Download iOS 11 through the First Public Beta

Anyone signed for Apple official beta testing program can now Download iOS 11 through its first Public Beta. As expected with the Apple’s two-weeks pattern, the second developer beta too got is rights getting the way to the none-developers testing as well. So take a look at all its facts, device compatibility, and the contribution in jailbreak ahead.

Download iOS 11

The 11th iteration of Apple mobile operating system started beta testing soon with the preview at WWDC 2017. And then as expected, the second Developer beta too got rights when getting two weeks from the first release as same as we noticed with iOS 8, 9 and also 10. So at the right time, we now have the first public beta as well with the chance for none-developers in Install iOS 11 and take part in the testing. Although it is helpful in learning what the new firmware carries on the side of better user-experience, keep in mind that it is still a beta under the progress. So possibly it could make various troubles in taking the update on your daily driver.

Download iOS 11 with the First Public Beta

Both the iOS and tvOS have got its public beta versions recently. So those who are taking part in Apple beta testing can now get the release of Beta 1 via OTA which is possible via OTA and also from the Developer Center for developers. But for this, public testers need the correct configuration installs of which only you will get the notice of all latest beta updates. And as it comes, we hardly find anything drastically changed here in comparing to the Developer Beta 2. So both come with same features with more focus on fixes.

Compatible Devices

iOS 11 Download

What will you get with the New Firmware?

you are already aware that, the latest 11th firmware of Apple mobile operating system is more discussed with its massive updates to features. If you are familiar with the previous post from us, you must know what is notable with 11 than to found with 10. For the more descriptive view, go through the video below to note what the sit promises with Download iOS 11.

Cydia Download possibilities got Demoed

Although Apple keeps upgrading the software with many features, we find jailbreak with growing interest. Encouraging that, KeenLab security research team has recently put a strong demonstration showing Cydia 11 possibilities. But this is not indicating any immediate tool updates. In fact, this is just to take the idea that even Apple’s latest is jailbreakable. So what Apple has put with the improved security is just a challenge for the hackers. But not anyway showing the impossibilities for future jailbreaking. But as the 11th iteration of Apple mobile operating system is still at the infancy level of beta testing, the most interesting is assumed yet to come. So keep waiting for the updates.

To Download iOS 11 in the final build, you will have to keep the wait until September or even more. And from now onwards, the time is for testing. Expecting more extensive beta cycle than seen with the previous 10th iteration let’s move with all them. So to know all in detail, stay with us as always.

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