Cydia iOS 10.2 Download- What’s New to Get?

With Yalu updated for 10.2, we brought all new tweak releases time to time. So it is now chance to look for the past few days to bring you a collection of new Cydia iOS 10.2 options. So read and see which going to win most likes from all these.

Cydia iOS 10.2

As of this writing, jailbreak is only allowed up to iOS 10.2. As we discussed in the past few post updates, Yalu1011 and Yalu102 update brought rights to iOS 10 jailbreak making more powerful apps and tweaks possible to download. But remember the tool accepts a semi-untethered run with Cydia impactor download and side loading the IPA only for 64-bit devices. In iOS 10.2 jailbreak you find a limitation in the appliance to iPhone 7 and 7 plus which is assumed due to a hardware security feature. For the complete jailbreak guide refer our post on Yalu jailbreak.

What are your Favorite Releases for Cydia iOS 10.2?

With every new week, we find new updates in Store. So it is now time for us to come through a new roundup showing you all new to have in iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak. So read on.

WifiChannelBar for Free

Cydia iOS 10.2

For the users of WiFi, this is a nice tweak to have. With this free download, you can get the connected WiFi name right into the status bar. So you no longer required to head Settings, again and again, just check the status bar with this simple tweak.

 CCDataMore for Free

Cydia iOS 10.2

This is a new free tweak brings cellular data toggle to the Control center. As it integrated with 3D Touch support, you can advance options for 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity.

SCOthman for Snapchat Free

Cydia iOS 10.2

This is another free Tweak which brings importance to Snapchat. With this tweak free from Cydia iOS 10.2 download, you will be able to add more new features to the official Snapchat app to a better time.

PanoramaPapers for Free

Cydia iOS 10.2

If you wish to have multiple wallpapers for all different pages in the Home screen, this is a nice option. To get rid of the bored Stock wallpaper option by Apple, this free tweak allows you to change your wallpapers and also with different layouts. So have it through Cydia iOS 10.2 download and enjoy the view of your iOS.

betterNC10 for Free

Cydia iOS 10.2

If you like to give a makeover to the Notification Center iOS 10, this could be a smart option for free. To change the aesthetic aspects of the Notification center, this is a worth update together with more options.

Like above there are more new releases to consider. For your knowledge, we bring all them brief here. So check them out.

  • Haskfm for Free- Brings a number of improvements to the Askfm app from the App Store
  • WA Status Save for $1.99- A Simple paid tweak that lets you save status media to in the Snapchat app
  • Snap+ for Snapchat for Free- Add more functions to the official Snapchat app

To make sure you have not missed anything last week, check the recent post Cydia install iOS 10.2.

Although it wraps up, for now, we promise you to bring more interesting updates soon. So be ready to enjoy more Cydia iOS 10.2 Download as always with our reliable updates. And do not forget, there is no jailbreak above 10.2 at this moment which would be important to you in prevent getting caught to fake downloads.

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