Download iOS 11.1 Beta 2- What’s New?

Apple on 9th October has released the second beta of iOS 11.1 for which Apple plans next. And for the interesting fact, it packs a number of changes and improvements different from its previous beta. That includes replacement of the 3D Touch App switcher and plenty of new Emojis. So here is our hands-on to the latest Download iOS 11.1 through its second beta update.

Download iOS 11.1

You must have already known, the available beta is yet only open for those who are part of the Apple Developer Program. So from the moment, it is open to anyone with a 64-bit device can Download iOS 11.1 beta 2 over the air wirelessly or through the developer center.

What is new with Download iOS 11.1 Beta 2?

With Apple’s decision to close the signing window for 10.3.3 and 11.0, you are now allowed signing for 11.0.1 and 11.0.2. But when they were just in look for bug fixes rather than anything noticeable in the features and etc. latest beta 2 of 11.1 wins more hearts. In fact, it brings back the 3D Touch app switching multitasking functionality, more than hundreds of new Emojis and a lot more interesting. So let us get into all of them one by one.

New Emojis

The latest iOS 11.1 beta 2 is home to a new range of Emoji characters which the users can use in the messaging apps and other services. And if you ever thought Apple has missed adding the right emoji for the conversation, this would be worth checking. In fact, there are more than hundred just for you.

Download iOS 11.1

3D Touch App Switcher

3D Touch App Switcher is one of the popular and useful features Apple introduces to the fans. But when you were noticed it is gone from the original iOS 11 Download, there was some distracting. However, it is now back in iOS 11.1 beta 2 which was temporarily kept away due to a technical issue. So with upcoming 11.1 release, you would probably meet the feature back.

Download iOS 11.1

And Additionally, the new beta 2 of 11.1 is with several useful changes and bug fixes too which in brief can state as follows through the highlights.

  • Fix introduces to the reachability bug come to meets in the initial beta of 11.1
  • Tweaked the settings of Emergency SOS feature with a new option to turn off the sounds of Countdown
  • The performance trouble of the Portrait camera mode on iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus fix here with new beta 2
  • More bug fixes and improvements to the speed
  • Subtle changes to the animations

To have a closer look, take the video help.

As to the updates of testing versions, the release of 11.1 looks important in the aim of better performance and interesting changes. So make your device ready to Download iOS 11.1 which will be in the hands of the user probably following a beta or two. But if you are in the aim of Jailbreak iOS 11, it is worth staying the lowest possible (11.0) as upgrading makes you distant from the jailbreak dreams. For the interesting fact, we recently found Todesco revealing WebKit exploit workable on 11.0. So keep waiting.

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