Install iOS 11 Beta 3- 10 Inspiring Changes in Detail

The release of new beta 3 for Developers and beta 2 for public testers is not a secret anymore. And just as Apple’s usual way, these latest betas continue adding favorable changes to the operating system while addressing some troubles reported in the previous. So just as we brought you the news about the beta updates, here I come with a descriptive post that highlights 10 notable changes coming to view here. So Install iOS 11 with the latest Beta knowing how it inspires you the most.

install iOS 11

Should you Install iOS 11 through a Beta?

Members of the official Apple beta testing program can get latest beta updates of iOS, macOS, and also tvOS once Apple seeded. With both the paid developer membership and free public sign up you can take part in testing the operating system versions having the correct configuration profile installed. While developers can either take the download via OTA or developers center, public testers can get the update over the air with no PC involvement. And just as taking a software update, a beta can be taken free on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a check for the compatible devices. For the 11th iteration, only 64-bit devices will get the chance and can be listed as follows.

Install iOS 11

A beta is a developing stage of a firmware which definitely features comparatively major and minor troubles in the run. So we do not recommend installing a testing version on your daily driver as it in not work up to the requirements. If you are itching to take the hands on the latest updates of betas, we recommend using a secondary device that is not connected with your day today usual work.

What’s New?

As we stated through our previous post updates, both recent public and the developer’s betas look identical. So here we bring you some interesting changes coming in this new beta stage making the word true that iOS 11 Download would feature up to the hear’s content.

Changes to WiFi and the Bluetooth Toggles

Install iOS 11

The behavior of the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles meet some changes with the new beta. Now with a single tap, it does not get disabled. So simply, it disconnects from the current Wi-Fi network but stays with no other connections be available. And then in the next tap, you could start searching for available networks and then connect the most preferred.

Quit Apps on iPad

Install iOS 11

Improved App Switcher in the iPad now brings swiping up the application to easily quit. This works on both the Split view and single apps rather than the previous tap and holds for some seconds. This is a nice adding up here with everything in the easier way.

Notification Center Changes

Install iOS 11

As you know Notification Center is unified in latest 11. So you are forcing here swipe twice in Notification Center now in order to view notifications which at the same time a problem for most of the users. So this gets a change in the new beta Earlier Today section, showing up the things in line as the other notifications with removing the additional swipe gesture.

Safari with a new Authentication API

Install iOS 11

SFAuthenticationSession is coming with beta 3 as the new API for authenticating users of a web service. So in verifying users straightaway from apps and websites, this can take a fine upgrade to Safari.

Advancements to Safari View Controller

Install iOS 11

safari app browser is with updates including visual changes. Especially when reaching a link through 3D Touch, you will meet a better Safari View Controller with better UI. Additionally, you will meet default preview options in a better look at the new stage of betas.

Content Blockers are Back

Install iOS 11

Content blockers for Safari were quite troubling in regard the latest 11. But now with the latest beta updates, it is back in the proper working.

Latest TV Providers

Install iOS 11

TV Providers section is now powered with new members like Cox, AT&T U-verse, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon Fios and more. Although it is listing, for the confirmations on the full function it will require more time.

Add Dropbox in Files App

Install iOS 11

Dropbox can now add as a location in the Files app. With the feature option for OS X Server, it will display and lets you easily interact with the files directly from your iDevice.

AirPlay working for Third-party Apps

Install iOS 11

Airplay now in the proper role as expects. Especially in work with the third-party applications, Airplay works at the right point as it should.

Sync messages via iCloud

Install iOS 11

Improvements are confirmed in Syncing messages using iCloud. And now it supports showing how many messages are in backup with more support in the other functions as well.

Video Guide

Install iOS 11 through beta 3 and the public beta 2 will disclose the above mentioned features with so much more. And in the side of fixes, these stage of betas gives so much more to talk with the promise that Apple keeps upgrading the operating system. So if you are happy knowing all details about Apple latest updates from us, share your sincere comments here. And for anything need more details, feel free to reach us in anytime.

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