Download iOS 11 Beta 10- A New Testing version updated

Continuing the development Apple’s next iteration of the mobile operating system deserves, we now find Apple opening a new testing session on 6th of September. So all developers can now Download iOS 11 Beta 10 while public testers can expect the release of beta 9 probably within the day. And as always it is available in two ways as via the OTA and through the visit to Apple’s Developer program.

Download iOS 11

Download iOS 11- A look to the release Event

As you already know, the release of the final eleventh iteration is now all set on 12th September. So it is less than a week to go for all celebrations of new iOS 11 features, improvements with more from Apple. In fact, the event planning to host the release of iPhone 8 which considered the game changer for the iPhone line up marking up the 10 proud years this far.

The event will be taken place at the Steve Job’s Theater just as planned on 12th. And that will be with so much of excitement as this is considered the debut event at the ground and with plans of unwrapping gigantic release Apple was planning since a long time. So the event will host the release of 11th iteration, latest iPhone 8, iPhone 7S/7S Plus, new 4K Apple TV release and new Watch update with its own cellular connectivity solution together with more.

About iOS 11 Beta 10 Developer update

The new beta has arrived nearly a week after the previous beta 9. And it features the build number 15A5372a but not with much concern the changes. In fact, the new beta comes with only changes to the system in slight impact, and with fixes rather than making big improvements to the features and other frames. So this would probably be the final beta of the eleventh iteration.

Download iOS 11

The new 11th iteration will only allow for 64-bit devices. So considering the compatibility of the device, developers can take the new beta 10 OTA or through the developers’ center.

News around the iOS jailbreak?

While Apple moves busily in upgrading the new firmware, we are with a miss to the search for what’s new in the jailbreak. But sadly, there is nothing new to write you back as Cydia 10 still stands where it was after the release of Yalu.

In talking about jailbreak, the most recent news comes from KeenLab showing Cydia 11 possibilities again. And as it is a video this time, things are pretty easily viewable in parallel to what the previous demo was showing. So this is music to ears to know that KeenLab sits somewhere in the experimenting yet with no word on any public releases. And if they willing to keep the same work even after 12th, we could have some hope of a new era of jailbreak for the latest iteration 11.

Download iOS 11

What’s new in Cydia?

Seeing no complete jailbreak for a long time has made Cydia quite lag in updates. But as that is not the end of jailbreaking, we find developers in working for more impressive Cydia Tweaks just like happened to this far. And if you like reviewing what’s best in the past week, refer our post previous to catch all them in all details.

In less than a week you will get rights to Download iOS 11. So until then stay with us to get to know everything around.

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