Download iOS 11.1 Beta 5 on iPhone

Releasing the fifth successful testing version to the developers, Apple is now making us closer to Download iOS 11.1. And as this turns the next big update for the mobile operating system, it is worth checking out what Apple going to bring to the user here somewhere in this week itself. So this is about 11.1 to come in touch to the just in beta 5.

Download iOS 11.1

The release of iOS 11.1 beta 4 was just a few days back and this release of beta 5 is one of the three beta updates we meet in the recent past 7 days. So all those who are signed with the developer beta program can now take the update over the air or through the developer center. But as the upgrade not yet available to the public testers you have to keep waiting with the signed public testing profile. However, everything happens here so fast makes us clear about one thing. In fact, all these mean we are closer to the final upgrade 11.1 which could probably be turned out in the same week.

Download iOS 11.1 Beta 5- Developer Update

As this is a quick update only a few days later the beta 4, there isn’t much to highlight in features. And we are hopefully looking for an update to Apple cash, iMessage syncing option through iCloud with the final update 11.1 in addition to what is already promised through various betas. If you are not aware of all them on a single page, here we go for the things in brief under each beta update.

Beta 1- The first beta update

  • Changes to the animation when tapping the status bar and in need of reaching the top of page
  • Assistive Touch menu is now to open nearby  the icon of the Assistive Touch
  • Subtle modifications introduced when Switching between applications while tapping a notification
  • All new Assistive Touch custom options
  • Assistive Touch menu in a new icon view
  • Unlock animation with a change
  • Lock screen camera with changed animation
  • Updated the grouped emoji suggestions in typing
  • Following Settings > General > Restrictions you will meet the tweaked camera app icon

On October 9th Beta 2 updated

  • Hundreds of Unicode 10 Emojis introduced
  • 3D Touch Multitasking is now working
  • Home screen reachability bug with a fine fix
  • Slightly tweaked Emergency SOS Preferences

Download iOS 11.1

On October 16th Beta 3 updated

  • Haptics now working for the incorrect passcodes
  • Update to easier access the Notifications and Widgets
  • KRACK issue has a fix
  • Successfully address the 3D Touch lag and more

Update 11.1 and Cydia Download

As always, we are getting the need of Cydia with every new update in. So with no difference, we get questioned Cydia 11.1 possibilities even before the update is official. But sadly, there isn’t much to get inspired as we have nothing yet unveiled of the jailbreak and Cydia possibilities of latest 11th iteration above the Todesco’s Webkit exploit. And here, we still do not know about its compatibility in 11.1 as Apple must have worked harder when it comes to the new update 11.1. So let us wait sometimes ahead until Apple grants rights to download iOS 11.1.

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