iOS 11 is Official- What’s up in iOS 11 Jailbreak?

Proving the success in Apple’s amazing job of upgrading the firmware, iOS 11 is now official as the release on passed 19th. And just as it promised, almost everything comes within the new software walls are new and inspiring to the user. But as always, one’s concern for the device stock liberation and possibility can take in the extensions through Cydia are questioning here, making us write about iOS 11 Jailbreak. So at a time the new software is official, let us take a look through its highlights to Cydia possibilities.

iOS 11 jailbreak

Apple started testing the new 11th iteration from the event WWDC back in June. Releasing the first developer-only beta there, the developers have carried the testing cycle packing up with 10 developer beta versions and 9 public sessions. And from very beginning to the final, there was something new to talk as Apple has been upgrading the firmware with the touch of the highest technologies. In fact, the release of software 11 is not just for eye candy but for a lot of purposes and heavy concerned the security. So anyone with a 64-bit device can now turn the latest software which too going to be preinstalled in iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus latest.

What the new software features?

The new software of Apple’s mobile operating system packs so much new and interesting to take a look. In target those who love to learn them at one roof, we highlight here some of the most favorites. Then here we go.

  • Redesigned Control center with useful additions
  • New Files app replacing the iCloud Drive application
  • ARKit support with useful improvements to supported devices
  • Enhancements on Camera and Photos including the Portrait mode additions
  • HomeKit improvements
  • Refreshments on the App Store
  • Maps with fine changes including AR mode, indoor maps support, lane guides and more
  • CarPlay with “Do Not disturb while driving”, lane guides, Siri support and more
  • Useful changes to Notification Center, Spotlight, and the Lock Screen including new animations, text changes in the Spotlight searches and more
  • Setting with so many additions and alterations to the existing ones
  • Various iPad specific productive upgrades and so much more

As above, the latest 11 packs more than what you meet in the eyes. So take a look at the video for some more details about the new Software.

State of iOS 11 Jailbreak

Although we know the pattern of Apple’s upgrading of the software, it is completely contrasting when comes to the subject of jailbreak. In fact, we have no idea what plans are behind the screen and when that will be available as a public tool approach Cydia. With no difference, we now getting into the matter of Cydia 11 as bow Apple’s latest 11th iteration is in the public domains. But what going to witness the update of a new jailbreak 11 era?

For now, it is still the same Yalu the latest which work up to version 10.2. Although we know Cydia possibilities on 11 two times with KeenLab demos, it is still the silence found when it concerned to a public release. So there we are still indecisive at iOS 11 Jailbreak. And as Apple must have patched almost all space for jailbreak found up to now in latest 11, the chance possible in Cydia here is quite muddy for now. So it better be patient if you need jailbreak or already jailbroken rather than upgrading 11 latest. In fact, we still do not know when will jailbreak turn possible in 11 winning over all Apple’s hurdles in security. So let us wait and watch.

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