iOS 12.1.2 Download and Jailbreak updates

Apple keeps upgrading the operating system by placing more security features and more to your experience. And with the successful chapter recently turned, the scope has now turned in the iOS 12.1.2 Download for which they are next to turn. If you wonder what the next update could bring over what exists and also with updates to jailbreak and Cydia, go through the complete note here. Continue reading and learn the facts precisely.

Note: Apple has stopped signing the older firmware through the official framework making iOS 12.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1 the only options. However, Apple reports downgrade rights on iOS 12.1 beta 2 through iTunes while no rights are given for any other firmware. If  you want to stay on the lowest firmware, downgrade and stay on 12.1 beta 2

About iOS 12.1.2 Download

For anyone willing to Download iOS 12.1.2 can now take the update through the latest beta by having a beta testing membership to the official Apple beta testing program. Both developers and public testers are allowed to follow iOS 12.1.2 Download through the latest beta over the air. And at a glance the update is more focused on bringing under the hood improvements to the operating system rather than adding brand new features. But we could still expect some little feature additions as well through this update although it weights minor. So stay signed throughout the testing period to get with the latest updates and soon once it is spoken out to the public, you will be granted all rights to iOS 12.1.1 Download over the air and through iTunes.

Update: iOS 12.1.2 is finally out to the public hand as the latest signing firmware for 64-bit devices. You can now download iOS 12.1.2 over the air or through iTunes. Check the update log for more info

Successfully addresses the bug with eSIM activation for the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and XS Max

A Fix has been placed for the trouble with cellular connections in Turkey for some iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR devices

Further, there are more improvements on performance and stability above the previous firmware versions.

iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak updates

iOS jailbreak comes as one of the trending discussions these days with regard all the updates around. But for the heartbreaking fact, there is still no any update supporting iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak as of the time being as Apple has confirmed more security patches through both iOS 12.1.1 and the latest. So there, it is still a question about jailbreak and possibilities to Cydia Download for those who runs iOS 12.1.2. But if you really do care about getting Cydia somehow, we recommend staying on the lowest possible firmware. And by now you can downgrade to iOS 12.1 beta 2 through iTunes but no any older.

iOS 12 jailbreak Updates so far

There is a lot to talk about jailbreak iOS 12 at the moment thanks to supporting demonstrations. Although we are no way close to an immediate jailbreak release, these are quite interesting when comes to showing the possibilities. If you feel like interesting, take a quick look here.

Safari based iOS 12 Jailbreak through Safari Exploit

Considering the demonstrations so far came, we can paint a very positive picture on Cydia Download iOS 12. And there, the developer Linus Henze plays a very significant role by bringing a very powerful safari exploit to the public attention. With his experimenting so far, he has come up with a powerful Safari based exploit that can direct to a jailbreakMe-like jailbreak release. As to his latest publication, the exploit is influencing both iOS and Mac OSX specially targeting iOS 12.1 and older. And unfortunately, the latest iOS 12.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1 have nothing to do here as they come patched the exploits.

Linus Henze’s publication has moreover supported by the reputed developer Min Zheng who is better known as @SparkZheng. As to his experience so far, this is a very useful exploit for anyone to continue work through a workable jailbreak update. In case if this going to be developed into a new jailbreak, there will be another update like JailbreakMe where you can take the complete processing via Safari.

KeenLab demoed iOS 12.1 Cydia

If you look into a several chapters past, you will find KeenLab with a great contribution to the jailbreak community. And with no exception, here on iOS 12 they have come again showing a powerful path to jailbreak. As to them, iPhone XS Max running the latest iOS 12.1 can be jailbroken and install Cydia. This has successfully shown off with the leadership of the developer Liang Cheng. But this is not promised to be released as a public jailbreak and has done through an in-house jailbreak project. So there, we could not expect any immediate jailbreak releases here as well as it seems a lot of work remains to do.

0-Day Exploit is revealed

When talking about the possibilities to jailbreak iOS 12 and Cydia, another interesting chapter opens up with Pwn20wn context recently took place in Tokyo. At the event, a duo of developers from the White hat hackers has come up showing the existence of 0-day exploit as a part of recovering a picture deleted from the Native Apple photos app. They have here utilized 0-day exploit to invoke there is many more to do with the exploit hereon. So they are openly speaking to those who are willing to work through these exploits in making a successful response to jailbreak iOS 12.

What will be the scope of Cydia Download iOS 12.1.2?

Looking at all these proven possibilities, we can be really happy about the future to come. But unfortunately, all these come supporting the firmware older the current latest signing which is with a stronger security based and includes more patches to the previously reported exploits. So in that way, staying to the lowest possible firmware here going to increase the chance with jailbreak. Then use the downgrade rights while it is allowed and get back on iOS 12.1 beta 2 immediately and stay focused to the jailbreak and Cydia updates.

Will you Download iOS 12.1.2 or stay on the lower?

If anyone needs a better iOS experience with stable processing and with fine fixes to all the reported problems, iOS 12.1.2 is the Apple’s recommendation. You can Download the update over the air as well as through iTunes for free as always. But in case if you are eager on getting jailbreak and Cydia privileges on your iOS version, getting iOS 12.1.2 is not healthy as of this stage. Although it is Apple’s recommendation, it is not by the jailbreakers. So make sure you are not following the latest update as Apple has now closed the window even to downgrade.

Final words

IOS jailbreaking brings various news time to time with regard various iOS firmware. So we have no space to tell anything about the next thing could take place. If you feel like interesting, stay with us and catch everything about the latest iOS, jailbreak and Cydia news.

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