iOS 11 Download- Some Tricky Features and quick guidelines to use

The latest 11th software by Apple brings so much of interesting changes to the user with various redesigns, additions of features, security upgrades and so much. But if you meet them tricky at some hand with some new technologies and changes, this is a must read the post where I write you with some annoying features and quick guides to fix them. If you like to enjoy iOS 11 Download in an amicable move, go through these quick points for best time with the latest iteration.

iOS 11 Download

The post yesterday on Download 11 in regard troubles and fixes is something similar to I am going to write you here today. And while there is a lot of reasons find to hands on the latest software 11, hope this would add more importance. Then here we go.

iOS 11 Download- Features and guide to use

As we repeatedly stated, the latest 11th iteration brings a host of interesting upgrades to the Apple’s mobile operating system. Although we are still not powered of any update to Jailbreak iOS 11, the things we see in the stock frame are up to the desire more than one expected the 11th iteration to be. But as it is possible to meet some trouble in taking all these innovative features to function, hope the following highlights are helpful.

“Cannot send mail” error

In using the Exchange and Office 365 email in the Mail app has made an error as above stated. As this is confirmed by Apple itself to make a reliable fix, wait for some days ahead. Until then, turn off WiFi and Airplane mode for several times to get a temporary fix.

Hide Notifications

iOS 11 Download

It is not a secret that latest iOS 11 Downloadpacks a lot of improvements on Notifications. And if you still not aware, you can now hide notifications of any application when your device is locked. So enable this via, Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and there choose when “unlocked”.

Control Center Customizing with iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 Download

Control Center of the latest 11 is fully customizable and comes in a single page view. Now the controls come in dark icons that are animated based on the input level. And the widgets placed on the top are capacious too. At the same time going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls will let you enjoy the customization part with the ability to add or remove functionalities.

Behaviour of the Airplane mode

The latest iOS 11 Download software has made some changes in the behavior of the Airplane mode. With a single tap, it will disable the Cellular connectivity also with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. But in case if you toggled on WiFi/Bluetooth when Airplane mode is on, in the next time it will remember the previous state. So in the next time, you turn Airplane mode, it will not turn off WiFi/Bluetooth. This would be a little confusing for some, but in overall view this prevents us enabling them manually saving the time.

What about the Wishlist in App Store?

iOS 11 Download

You will not find the feature Wishlist in latest 11. So if you are worrying about how to create the app list you need purchasing in the future, we recommend the use of a third party app. It is better if you choose the app “Lookmark”.

No longer 3D Touch App switcher Allowed

The 3D Touch multitasking App switcher is not seen in the latest 11. As this could have done due to iPhone X Release, we expect it to be back with an update soon. Although this cannot replaceable by any feature yet, you can try the AssistiveTouch feature heading, Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and adding the Multitasking to easily access the App Switcher with no double tap on the Home button.

AirPlane Button from the Control Center

Download iOS 11

Getting the Airplane section in latest 11 is quite difficult. So you need to expand the music widget first from the CC and then go to the Airplane mode. When music is on, you can easily use the button in the Now playing widget from the Lock screen itself. And also a tap on the radar icon from the music widget will open the Airplane section quicker.

These are some of the features you might feel difficult to handle with iOS 11 Download. And when these are definitely not all of them, we invite you to stay with us to get more catchy facts in the time above.

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