Will iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Become Successful Soon?

iOS 11.4 is Apple’s next plan for the public bringing a number of improvements and features in order to make the whole operating system run more powerfully. And at the same time, it has now become the concern of jailbreak fans together with the recently exposed 0day Exploit. So let us consider the updates to iOS 11.4 Jailbreak together with Apple’s plan of iOS 11.4.

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak

The release of LiberiOS and Electra has awakened the jailbreak fans bringing an interesting revive to the state of jailbreak iOS 11 firmware. But then, we find things going quite silent in the chapters although Apple keeps up doing the job by upgrading the operating system. In fact, the state of jailbreak often changes with time to time changes with Apple’s improvements to the operating system and also with the exploiting get exposed through the continuous work by developers. And with all that, iOS 11.4 jailbreak is still a question to all, for which we here give hand collecting all news updates around.

Will you Download iOS 11.4 or not?

iOS 11.4 is Apple’s fourth major software upgrade to the operating system that collects a number of interesting changes and improvements to your iOS 11 journey so far. For the interesting fact, iOS 11.4 packs a number of most awaited features including the feature of messages on iCloud which was expecting since the year 2017. To make you clear about what is the best decision to update 11.4 or not, here you are about some of the iOS 11.4 Features to get inspired.

Main Features in iOS 11.4

Messages on iCloud Feature

iOS 11.4 - Messages on iCloud

The messages on iCloud was a very demanding feature by a lot of iOS users ever since 2017. Although it was promised through the previous iOS 11.3 when it was in testing, at the final launch it was missing. If you are a big fan of Apple’s iMessage, this is useful to save around 8 GB of chats devoid of manually removing. So it no longer requires you to manually reach iMessages in every time you are getting a new iPhone. And as Apple says, all iMessages will be saved in your iCloud while only the recent will come in the app showing. And with scrolling up, you will be able to find everything there as it was. So this is a useful feature coming with iOS 11.4 on your device for which you will be asked whether to enable “iMessage on iCloud” at the first launch. So continue to 2-factor authentication and enjoy the feature.

Multi-Room support for AirPlay 2 Feature

iOS 11.4 Airplay 2

Apple has given AirPlay 2 Multi-Room feature with iOS 11.4 update from which the user is allowed to output the same audio through different devices. So you can easily have two Apple TV devices connected also with a HomePod connected to the same stereo scheme even in two separate rooms. In fact, this is a useful addition for music fans to spread music on multiple devices at the same time through your Apple iPhone.

HomePod with Stereo Support

iOS 11.4 HomePod

iOS 11.4 gives support for Stereo here with the latest version. So here, you are allowed adding another HomePod in order to create a different stereo pair. However, this will only work having the correct update to the HomePod.

iOS 11.4 would probably be the final major firmware of the iOS 11 iteration from which a number of improvements are given also with stabilized security. In fact, iOS 11.4 comes in a stronger security frame which would be hard for the jailbreak developers to get through the cracks and exploiting. So what would be the jailbreak path ahead?

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Possibilities

As you might have already heard, LiberiOS 11 is the first jailbreak entry to iOS 11 thanks to all development by developer Jonathan Levin. With his all tool development, LiberiOS is now working with semi-untethered techniques supporting firmware from iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2. And then, sometimes later Electra jailbreak has surfed in the public with all development strength by CoolStar. The interesting fact here is it also supports same firmware range as LiberiOS and also supporting the same work techniques. So both the jailbreak tools so far supported iOS 11 are semi-untethered that require Cydia impactor Download process. But we are yet unknown how possible semi-untethered jailbreak will continue with iOS 11.4 jailbreak or further.

So let us see what possibilities are for that.



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