Should you Install iOS 11 through Betas?

With the Worldwide Developer Conference 2017, Apple’s next-generation gigantic update got its colors. And soon with the preview, Apple has given rights to the first beta which is currently assigned only to the Developers as the public beta version will take probably time up until the end of June. But through a beta should you Install iOS 11?  As to all the interesting changes, you might too count days for the update ahead. But taking a beta is a change from taking the firmware once released, take my today’s note for consideration.

install iOS 11

The excitement about the firmware coming is too high with all the promises with iOS 11 Download. But aside from all iOS updates, we are at the peak of a new release of jailbreak which would impact if you be too hurry for the update ahead. So in this post, I put some points into your consideration to think twice before going to a beta download.

Install iOS 11- Beta Updates and Things to Consider

The experience of Install iOS 11 does not come in the same with a beta. Although it is really fun to keep testing what Apple plans ahead in iOS upgrading, there are some points you should also keep in mind. Especially if you are in waiting for Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2, for now, Apple signs latest or any previous/lower moving ahead with even an update impacts in different ways. So go through the listed facts.

  • Will Come buggy

Beta versions are for testing which not recommend even on your daily driver. In fact, they are usually buggy as comes under testing. Then iOS 11 install through beta on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch will not give a stable run. So it is possible when you writing an important mail to the boss, making a call for an emergency, gaming for the best score or anything so important. So if you are not happy with the possible troubles, wait for the months until September to take the final update. and in compared to the previous beta versions of early iterations, this reports more bugs and issues.

  • Issues with App Compatibility

install iOS 11

As a beta is a version under developing, there could be several crashes with your third-party apps installed. In fact, due to lack of the Apps upgrades to the new update 11, this is so often reported even with iOS 10 beta downloads. This can only be solved with final Install iOS 11 which would run around September.

  • Can you Downgrade 11?

As of now, iOS 10.3.2 is latest to which you are allowing downgrade 11th beta. But as Apple warns, there is a risk of losing your data as restoring iOS 11 backup is not support when you are back in 10.3.2. Although this not matters in the same iteration when coming to complete two different ways, the problem appears. So if you feel like risking your important data, avoid taking beta until the final, stable version arrives.

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  • Jailbreak iOS 11?

This is another place where you think twice about upgrading iOS. Although it comes not a heavy issue as there is no public jailbreak solution from iOS 10.2.1 to now, this matters a lot for those who are from jailbroken firmware. But as we hear possibilities for a new tool update from 10.3.1 or 10.3.2 to the most probable, beta updating also with losing downgrades could make a big disadvantage here for Cydia Download fans.

  • To whom complaints should go?

As these betas are for real world testing purpose, we could not guarantee its stability and work frame for sure. In case if you meet any error, there is no party to address the issue as Apple developers are releasing these versions under testing. So install iOS 11 through the final version if you are not ready for the bugs and possible all troubles.

install iOS 11

As of now, there is only the first developer beta out. probably in the end of this June, there will be more updates to betas. so we invite you staying with us as these makes us closer to Install iOS 11. But do not forget, the expected and all promised features would not appear to the whole in betas as they are under developing. And if you are in view of jailbreak, avoid taking the updates as staying with the possible lowest will increase the chance in future.

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