iOS 11.4.1 Download Rights are Given!

Keeping us wait for a major update up in the future, Apple has now released iOS 11.4.1 in the public. Anyone operating a 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can now walk through iOS 11.4.1 Download over the air as well as through iTunes. But it will only be worth for those who wanted more security and fixes on iOS and also those who are looking for the improved the reliability.

iOS 11.4.1 Download

When iOS 11.4.1 is finally in the hand of the public, we find Apple busy in work for iOS 12 developing. In fact, we now have testing rights to latest iOS 12 through both developer and public testing versions. And these confirm features like Memoji, Group Facetime, Group notifications and much more new at the same time with a lot of improvements to all what exists. If you want to hands-on theiOS 12 pre-release versions, you can now sign up to the official program. It is free for the regular membership and will cost for the paid developer membership.

Are you ready to iOS 11.4.1 Download?

iOS 11.4.1 was the update on 9th of July taking more than a month from the previous iOS 11.4 major release. So any 64-bit device can now Download iOS 11.4 over the air by going through Settings > General > Software update. If not, you can walk through the iTunes way which is more recommended for a stable installation at the same time accepting by jailbreakers. Allowed devices are like iPhone 5s and upper variants, iPad mini 2 and above, iPod Touch 6th generation and the iPad Air and variants above.

iOS 11.4.1 is the latest minor release by Apple from which Apple has decided to give more fixes to the operating system. It comes addressing various bugs that have been discovered from the launch of iOS 11.4 previous. And as discovered, it is with no new features to say. As the release notes say, the firmware update fixes the problem that has troubled some users from viewing the previous location of the AirPods in Find My iPhone.  At the same time, it enhances the reliability of various more iOS functions as syncing contacts, syncing mail, and notes together with Exchange profiles.

And furtherly, iOS 11.4.1 comes featuring USB Restricted Mode. Simply which got the first introduction in iOS 12 beta. It is developing to make your iPad and iPhone unaffected by the various hacking techniques. And when you download the latest upgrade, the USB Restricted Mode will be enabled automatically.

iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak and Cydia Download

Jailbreak iOS 11.4

As with the latest jailbreak update we have jailbreak rights up to iOS 11.3.1. In fact, you now have the updated Electra 1131 following semi-untethered techniques. But with the Electra 1131 jailbreak tool update recent as 1.0.3, we come across the jailbreak support for iOS 11.4 beta 1, and more betas. And this exciting fact comes only when the developer-only multipath “tcp” version of Electra is running. So it is possible making an update to Jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 as well as this going to be one of the final updates to the 11th iteration. Then keep looking for more updates about iOS 11.4.1 Download and jailbreak.


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