Jailbreak iOS 11.3 – Latest Updates and Rumors

Jailbreak iOS 11.3

Apple has been officially stopped sign on iOS 11.2.6 a few days back. Thus, from now onwards, those who wish to downgrade from 11.3 cannot reach the older station for any purpose. As the first beta of 11.4 began last week, hope the major role will remain for its unveil a couple of weeks for its further beta releases. However, after CoolStar made public their all-new Cydia approach for Electra uses, nothing be able to perform in the audience thus far. So we are really excited what is going on with the rumored jailbreak iOS 11.3 and that already collected an influential 0day bug in order to unfold a proper utility.

Jailbreak iOS 11.3 using the newest 0day bug

Those individuals who were there once reports announced about the 0day bug should know the whole thing. But this is for those who missed the report. So it was everything about iOS 11.3 jailbreak that the topic started its journey from the very commencing stages of its initial beta. It has been narrated by a well-known security researcher in Alibaba community called Min Zheng and that we have talked about a few times before. As he made perfectly clear, in iOS 11.3, there is an effective kernel level bug. The best this is it was there since the beta testing season and gratefully still remains there even after becoming a major role in the array.

More about iOS 11.3 jailbreak

Although we have been talked about its release since far, it seems it would be great to start right away for now only we have a considerable topic. However, any above clarifications did not mean it could be taken from Min Zheng. Since he is just a researcher, it would be around in circles asked for him to work for a public tool release. As often, we have to request for some other brave and a keen member of the jailbreak community to set us a new launch.

As some of the rumors reported that we can expect something from CoolStar and Jonathan Levin, we have to clearly clarify that it is not confirmed and we cannot say any of them will support for a public relief. As we collected, reliable reporters noted that team CoolStar has been started their new project with Android and may not effort over iOS from then. But in my opinion, it too seems to be shady until there will be a certain detail.

The Next Cydia Installer Release

It is significant to be acquainted with jailbreak iOS 11.3 as a jailbreaker before upgrade for we cannot downgrade to older ones from now. Since 11.2.6 will be the first edition that comes across its jailbreak before 11.3, stand tight with your current. Moreover, we have to make certain how Saurik going to make compatible his true Cydia for iOS 11 chapter. It is cloudy looking for jailbreak uses without having a proper Cydia path. Therefore, we hope it will not that far from here for even we are going to welcome iOS 11.4 as well in the near future.

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