Download iOS 11- GM Version with Facts about the coming Event

Apple’s Tech event planning for 12th September is promising to bring a lot of interesting releases Apple has been planned over years. And including the rights to Download iOS 11, it will bring the new iPhone X, new Apple watch upgrade and more that support to the confirmations with a revealed GM leak recently over the web. So as it brings many secrets of the coming event, I reserve the post today to briefly come across everything it makes viewed.

Download iOS 11

It is not very clear how the GM version leak has happened which is the release plan for the official calling at the event coming Tommorrow. So having it is in wild, we now with more worth facts about the things will come in the event within a confirmed frame. So as to that, the iPhone edition what we call as iPhone 8 will hold a different marketing name also same with the expected iPhone 7S and 7S plus. Then the trio of new iPhones will probably come as “iPhone 8”, “iPhone 8 Plus” and “iPhone X” with reference to the code strings. And for more, the GM leak packs important facts about the Apple Watch Series 3 which can list down as follows.

Rights to Download iOS 11

As you already aware, the rights to Download iOS 11 is still with beta 10 and 9 respectively for the developers and public testers. Although the GM leak was all sudden, as to the expected plan, the official release through the GM will land to the public domain from the event on 12th. But remember it is going to address only the 64-bit devices just as decided from the very first era. So keep the same excitement for a few hours ahead to get hands on the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

What has come with iOS 11 GM Version?

The golden master release of 11th iteration has a leak update on September 8th carrying a number of interesting reveals about the upgrade of LTE Apple Watch, new iPhone 8 and more about the things Apple planning to shout out at the event tomorrow. So at a look, they are as follows in brief.

  • About the Apple Watch Series 3: Same Design with a Space Gray body and a band with a bright red Digital Crown. For more, it will support Cellular Connectivity, new color features, carrier promotions and also optimized health sensors

Download iOS 11

  • New iPhone Edition: The new iPhone x or iPhone 8 will feature slim bezels, a notch at the top for the camera, the display features True Tone support with a screen resolution of  2436 x 1125, side button with more functionality, “Portrait Lighting” feature to work with the flash supporting various modes and options for video recording. For more, it will come with the Face ID support which previously introduces as Facial recognition.


Download iOS 11

  • Upgrade to Airpods: Another update is promised through the coming event moving from AirPods1,1 to AirPods1,2. So charging LED will now appear on the case instead of the inside where you can check without even opening the case

Download iOS 11

  • New Wallpapers: Last but not least the new GM leak has hinted about all new Wallpaper releases coming to the flagship iDevices. So totally, there are 20 for the iPhone 8 and 17 by now for iPad

Download iOS 11

The facts so far in concern about the new OLED iPhone are nearly true with what see confirmed through the GM leak. So let us now keep the excitement unchanged as the event takes the official release of Download iOS 11, iPhone 8 or X and all other.

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