Are We Getting Close to iOS 11.1 Jailbreak?

The cat and mouse game of Apple and jailbreak happen to continue whereas the user never feels only happy with the stock features. And with no difference, we are now getting questioned the possibilities of iOS 11.1 Jailbreak, for the firmware now at beta testing. So looking if there is any chance for an immediate change in jailbreak and Cydia, let us look for the updates around.

iOS 11.1 Jailbreak

Since there is yet no jailbreak in the public domain after Yalu, it is quite distracting to get it in the concern. But for the interesting fact, there were certain demonstrations on some firmware from the voice of reputed developing parties. However, none of them were at a point of a public. But in the recent times, we came to meet Saigon Jailbreak, which is for 10.2.1. However, that is too under developing whereas it is still a Xcode source project.

Should You Download iOS 11.1?

The firmware 11.1 is the latest Apple now testing following the minor release of 11.0.3 recently. And by now, Apple has sent out the 4th developer beta of the 11.1 to the rights with plans to give out the public testing trial soon. So probably around the release of iPhone X, we could expect the final launch of the firmware bringing some changes to talk here on. And that would include updates to the Activity app, updated animations, interesting upgrades to Emojis in contact to the QuickType keyboard and also bringing 3D App Switcher back to the user.  So it is up to you to decide whether to get 11.1 or wait. And that becomes too tricky if you want latest 11.1 but with jailbreak and Cydia. Then what will be the update next?

What is new in iOS 11.1 Jailbreak?

At a time jailbreak and Cydia surrounds with a lot of confusion and distract, we have nothing much to inspire you on Cydia iOS 11.1. But as the firmware going to soon sign on 64-bit devices following 11.0.3, it is quite fair if one questions the possibilities of jailbreak 11.1.

Jailbreak iOS 11

If you are a part of Cydia Guru us, you must definitely know all recent news on jailbreak and Cydia. So you should not miss Todesco’s Webkit exploit that looks like making a path to Jailbreak iOS 11. And if that is going to continue, there would probably be a new Safari-base jailbreak working for latest 11 and even further. So no one can still say there will be no chance for 11.1 in jailbreak and Cydia. But if Apple going to make more security patches and improvements, that would be a challenge in expecting Cydia on upcoming 11.1.

So it is hard to make any conclusion of iOS 11.1 Jailbreak at a time we are still distant from the firmware. And there is no doubt of that being a real challenge for the jailbreak developers whereas Apple is highly concerned about the security just as much as the focus on features.

If you are already from a jailbroken firmware, it is still the same advise to not to upgrade. But if you think the chance here for 11.1 in jailbreak is possible and already from a firmware with no jailbreak, it is up to you to decide to get the upgrade or not. However, you have some more time for the option as 11.1 is yet to be public.

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