What is new on iOS 12 Jailbreak?

Through the powerful exploiting and found vulnerabilities we can have stronger expectations on iOS 12 Jailbreak to come. So here we are going to give you a roundup of all the iOS jailbreak and Cydia facts relating with the latest operating system versions. To learn the facts, go through the complete note here.

Warning to the user:

As to the reports from the reliable sources, it seems a fake jailbreak iOS 12 wandering around in wild leaving you and the device in a little risk. So developer Pwn20wnd here comes with a request not to follow any iOS 12 jailbreak from unknown sources until something turn officially under a confirmed frame.

Cydia iOS 12.1.2 updates

The latest release of iOS 12.1.2 by Apple patches most of the exploits that have been revealed out. In that concern, the latest firmware holds the least possibility of getting a reliable jailbreak update in the immediate days. So if you wish to upgrade the device to the latest operating system also with jailbreak privileges, you will have to pick a single option here as we see no response to both these request at once. So if you have upgraded, you are quite distant from the immediate jailbreak opportunities. And as Apple allows, you can still downgrade the firmware to iOS 12.1 beta 2 but none other. So follow iTunes to downgrade if you do care about having jailbreak privileges.

What is the road ahead of iOS 12 Jailbreak?

We are never given a chance to predict when it comes to jailbreaking iOS. So looking at all the possibilities, we can only talk about the chances but not promises. In fact, we now have enough experimenting up to the latest firmware that shows light to the jailbreak developing path.

iOS 12 jailbreak

One of the most powerful experimenting on iOS 12 Cydia Download is what developer Linus Henze has come with showing clues on another JailbreakMe style tool update. And as to the further verification by Min Zheng, this is something could work in the days ahead bringing an update to all jailbreak users. And also, there are demonstrations to talk about the existing 0-day exploit on iOS 12 firmware which could also use as a major part of future jailbreak. So we will have to wait with more hopes here expecting a reliable jailbreak release covering up the latest Apple firmware. But unfortunately, all the above revealed possibilities go with iOS 12.1 and lower just leaving the latest updates. So in case if you are upgraded, use the downgrade rights while allowed and get back on iOS 12.1 beta 2.

Final words

We will cover up all the interesting and reliable jailbreak updates on latest firmware under iOS 12 jailbreak. So we invite you to stay signed with all the updates to learn the latest possibilities to jailbreak and have Cydia.

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