Best iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for Lock Screen

As the iOS lock screen makes your all important data safe from the outside, it wins all our attention. And as it makes the first glance everytime you take the Phone on, this is time for advance changes on it. If you are privileged with Yalu on iOS 10, take a look at a roundup of best iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for the Lock Screen.

iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

While Jailbreak continuing a long break from the release of Yalu 10.2, we now hear iOS getting various updates. While iOS 10.3.3 has recently come through its fourth beta stage we find iOS 11 getting with its second developer testing. So very soon, none-developers too will get the chance to Install iOS 11 through a new beta with only signed to the official beta testing program.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for Lock Screen Customization

While Yalu keeps a fine steer in the chapter together with the extra_recipe involvement into Cydia iPhone 7, we find interesting tweaks getting added to the store. Just as we made you aware of Control Center-oriented and Notification Center-oriented tweaks in previous updates, this time it turns into the Lock screen. So here are best picks for the Super Lock screen customization since iOS 10 jailbreak is with the rights by Yalu.

Calendar for Lockscreen 2

iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

With all hectic lifestyle, you might often miss what you marked on the Calendar. So to make sure you do not miss anything here on, a new tweak Calendar for Lockscreen 2 comes upcoming Calendar events on the screen locked and also alerting when the screen unlocked. It comes for $ 1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository also with more configuration on colors and other arrangements too.

ColorFlow 3

iOS 10 jailbreak Tweaks

Now Playing coming on the Lock screen is something you can play with different changes. So ColorFlow 3 is a simple tweak in focus to aesthetic changes which now in Cydia for $ 1.99. This brings a new look to the Now Playing interface from the Lock screen getting the dominant color of the Album artwork.


iOS 10 jailbreak Tweaks

Your Lock screen can be set for auto dimming being idle for sometimes. But if you get CustomLockscreenDuration for free, it will let you adjust the usual sleep timer to how long you need keeping the screen awake.

DisplayWeather 10

iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

If you are a fan of iOS weather display, this is a must have a tweak to get it in the distant of your fingertip. DisplayWeather 10 is a free new tweak from Cydia that put a brief weather information from your location to the widget on the screen  with the lock and also in the Notification Center.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

If you are familiar with the Apple Pay, you too must be impressing with its Touch ID animation just like me. So if you ever wish it to come same on the unlocking iOS, this is time for it with the free LockGlyphX.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

Falcon is a great addition to iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks that brings super power to your Notifications and the Lock screen. In fact, it gives many advanced functionalities to your screen with the Lock and Notification Center including a web browser, a toggle page, and a note taker. So just like you swipe between the Spotlight widget page and the Camera, these too come in the option. And as they are with the Touch ID support no one else can take a look into it but you. So it can now take via Cydia’s BigBoss repository just for a one-time payment of $1.49.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

LockMusic is a simple tweak can take for $ 0.99 to bring slight changes to Music playing from the Lock screen. This redesigns the Lock Screen, Now Playing view bring the Controls bottom for even manage by one-hand. And another notable thing is its display of the album artwork even when you have pending notifications. So this tweak invents subtle changes to Music fans to experience right from the Lock screen.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

You look your Lock screen for a countless number of times per day. Then if you can give it a better meaning, it will worth thousands. So try WeatherLock $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo to bring your Weather app’s animated background right as your Lock screen wallpaper. So looking at your Lock screen, you will be notified the weather in a different way.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

With the Apple Touch ID, we rarely find people using the passcode. But for those who still do, a new tweak calls PassButtonStyle is now with rights free by Cydia Download which brings alluring style and effect to your Passcode buttons.


iOS 10 jailbreak Tweaks

If you are not happy seeing square artwork so often in your iOS, this is time for a change. Having Spin10 for $0.99, you can bring round artwork to your Now Playing interface from the Lock screen to see all the controls in round effect. So this is another interesting update among iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks especially for those who love round effect on the jailbroken iDevice.

It is now to wrap up the post on iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks best on the side of the Lock Screen customization. But as Tweaks are getting updates every day, stay with us as always for another roundup of interesting Cydia updates soon. And in have we have something missing here, put a sincere comment as we love to what do you think of all the updates on Cydia Guru.

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