iPhone 7 Jailbreak Updated with extra_recipe+yaluX

Pairing the extra_recipe, Ian Beer’s mach_portal exploit updated version with Yalu jailbreak, Luca Todesco is back in talks. Thanks to him, a new update to the jailbreak community is on the way. Addressing all issues in term of iPhone 7 Jailbreak stability and processing yalu+mach_portal for iOS 10.1.1. is now replacing with the new recipe dubbed “extra_recipe+yaluX”. So this is our true attempt to make you closer to all facts around.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

When giving credits to all updates, we have a few names to remind. In fact, to make Todesco bring a new update to Yalu jailbreak, Developer “Xerub” and “Ian Beer” too hold contribution in making the project successful. Developer Xerub has released the updated extra_recipe exploit in regard mach_portal exploit from Ian Beer’s side. So with all effort in combination to Todesco’s Yalu, downloadable .ipa is now replacing mach_portal + Yalu to make iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak more stable. So let’s see how it sounds and the way it works.

iPhone 7 Jailbreak on iOS 10.1.1

As you already aware, Yalu 10.2 does not add support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So there, March Portal +Yalu found only the option up to 10.1.1. If you have given a try, you would definitely know what I then mean by glitches and disturbances when making jailbreak with the initial beta of the jailbreak update. So knowing this should be replaced immediately, Todesco made a word very recently in the twitter series together with all busy Cydia 10.3.1. And making no longer wait, we now see very fast work by Todesco bringing updated extra_recipe and Yalu together. So with this update, you will meet more stable and commendable support for iPhone 7 jailbreak more alike Yalu102 latest by him. This looks a big reward to who remain on 10.1.1 with iPhone 7/7 Plus in view to Cydia Download.

Am I Reachable?

With Xerub’s effort over of the original release of mach_portal, we here talk of a new way to jailbreak latest iPhone 7. But as of now, there is no clear picture of all. So there, the things fix in the processing and what scales of additional bugs being used are yet unknown. However, for sure, this will space more stable jailbreak giving fixes to backboard issues.

As the initial kernel exploit still sits with no changes, the attempts you should take for the success will be more than just a one. However as all these will only make trouble until you make the successful hit, you will be far reaching with all result once the replacement is fully in the authorization. So it is time for cheer up.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

The update to Yalu Mach-portal is still in beta 1. Although the project is available in Xerub’s Github official page, you are not recommending to use it under the progression. In fact, it still comes with no Install Cydia, go with Substrate as well as remounting filesystem as read-write.


extra_recipe+yaluX beta 2 is with the confirmation to soon arriving

While everyone runs behind the upcoming Cydia 10.3.1, this is a beneficial update to keep up what now in view. If you are too tired with all iPhone 7 Jailbreak issues, here you are a new to relief. So stay with us to exactly know when the time comes for a change. And if you think this is worth reading for all updates, subscribe us for more.

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