New Tweaks to Best iPhone 7 Jailbreak Times

With all recent post updates, we found iPhone 7 Jailbreak getting more favorable changes. Replacing mach_portal+yalu with extra_recipe+yalu, Todesco making a better attempt to give best Cydia chance for your latest iPhone. At a time it is in fast work, it will be a lack if I do not take the chance to talk about all new tweaks to have great times. So walk through best additions in the store for Cydia iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

Making use of the extra_recipe updated exploit by Xerub, Todesco has tried a remake of Jailbreak iPhone 7. And as to the three betas out by now, the jailbreak looks working with better support addressing the troubles that made your jailbreaking on latest iPhone tiresome to this far. If you like to give it a try, the downloadable IPA is now available in the Yalu official page for free charge.

Update: extra_recipe+yalu beta 4 is now out

Best Tweaks for iPhone 7 Jailbreak

In compared to the previous weeks, the past few days have been little slow in bringing updates to Cydia store. But as it is a real interesting part to check all new in a quick roundup, let’s take a view. And I am pretty sure you will find something interesting to take on latest iPhone 7 which is best in the times of jailbreak now support the extra_recipe+yalu.


iPhone 7 jailbreak

A new tweak free from the store to launch apps in safe mode. In fact, it is coming as a new 3D Touch shortcut to launch apps with no impact from jailbreak apps and tweaks. So the use of Safe Mode here is important to find out anything troubling in a certain app is caused with tweaks you have installed or due to something else.


iphone 7 jailbreak

Apple Notes playing an important role regardless your state of jailbreak. But if you are jailbroken, the things you can try in Notes are more including latest free tweak Thumbtack. In fact, it is a simple yet useful tweak that lets you pin the most important among all notes also taking them to the top of the Notes app. So there is no more chance to miss anything most notable among all.


iPhone 7 jailbreak

With iOS 10, you got interesting changes to the Notification Center. But if you prefer the classic features and the look of Notifications, take this “Classic” new tweak free make your Notifications look back old.

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iPhone 7 Jailbreak

As you know, jailbreaking brings changes to all over the iOS. So SkinnySettings is a free option new in the store to make your Stock Setting app minimal and overall clean and better with all sectioning.

Horseshoe v2 

iPhone 7 Jailbreak

The tweak worth $2.50 and brings the best chance for Control Center Customizing.  having this, you will be able to all task for a single viewable interface making an easier way to all customizing and modifying. It is available in the Cydia’s Bigboss repository just for a one-time payment of $2.50.


iPhone 7 jailbreak

To customize the stock camera functions of your iOS, the new release SmartCameraShutter will add more benefits. Taking this free you will be benefited with a handful of new features to your Camera from the way looks to the feel, introducing nice features.


iPhone 7 jailbreak

There might have instances you thought Android some screen effects are way better than iOS. And if you think you better try a replacement, GalaxyPulse is a nice option to try from Cydia Download which can give you the Samsung Galaxy device pulses when connecting the device to the Power. So give a try on your jailbroken device if you like the Android feel on iOS.


iPhone 7 jailbreak

As you know, jailbreaking is all about customizing the device. So Vibrancy is a new member to it, that lets you customize the Lock screen clock. In fact, it makes your clock view in a more subtle way with a semi-transparent effect on it. So try it free if you sound all the change good.

What’s the Current State?

As of now, we see Todesco is back in the chapter with extra_recipe+yalu for latest iPhone jailbreak. So if you too have given up the try in the cause of all troubles, this is the time for a better chance with the new release. So giving thanks to Xerub for updating the exploit by Ian Beer as well as Todesco for the best combination with Yalu, it is now the chance for a better Cydia iPhone experience. And when keeping all these aside, there is nothing new to see in Cydia, as jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 is still where it was paused. So in the time approaching, there will be a lot to talk about tool updates as Cydia iOS 10.3.1 is decided for time up as well as Todesco in his fast work of Yalu.

iPhone 7 Jailbreak is now better. So what is your favorite option in Cydia to take on your latest iPhone?

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