iPhone 7 Jailbreak- How to switch from mach_portal or Yalu?

If you were in touch with all jailbreak news so far with Cydia Guru, the updates with extra_recipe on iPhone 7 Jailbreak is not a fact strange for you. So if you are with mach_portal or Yalu with troubles, this is the time for a turn to extra_recipe which owns better stability. Then walk through all in detail including requirements as well for whom this recommended.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

The time of mach_portal on iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is with more complaints than time being satisfied. So switching to the updated extra_recipe here brings more advantages which promise better support for the user. Especially in concern Cydia iPhone 7, this brings ultimate support even still remain on betas. So it is worth knowing how to switch from mach_portal or even Yalu to extra_recipe which has the build based on Xerub’s updates on the exploit.

For iPhone 7 Jailbreak!

When comes to the update, you should know for whom this going to be mostly advantaged. So with no waste of time, all flagship iPhone users should take the extra_recipe replacement including those are new to jailbreak as well as who are already jailbroken with mach_portal.

And if you are with some other devices, they are only supported on iOS 10.2 at the moment. So extra_recipe can be replaced if you like to switch from Yalu on any accepted device as listed below. But note that it comes to no additional benefit above Yalu to none-iPhone 7 devices rather than same stability and work frame like Yalu 10.2. Then the complete step guide will show here as the decision is up to you.

Device Support:

  • Flagship iPhone 7 and Plus Model- iOS 10.0.0 to 10.1.1
  • iPhone 6, 6S and Plus (TSMC only for 6S and Plus) – iOS 10.2
  • iPad Air 2- iOS 10.2
  • iPad Mini (WiFi only)- iOS 10.2

Requirements for extra_recipe Jailbreak

  • A Computer Powered Windows, Linux or Mac Osx
  • Download Cydia Impactor to install IPA
  • A Device with checked the compatibility
  • extra_recipe .ipa Download from Yalu official web link or Xerub’s GitHub

Instructions for the Procedure- Cydia Download with extra_recipe

  • Reboot the device to put it in the unjailbreak state
  • Press and hold until mach_portal or Yalu app icon shows “X” and lets you delete. Then confirm you are removing the app from the device

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • Download the IPA

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod to the PC
  • Open Cydia Impactor downloaded above
  • Then drag and drop the extra_recipe .ipa into the Cydia Impactor window

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • Enter the Apple ID and the password to sign the IPA through Cydia Impactor
  • Then note whether the extra_recipe icon appears on the Home screen

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • The go to the device Settings and continue with General > Profiles & Device Management to trust the jailbreak app giving rights to process

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • Once done, go to the app from Home screen and continue with “Go”

iPhone 7 jailbreak

  • If you see the screen as follows in a few minutes later, you are successfully jailbroken your device with extra_recipe

iPhone 7 jailbreak

Following my guide, you can make mach_portal just an experience to the time past. So enjoy all latest iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks now with your flagship smartphone or extra_recipe jailbroken device. And do not forget sharing your comments if you too gave a smart try on this updated tool for iPhone 7 Jailbreak.

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