Apple Stopped Signing 10.3.3- What’s New in Jailbreak iOS 11?

Apple on 4th October has officially closed the signing window of iOS 10 and iOS 11.0. So now you can only sign 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 to all 64-bit devices. And with this moment, you are no longer allowed downgrading to 10th iteration as it officially closed the way to 10.3.3. Considering the decision Apple took in signing the firmware, let us view the possibilities could take in Jailbreak iOS 11.

Jailbreak iOS 11

As to the usual theory, Apple closes the signing window for older firmware when getting a week or two from any new firmware update. And there, we get with nothing to be too excited as this happens with every time. So having no difference you are the only option to 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 now. But the thing here takes our attention is, Apple has closed all downgrade rights to iOS 10. Although Apple’s main aim here is keeping the user as much as possible to the latest firmware with essential updates and security needs, they indirectly make the effect to jailbreakers. So what would be the news for jailbreakers with Apple stop signing older firmware?

Any chance for Jailbreak iOS 11?

Upgrading to the possible latest increases the security and stability of the whole iOS run. So Apple always recommends you Download iOS 11 or possible latest to avoid bugs and have a fine run in iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. But in case you give the first vote to jailbreak and Cydia iOS 11, there you matters upgrading the firmware. So at the moment, Apple closes access to the previous iteration, what will come in jailbreak ahead?

Apple closed signing for older firmware does not look much affecting for jailbreak fans at the moment. In fact, there has been no update since Yalu which stopped at 10.2. But with no difference from the time previous, there was a number of demonstrations to Cydia in target various iOS 10 versions and also iOS 11 Jailbreak. However, none of them came true in the development of a new tool update making everyone a part of the waiting game.

Jailbreak iOS 11

Even before the latest iteration came to the public domains, we found jailbreak possibilities thanks to KeenLab. But when they were all base to initial betas of the new software 11, there was nothing much to take for benefits rather than just a look. However, with what we recently got, there is some hope at a new Cydia 11 era. It is once again from Todesco.

Todesco and Cydia Download 11

If you are a fan of us, there is nothing to hide about Todesco’s reveal recently. So the WebKit exploit is something a lot to talk which is possible in making the way to a new Safari base jailbreak release. But we are still unaware of what the possibility for that from Todesco’s side. And if one willing to work on that, the WebKit exploit is a good opportunity to write the name in jailbreak and Cydia back. So let us wait.

With Apple stop signing 10.3.3 and 11.0, 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 are only the options for one to sign. And in case if the next topic will be Jailbreak iOS 11 as expects, there would be nothing to regret on the decision of upgrade 11. So let us wait and see how possible we would able to talk back with a reliable jailbreak era.

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