Apple Seeds iOS 11.4 Beta 1: What Are the New Features

Apple on yesterday seeded the first beta update of iOS 11.4 to the developers. Registered developers are eligible to download iOS 11.4 beta 1 through the Apple Developer Center or also they are allowed to install the firmware via the over-the-update mechanism. The first beta of the iOS 11’s fifth major update was rolled out a day after the public release of the iOS 11.3 firmware which was tested more than a month. So, let’s take a look at the latest and most awaited features in iOS 11.4.

iOS 11.4

In order to make the eleventh firmware more stronger, the Apple Inclusion is planning to fix the security loopholes in the 11th OS chapter through beta testing of the iOS 11.4 major update. Currently; you can grab the first developer beta version of the eleventh OS. This developer beta version is not much older as it was released on 2nd April in 2018. The company was pretty much busy with the iOS 11.3 major OS update in last period of time. It is around a week has been going after the release of the 11.3 chapter. In accordance with official Apple news, the tech giant is going to release the fully-fledged V 11.4 in upcoming June.

Important Features in iOS 11.4

If you have a quick look at the initial beta seed of the iOS 11.4 download, sooner you will see that there are a lot of enhancements can be even seen in this first seed. Users were able to grab this alert during the 11.3 beta testing phase as the Company tried a lot to fix this through the previous 11.3 beta software program. For achieving this target the company will seed the HomePod beta for developers soon. Keep in your mind thoroughly that now the user interface(UI) is again back to the stage with through the Home app. It is possible to set up stereo pairing two HomePods after the official release of HomePod beta.

HomePod Stereo Paring

HomePod is a powerful speaker which has the capability of emitting awesome sounds in association with Apple Music. You can access one of the huge music catalogs in the world without making much effort.her than that; you can have an incredible listening experience with this great invention. Surprisingly; you can control with the naturalistic voice interaction in collaboration with “Siri”. Stereo pairing for the HomePod can be known as a remarkable feature. But, there is no way to test this feature because iOS 11.4 beta testing version is not available for the HomePod yet.

Messages in iCloud

When considering the new trait, “Messages on iCloud” which is present on iOS 11.4 first beta. Through using this grand feature, you can sync the data of the Message app through iDevices and Macintosh devices. In order to make more clarifications on this improvement, here, I would like to give you an example. Assume that you are going to make a change on the Message app. Keep in your mind that every action performed on Message app will automatically perform on your all the other devices.

Will iOS 11.4 jailbreak be a dream?

Depending on the awesome features which are introduced through the consecutive OS chapters, what we can predict is that there is a considerably lower chance for iOS 11.4  jailbreak being a reality in near future. But, we noticed that the security researchers are really busy with the recently- released OS versions during last shorter period of time. The popular security researcher Abraham Masri released a semi-jailbreak for the iOS 11.1.2. Unfortunately; has announced that he is not going to work for any public jailbreak tools anymore. The departure of Masri is a big loss for the jailbreak community. Moreover; we able to see the release of the Electra Jailbreak by the developer CoolStar. With the aid of Electra utility, you can bypass the security barrier around iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2 without any trouble.

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