Install iOS 11 Public Beta 3- All Updates

Apple on 25th has released the latest public beta of the 11th iteration marking the usual release cycle. At a glance, it is identical to the recent developer beta 4 update found on Monday. And here is all about Install iOS 11 through latest beta and all its notable features to the operating system.

Install iOS 11

Just as expected, the update of Public testing only took hours distance from the developer update. And as always, we recommend you Download iOS 11 either the through the developer or public testing on a secondary driver as it could make some mess on your daily driver. As an update under heavy development, this could involve bugs, crashes often which make a backup of the data compulsorily all wish to take part in testing.

How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta 3?

First, you need signing with the Apple ID at the official beta testing program by Apple. And then visit via the profile through Safari to download the correct configuration profile. Once done, you will be able to take the latest update over the air going to Settings >General > Software Update. It is free and quite possible bringing some bugs and crashes in the run. So go on with fine attention and make a backup first to keep your data safe.

What’s New in Latest Betas?

Install iOS 11

As we brought you in the previous post, with every testing stage, Apple is bringing something new to talk. So just as in the previous case, we here find interesting changes to Notifications, App switcher, visual tweaks, and more in settings. To make them clear in view, here are all in brief.

For Notifications and the Lock Screen Handling

  • A simple swipe to left will give options to clear or view the Lock screen notifications easily
  • Swipe right to will open Notifications from the Lock Screen
  • Full swipe to left will now clear the notification with no tap to the options individually
  • Tapping on the Lock screen notifications will bring Touch ID options for better handling

App Switcher is Smarter!

  • When you force-quit all apps App switcher will automatically close
  • If there are no more recent apps, App Switcher will not come in view

Changes to icons and more Visual Tweaks

  • Nice new looks to app icons for the Reminders app, Contacts, Notes and also for Safari
  • Timer icon got updated from the Control Center
  • Spotlight with  new icon help to App Store, Web, and Maps search
  • “Broadcasting” new feature coming for Screen Recording from the Control Center now in the new name as “Start Recording”
  • Contacts app icon is now in a different view from the Settings app
  • Photos and Notes app with a new splash screen
  • iPad with slight changes to the Maps design
  • Scrolling through photos in the Messages app now shown through a new gray color bar
  • Wi-Fi bars are now thicker from the Status bar
  • Vertically designed key icon for Accounts and Passwords from the Settings instead of the previous horizontal view
  • Status bar got a new cleaner icon for Cellular data
  • Messages app with a better Photo drawer

New Animations

  • Three seconds countdown animation for Screen Recording in Control Center
  • Low Power Mode toggle in the Control Center now coming with a new animation
  • Plus iPhone models are now supported with faster animation effects
  • Mute animation from the Control Center on iPad is now changed

What’s More with iOS 11 Install through latest Betas?

  • A new capacity section through Settings >General and heading to About that show you the total storage of the device even including the size of the iOS
  • Icons can now move easily around the Home screen
  • Camera app on iPad has powered useful settings upgrade
  • iCloud preferences got Message sync settings
  • App Store with new updates tab refresh with a simple pull
  • Najdi dialect got new Arabic keyboard
  • In Settings > General you will now find a new section for Airdrop settings in addition to the control center handling
  • Siri now having a separate section in settings
  • For Japanese and Chinese we find Siri updates with both male and female voice support
  • App Store shows 32-bit apps that have no compatibility for latest 11 in gray
  • New Siri voice upgrade in male and female for Canadian French, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch
  • Siri Female voice upgrade for Mexican Spanish and English
  • Bluetooth stops devices from connecting (in Control Center)
  • Location removed from the Files app

Install iOS 11

With the changes caught in the eye, you would love Install iOS 11 through beta. So make it true but following the right instructions. And make sure you are not using your daily driver for anything for testing purpose.

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