Download iOS 11.0.2 with a Fix to iPhone 8

Apple on 3rd October has come with the second official update to the new iOS 11 operating system calling iOS 11.0.2. And this has updated about one week later the previous 11.0.1 which is too with the aim was fixing bugs and giving improvements. So should you Download iOS 11.0.2?

Download iOS 11.0.2

The release of 11th major software has taken place on past 19th September of which the official GM release was marked on 12th. And just as expected, the whole upgrade is full of various changes including a customizable Control Center, enhanced Notifications, improved Siri, Accessories to HomeKit and etc. But here seeing immediate updates of minor point releases we could assume a lot of users might facing troubles with the big chapter 11. So just like the rights to iOS 11.0.1 Download, let us see what is with 11.0.2.

Download iOS 11.0.2- What’s New?

The troubles reason to release 11.0.2 are what following the release of major 11. And that includes a fix to the trouble causing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users to hear a crackling sound from the earpiece when the time’s Phone calls and Facetime calls are taking. Together with that, 11.0.2 features more in concern better stability of the operating system. And as to the official release notes, they can be stated as,

  • Comes fixing the issue of crackling sounds happen to occur during Phone calls and FaceTime calls for some users of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus latest
  • A fix introduces to the trouble where some have faced some Photos become hidden from the public view
  • Addresses the error where attachments in S/MIME encrypted emails could not launch or open

If you need further details about the software upgrade, please refer to the official Apple’s security document.

Should you take?

Anyone running 64-bit devices can now upgrade latest iOS 11.0.2 for free. If you like taking it wirelessly, head Over the Air through Settings, General and Software Update to download and install the latest upgrade. If not you can also refer through iTunes which need connecting via Windows PC or Mac. The software update comes in the build number as 15A421.

iOS 11.0.1 Download

If you were troubling with one of the above troubles, taking the latest 11.0.2 update will be worth. And if you are with us for the past weeks, you must already know the update 11.1 is now open for testing which is currently open to both developers and public testers. If you are part of it, you will too be able to hands-on all latest Apple’s updates on the mobile operating system.

The latest 11th iteration by Apple brings so much of gigantic improvements to the operating system. Then it is possible facing various bugs where every device variant could not expect to be deserving the same compatibility. So Download iOS 11.0.2 the latest if you find anything with your ride. But if you are from any firmware jailbroken, it is better to stay avoided the upgrade here as there is still no immediate plan seems in working for Jailbreak iOS 11. So concern the where you are, move to 11.0.2 which is useful for the moment to keep your run smooth.


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