“Yalu1011 Fix” to Fix iPhone 7 Jailbreak Issues

When it comes to Yalu, we can still call it the latest jailbreak which works for iOS 10-10.2 on 64-bit devices. But for iPhone 7 the option is “March Portal+ Yalu” as latest beta build 7 has some glitch in the compatibility of the latest device hardware settings. But as March Portal the first of all versions, there is no wonder why you met problems with it. So in that way, iPhone 7 Jailbreak met hard up to now. But will that be changed to some dimensions with “Yalu1011 Fix”? This is all updates about the new Cydia package which may trap your mind. So read on.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

As of now, we hear numerous stories about jailbreak and Cydia with rumors on Cydia iOS 10.3.1 to come. But still, Yalu finds the only tool attempt giving Cydia Download for iOS 10. Although the tool is seen in 7 betas by now, jailbreak for the latest 7th model of is only allowed via March Portal + Yalu, the initial beta. But if you fall into annoyance continuously, it would not give happy jailbreak and Cydia download although you had access to. So the consult here is a new jailbreak package to address some matters in times of Yalu in iPhone 7 jailbreak times. If it is the matter of yours too, take this into deep consideration.

Yalu1011 Fix and iPhone 7 Jailbreak

It is a new Cydia package in the name “Yalu1011 Fix”. The package is allowing for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices that are successfully done jailbreaking on iOS 10.1.1. The purpose here is true to redress issues in the time of March Portal + Yalu as a role of the same jailbreak. And as the package is free of costs, anyone needs it can simply make the way in to make your time of jailbreak less muddy.

Note: As this package is to address some of the targets crowd, you have to make sure it is for you or not. As it works on your jailbreak and the operating system, take the package at your own risk. For further, we never claim any of the packages to be perfect and free of any background issues. So note the requirements, screen consult properly

Yalu1011 Fix

The developer of the package Yalu1011 make the source code available at “mahyarrezghi.ir/repo/yalu1011fix.zip”, install at your own view

Is iOS 10.2 Jailbreak still in Work?

Although we are busy getting Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 news these days, we could not look away from Yalu 10.2 the current latest. And as it records, the developer going add fresh news above the current beta 7, introducing a new beta as 8. On the Twitter exchange recently with user @iosusr is with some evidence making us ready for the eight beta taking no longer. And for the most chance, the new beta will add support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as it must have something more the previous.

iPhone 7 Jailbreak

iPhone 7 Jailbreak now new hope with “Yalu1011 Fixe” and also with the coming new beta of Todesco’s Yalu. So stay closer to us to get all knowledge to the point. And for any further clarifications, feel free to reach us.

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