Download iOS 11.1 through the initial Beta

Continuing the development of Apple’s major 11th iteration, developers have given rights to Download iOS 11.1 through its first beta recently. Following the beta version for the developers, the public release too has surfed on 28th with the chance for testing for all those who are part of the testing program.

Download iOS 11.1

If you are with the latest iteration 11 since its unveiling at the WWDC to final release on 19th, you must definitely know what it takes. In fact, as the successor to iOS 10, it is more attention winning throughout all testing era. For more, latest 11 is with a new redesigned Control center, Apple pays facilities through iMessage, iCloud iMessage sync advancements, Siri upgrades, better Notifications through the Lock screen, HomeKit additions and etc. So in that concern, there is hardly anything to be added to the 11th software in feature-wise. But in iOS 11.1 it is certainly about bringing bug fixes and under the hood, improvements to provide better compatibility for all those supported Install iOS 11.

Download iOS 11.1 Beta- For Developers and Public Testers

For the moment, iOS 11.0.1 is the latest which Apple has recently updated for all 64-bit devices. And it is clear that Apple plans for 11.1 as the next release which would be a minor update to the operating system. But it will be addressing a number of troubles at the same time providing additional security strength to the software. Although we find no much information about what the upgrade 11.1 going to bring and what it features via beta 1, we have a clue that it is taking a fix to True Depth Face Camera of the upcoming iPhone X handset. At the same time, it promises to address some more issues related to EventKit, firmware Foundation framework, and also the FileProvider.

If you are in to the Apple’s public beta testing program, it is the chance to hands-on latest 11.1. Featuring exactly the same qualities of the developer beta seed, the public version is now open for the testers. But in case if you are not yet a part of the testing, visit the program via the web browser and sign up free even today itself. And once done, it will bring you all beta seeds of Apple together with Mac OSX updates.

When will you be able to Download iOS 11.1?

Apple released 11.0.1 suddenly with notice of any previous testing. But here in 11.1 update, Apple will take a number of beta testing prior to the final sending out. And we expect the update to address a number of fixes and improvements making the time of new iteration stable to the user.

iOS 11.0.1 Download

With only the initial beta at hand, we cannot make any predictions about the release of 11.1 updates.  But as it could not take much extensive testing as a minor scale upgrade to the operating system, about a week or two ahead, there will be rights to Download iOS 11.1. So until then wait with patience. But if you meet any slight error with software version 11, 11.0.1 will be a solution for the moment.

If you are jailbroken or willing to install Cydia soon in future, the upgrades of any 11th software versions are not recommending at the moment. But regardless of the state of jailbreak, if you like the exciting features of the new software, upgrade to the latest soon.

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