Luca Todesco working for Jailbreak iOS 11!

Italian developer and security researcher Luca Todesco is back in the chapters showing possibilities for another successful jailbreak era. And that deserves more heart as this is about Jailbreak iOS 11, the Apple recently release software upgrade pack of thousands of amazing enhancements. So it is to look for the latest jailbreak and Cydia possibilities in the eyes of Todesco.

jailbreak ios 11

Thanks to Todesco, iOS 10.2 is still the latest jailbrekable firmware through Yalu10.2. Although there were various instances showing possibilities to jailbreak and Cydia, none of them have come above words up to workable tool updates. So making 10.2 the latest and Yalu the only jailbreak approach to the previous iOS 10 iteration, jailbreaking seems effected with a distracting pause. But above that, there were several jailbreak releases in target some legacy devices and firmware of all which EtasonJB iOS 8.4.1 the recent to state.

Jailbreak iOS 11 bringing Todesco Back!

Jailbreak iOS 11

The reveal of Todesco about the jailbreak possibilities of latest 11 is on the¬†WebKit exploit. And when he has not come with anything descriptive, this could just be a sign of something to turn in the future of iOS 11 Jailbreak. Although it still worth nothing for the public at the moment, maybe in future it is a beginning of something productive. In fact, the WebKit exploit by Todesco will conceivably open the door for a new Safari-based jailbreak for the Apple’s latest 11th software. But to take them to a confirmed end, you need little more waiting as sometimes developers come with exploiting for their private research purpose but not with any intention of a public jailbreak update. So it is all about waiting for some more time as this seems beginning of a public facing jailbreak soon in future.

Todesco and Future of Cydia Download

Todesco is an immense name in the whole jailbreak community with the mark of all his skillful records. Although he was saying he has departed from jailbreak development, with this and several previous incidents, we came to see him back. So it is a great news for the fans to see him again in the competitive jailbreak era. And addition to his researching of bugs/exploits, Todesco has marked his name discovering vulnerabilities in several other operating systems/platforms. So truly that is what drawing Todesco to where he is today in the name of a talented researcher. So as that we can now proudly say Todesco is again with the choice of a great chapter tinkering around latest 11.

iOS 11.0.1 Download

KeenLab has already demoed jailbreak iOS 11 in two times before. And by now, Todesco has come in the place revealing a powerful WebKit Exploit showing the possibilities for a new safari based jailbreak. So let us wait to see how Todesco going work with what he finds here and how the others going to make use of it. But unfortunately, we see selling of more discoveries to the Apple’s Bug Bounty program instead of making a new jailbreak. But as Todesco has not let that continued on his side here, this could be a beginning for something new in Cydia Download. So let us wait.


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