3.3 goes about a year back in reminding the complete previous Cydia entry, we feel high the need of another soon update. So as most believe, will Pangu 11 jailbreak make a comeback writing a new Cydia story for the long tiring wait? This is time to look for all possibilities counting on Pangu in the jailbreak latest 11th iteration.

Pangu 11 jailbreak

If you have been visiting us regularly, the update of iOS 11 Download through latest betas might be a secret at any hand. Just as expected, the new beta stage of both developers and public testing brings many new to talk promising a great comeback with the biggest iOS 11. The latest developer beta 4 and public beta 3 add tweaked icons to applications, different sections to Settings, improvements to Siri’s voice, Lock screen with better Notification, changes to App switcher and so much more interesting to review. So if you like taking a look to the latest betas, this is the chance for it. But make sure not to get the beta with the daily driver which may risk your whole run to bugs and crashes. And as always, do not forget to take a backup too.

Pangu and iOS 11 Jailbreak so far

If you notice the time so far, Pangu owns the most credit for jailbreak. It is clear the relationship of Pangu and iOS jailbreaking is never getting to an end as both taking attempts in the development of each of their projects individually. So as much as Apple tries improving the latest 11th iteration, Pangu must too be working for a jailbreak update. So why not expect all end at Pangu 11 jailbreak as a great payback for the long silence.

As of now, we find Yalu as the successful attempt to Cydia iOS 10. But when it still at betas, the release of Pangu 9.3.3 comes to the mind as the recent jailbreak release that came fulfilled with all the requirements of a complete jailbreak. But sadly, it is almost a memory of a year back from which we found Pangu at a public jailbreak release recently. So what could be the delay of all for any update to iOS 10 jailbreak as well as up in jailbreak iOS 11?

All Hopes on Pangu 11 Jailbreak

Pangu 11 jailbreak

With notice of all the facts around, we see some signs of a new update to Cydia Download. While that would probably be targeting versions from iOS 10.2.1 to latest 10.3.3, the wait for iOS 11 will carry us longer. In fact, to get any public jailbreak solution, we need the firmware officially. So all hopes on Pangu 11 jailbreak will take up until September. And in between the time of testing, there could possibly be some more demonstrations like what recently came through KeenLab. Then it is again to play the game of waiting.

With the next jailbreak expecting for 10th iteration, what would get in the time of 11 will be decided for the most part. So knowing Pangu is not gone from jailbreaking, it is up to keep the wait same going through all our posts at Cydia Guru. And if you like knowing any further details about the updates around, make a comment mentioning that from which we could once again meet up here. Stay with us.


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