iOS 11 Download- Public Beta 2 is Now Updated

Making the waiting over, public testers can now install the latest beta of 11 which has released hours back. Just featuring same as the third developer-only beta found recently, this is now available for none-developers. So knowing these makes us closer to iOS 11 Download, here is everything we know about the new update in the public testing version.

iOS 11 Download

Starting from WWDC 2017, we found interesting updates all over the web in regarding the 11th iteration of the Apple mobile operating system. And with the new beta 3 for developers, things were more discussed as it was home to many more changes including design, security as well as fixes. But while it was only for the registered UDID or developer account holders, public testers were kept for some more wait. So with the news beta 2, it too getting over as now none-developers can start testing what Apple is planning at this stage with the new second testing version. At a glance, it is exactly the same to the recently released third developer testing version with hardly something in turn.

Visit our post on Install 11 beta 3 for the complete learning of the Apple third developer beta which inspired the now released second public testing version.

Getting Closer to iOS 11 Download- Public Beta Updates

iOS 11 Download

Just as the recent developers testing version, this comes with interesting changes. Although it offers nothing new, we could say 11th software update is now solid and bringing reliable improvements. In fact, at this stage of beta. It is home to necessary improvements including ARKit access, better Siri, route detection, AirPlay/iCloud with third party apps, fixes to 3D Touch/WiFi and so much more. So there we could see the second public beta and the third testing version for developers are identical. But make sure you are agreeing to all the conditions with installing a beta. In fact, it is not recommending by us on your daily driver. And I also here take space to show you some interesting features coming with the new 11th iteration as it will be a lack if I miss the chance.

What’s in iOS 11 Download?

  • Lock screen and Notification Center with connected to each to easily manage notifications
  • Can get a preview of the screenshot in the bottom-left corner right before you save it on the device
  • Control Center in a single page control with more 3D Touch to capabilities
  • iMessage app drawer redesigned
  • Improvements on Syncing using iCloud with better support for iMessages, Siri, and Photos and other data
  • Capabilities to Apple Pay to easily pay other Apple Pay users
  • Automatically disables the notifications when you’re driving with the new feature Do not disturb while driving
  • Siri upgrades to the voice and give support to text translation also supporting the QR code applications
  • App Store with the look like Apple Music and also home to new “Today’s” tab
  • iCloud Drive app replacement with Files app and more

And for more, there is a big role especially for iPad users which I am going to give in a video review as below.

While Apple moves with adding and changing things to the heart’s content, we are getting closer to iOS 11 Download. Although we wrap up here, we are not ending things up here. And we do not forget to make a promise to write you back with another interesting update. It could be another beta, a jailbreak demo with Cydia Download or something even more differed. So we invite you staying with us as always.

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