What is the latest iOS 11 Jailbreak Status?

The release of the eleventh iteration of the Apple’s mobile operating system happened on past 19th about a week after the September 12th event where the Gold Master release of 11th software announced. Although it confirmed the expected features are all with it, we find a lot of users still in need of iOS 11 Jailbreak. So catching a roundup of all news and current status update of jailbreak and Cydia, here is a quick note about how we from Cydia Guru admires the scene.

ios 11 jailbreak

There are lots of reasons to talk about the latest 11th iteration that comes marking a new era for the Apple’s mobile operating system. As the successor to all, the new software upgrade is home to a new customizable control center, better Siri, improved notification handling from the lock screen, HomeKit additions, update to CarPlay with the feature “Do Not disturb while driving” and etc. And while it does not stop from there, we find an amazing set of iPad productive features there that could turn your iPad into a more powerful source. To grab all them, you can now Download iOS 11.0.1 the latest that came about a week after final eleventh software release. And add to the original release, this is home to more bug fixes in the target of better stability.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Status Update

Regardless of the recent updated EtasonJB for iOS 8.4.1, if we run back to iOS 10 times, we still find only the Yalu by Todesco. And when it stops working at firmware 10.2, the rest of the versions still remain unjailbroken and even hopeless with the distracting pause. Although there were some rumors and demonstrations, none of them have yet come in a complete tool approach to the public. So the road ahead of Cydia 10 is still indecisive although iOS 11 has almost arrested the attention by now.

If you are with all our post updates, you must know iOS 11 jailbreak came through demonstrations in two times up to now. When it was initially revealed at the stage MOSEC, the second demo came through a video. But for all them, thanks go to team KeenLab.

ios 11 jailbreak

Most of the times, hackers go on working for jailbreaks due to research purpose. So we are still uncertain about what the plan of KeenLab behind these updates as from there, we find nothing about the further developments. Additionally, we have no idea what exploits have patched in the final stage of the software changing from the state when KeenLab finds the Cydia possibilities. So all that would make an update to Cydia 11 in the future but only if there is any chance remains.

Why you need Cydia 11?

Although Apple plays high in security, features and all over iOS 11, there is still the need of Cydia. And if any team like Pangu or developer like Todesco willing to work with the same effort like KeenLab, without spending longer, there would be an update to cheer. So hope all will get the chance to best ever tweaking, theming and extensions via Cydia soon with the eleventh iteration. But for now, it is indecisive about when a chance could turn the way. So let us wait.

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