Apple Releases iOS 11.3 with Exciting Features

iOS 11.3 Download

The latest iOS 11.3 is with exciting features and essential fixes to the operating system in targeting all 64-bit devices. In fact, it lets you go with new augmented reality on iPhone and iPad, ability to new health records viewing, new Animoji for iPhone X and so much more. So before you make your mind on iOS 11.3 Download, here you are some of its significant features in brief.

What’s New with iOS 11.3

With iOS 11.3 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can enjoy so many new features. So I here pick some of the features to make you completely aware of iOS 11.3 Download.

Update of ARKit 1.5

Apple’s mobile operating system has become the biggest AR platform in the world with the introduction of ARKit with iOS 11 update. And proving here Apple’s continuous development ARKit 1.5 has now updated through iOS 11.3, making AR experiences far better through the best integration with the world and giving the power for a new chapter of AR applications.

iOS 11.3 ARKit 1.5

The updated ARKit now comes with better recognizations supporting virtual objects on vertical surfaces just as examples of walls and doors in addition to the improved recognition of horizontal surfaces as tables, chairs and etc. At the same time, it supports to map more improved irregularly shaped surfaces as tables with a circular face. And thanks to the advanced computer vision techniques it supports in finding and recognizing the position of 2D images. For the happiest fact, you will find a 50% greater resolution for the view of the real world through the camera and also supporting auto-focus for better and sharper view.

Animoji for iPhone X

iOS 11.3 Animoji

Animoji is a super attractive feature coming with iPhone X. So the latest iOS 11.3 brings four new members in as lion, bear, dragon or skull making it all 16 to choose from. With its ability to capture more than 50 facial movements and record voice, you can make you captured, analyzed and finally animated through your favorite Animoji from all 16.

Battery and Performance

iOS 11.3 Battery Health

For iPhone 6 and later, you will now find a new feature which shows the battery health and notifies you if in the need of a service. You can go to it through Settings > Battery. At the same time, you can now turn off the feature power management which dynamically controls maximum performance in order to control unintentional shutdowns. This will too come Settings > battery on in iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/6s Plus and also iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

New Health Records Feature

iOS 11.3 Health Records

iOS 11.3 Health App provides a new health records feature to the user from which you will pick hospitals, clinics at the same time making Health app to lets the consumers easily reach through the existing medical data from the chosen provider. And with the regular notifications, patients you are participating medical institutions can get with continuous lab results, conditions, medications and more required. And as all Health record data are encrypted and protected through a passcode, it will remain unexposed for the outsiders with no permissions.

More Features on iOS 11.3

  • Apple Music will support music videos very soon where you will be able to stream all the music videos.And that will be complete with no interruptions of Ads. So in a single place, you can watch hottest, the classics or the favorites from favorite artists in a new playlist
  • New Business Chat is a feature for the users to get in the communication straight away with businesses. And it lets all happen right through iOS Messages
  • UpdatedHomeKit software authentication introducing an improved way for the developers to add HomeKit assistance to existing accessories. And there, everything is set with proper privacy and security
  • Updated Apple News with up to date videos in a new group in “For You” and also with updated top stories
  • Advanced Mobile Location (AML) support to send the user’s current location when making a call (to emergency services). But this is only in work for the countries supported AML services

If you are keen on more advanced features and functions on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, turn to the iOS 11.3 Download. And hope the post today is helpful to know all features in iOS 11.3.


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