Install iOS 11 through Latest Beta 3

As expected Apple has recently released the latest beta 3 of iOS 11 for the members of Apple Developers program with a paid Developer account hold. And for the notable fact, beta 3 continues adding more features to the operating system also with concern better fixes. Expecting the chance for none-developers too soon with this, here is everything you should know about Install iOS 11 through latest developer beta 3.

Install iOS 11

From the start of the WWDC preview, 11th software got interesting news all around. And with every new beta. developers have given something to talk new and really exciting. It comes same in the side of iOS 11 jailbreak as well which too got demoed by KeenLab at the recent session at the MOSEC. While we are now with a beta 3, let’s move what it going to tell about the update to reach ahead.

Install iOS 11- Beta 3 Features

Just as expected, new beta 3 comes with so much to talk. So let’s start with what it brings new to the software from where we could then move to what it fixes from beta 2.

  • Advanced syncing system for the Safari’s Bookmarks and Reading List especially in target the security as much as on performance enhancements
  • Content blockers are back working in beta 3
  • Siri with many advancements including text translation with support for multiple language requests, Siri with both male in Female Voice support, upgrade in voice help and more
  • New “Start Broadcasting” option for screen recording coming with the 11th software update

install iOS 11

  • Siri support for directions when Do Not Disturb while Driving is enabled
  • Messages on the iCloud still available even when the device goes offline
  • Update to Safari View Controller
  • New “SFAuthenticationSession” in beta 3 from which Apple’s new API authentication for a user for a web service is supplied
  • Behavior of the Bluetooth and the WiFi toggles changed for some certain
  • Allowed creating Photos or Kaleidoscope face for the Apple Watch from the Apple Photos app share sheet

What’s New in Fixes?

Just as much as adding features, there is a lot to review in the side of fixes. So I here pick you some of the notable among many of the fixes, under the hood improvements and more slight changes.

  • Fix to third party Keyboards not allowed in access
  • Audio drop with Skype calling is now addressed
  • Phone app crashing is fixed when deleting voicemail messages and connecting various carrier services
  • Problem addresses with connecting to the Cellular data after restarting the device
  • Buttons of the Calendar for Day, Week, Month and Year now trigger on the first tap
  • Settings app crashing fixed when you remove the Podcasts app or keyboards (add or remove)
  • Offload feature for apps now work (for apps shipped with 11)
  • Corrections on storage size and some other information
  • Fixes to some aspects of Photos including share Live Photos via AirDrop
  • Configured settings to the watchOS email alerts
  • “QuickLook” feature now available in the Files app to preview iWork document
  • Siri better recognition for Smart Home setup
  • Fixes WiFi /Bluetooth Toggle not properly working in the Control Center
  • Problems sorted in Amazon video Playback controls and more

Beta 3 Changes in a Descriptive Playback

Like giving a try to New Beta Install iOS 11?

The coming of the third new beta (developers only for now) has sorted out many of the problems so far met. But as we are still in beta testing, there are new bugs come to meet in this new beta session. So concern all if you like install iOS 11 through beta.

The beta 3 looks a lot stable than its first beta. And with the public testing expecting soon, there will be more to talk in terms of additions and changes. So stay with us for all new in the latest 11 with its updates to features and road to Cydia Download.

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