All Latest iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks- This week’s Roundup

Despite the distracting silence continues in jailbreak 10th firmware, it is our turn to look for what’s new in Cydia this week. Although the lack of a tool update is now high in the feel, as usual, there’s something new in turn to the Cydia. Even what is all updated is not enough to fill a number of pages, the additions come with its own significance. So this is all iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks added recently in the store in target those who are with jailbreak privileges and also those who are in the waiting of the new jailbreak chapter.

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

What’s New in the current Jailbreak State?

In concerned the state of jailbreak, we find the update of Phoenix and the Untethered Jailbreak of Home Depot as the latest. And when both they come serving the 9th iteration, the wait for iOS 10 jailbreak happened to continue with a distracting silence all over. But as the exploiting took place recently at the Conference in Singapore, Min Zheng the developer has said it is almost 66% of the next jailbreak is done. So if any individual talent going to use the exploit revealed by Donenfeld, there would be another complete jailbreak serving probably from 10.3.1 and previous. But still, things seem indecisive where we will be asked for more wait.

What’s New in iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks?

No jailbreak for a long time makes a little lag in updating the iOS 10 Cydia tweaks. But as nothing could completely stop it all from adding up things, it is our turn to look for all Tweaks updates considering the past week. So here we go.

ScreenshotXI from BigBoss repository for $1.00

iOS 10 Cydia tweaks

One of my favorites to Download iOS 11 is its changes offered through screenshot feature. But if you think waiting for that long is too much, the jailbreak now offers a vast benefit here with the introduction of a new tweak with same features of iOS 11 screenshots. So it offers easier markup, sharing and more in the instance.

Croutons from BigBoss Repo for Free

iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks

Breadcrum is a feature from the Status bar to easily reach the recently-used apps. So having this new tweak free you can make that option better applying a miniature version placing the app icon there instead of each of its name. If you appreciate simplicity, this would be worth having for free.

ByeThirdParty from BigBoss repository for Free

iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks

Third-party VoIP app data integration with the stock Phone app is one of the nice features coming with iOS 10. But if you think it is messing up the things quite often, have this free tweak from Cydia to make it sorted well. Once you take this app, it will only keep the Phone data by hiding all third-party VoIP app data. So things will look neater and simpler with this free from Download Cydia.

NoLSPowerDown from BigBoss repo for Free

iOS 10 Cydia tweaks

With the Apple’s stock setting, you can access the power down menu from anywhere on the iOS. But it could be not always good if your device goes to some other hands often. So simply try this new tweak from which you could restrict the Power down menu accessed from the lock screen. Then to get the power down your device needs unlocking first having this from iOS 10 Cydia tweaks.

Edgify from BigBoss repository for $0.99

iOS 10 Cydia tweaks

Anyone takes a look to Samsung Galaxy S8 Notifications, will immediately start loving it. So here Edgify comes to iOS inspired of the Galaxy S8 Notification animation, with lightning edges and so much more to fix and choose from.

SMSNoLinkOpen from BigBoss repo for Free

iOS 10 Cydia tweaks

Links you directly open from your iMessages, sometimes bring you risks. So we recommend activating this free tweak now from Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks from which you will be denied the access to links directly from your iMessages. So if you need anything to open, it can manually handle by copying and pasting the relevant link in the web browser, Safari.

Vespera from BigBoss repo for $0.99

We find interesting tweak updates to a different level of Lock screen customization. So check the video below to catch the latest way to make more animation on yours with the latest iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks.


Hope my latest post on iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks helpful to find all new options through the jailbreak. So share it if you like it and do not forget to leave us your sincere reviews.

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