Download iOS 11 Beta 6 with All New Changes

Apple on 14th has released the latest beta 6 of iOS 11 for the testing purpose. Just as with all move in beta so far, this is a developer-only update for the moment from which we could expect the public testing version within a day. If you like knowing all changes could have with Download iOS 11 Beta 6, this is the way for it through Cydia Guru. So read on.

Download iOS 11

The latest beta update of 11th firmware has come about a week from the preceding update 5. And by now, it is more than two months for all review of the revolutionary update 11 at WWDC 2017. So moving to more updates here makes us closer to the final rights to Install iOS 11. And until it reaches the stage of Golden Master, Apple will be adding more changes to the iteration coming through more and more betas. So this is too one of the remarkable stages in testing 11, that let us voice a number of system changes. Let us now see what they are.

Download iOS 11 through Beta 6

As the beta is still only in developer-only rights, registered developers are only allowed downloading the beta through the developer Center if not comes Over the air. And once the public testing version 5 is updated, it will also come over the air but only with the correct configuration profile installed. But make sure you are aware of all beta conditions and not involving your daily driver which could put you in trouble in concern your day-to-day work. And also remember having a backup is compulsory if you need your data to be safe after all changes.

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What’s New in the latest Beta Downloads?

The latest beta 6 coming with impressive visual changes to the icons of App Store and Apple Maps. And it also adds a fix to Reminders icon while taking a different feel with a subtle animation for AirPods. But as it does not stop from there, take a further look at the list below to catch all notable changes in the latest testing era.

  • Bullet now posts in same left in the Reminders icon instead of right
  • Clock icon with slightly bolder numbers
  • Messages app in a new app icon
  • App Store icon changes to a new view
  • Control Center toggle now filling the color blue in the times playing audio through Bluetooth
  • Auto-Brightness option is moved to the “Display Accommodations”  from “Display & Brightness”
  • Introduces a zoom-in animation for a change in unlocking the device
  • Photos with a new Splash screen with new features included
  • Fish live wallpapers are taken off from the Settings
  • A new animation introduces to AirPods, in the times you opening the case near the Phone

Together with that, the new beta brings a host of fixes to some previously reported bugs including DirecTv app launch, crash in launching the App Store, bugs with Family Sharing feature, fix to Notes, trouble in restoring backups and so much more. And at the same time, it introduces a new set of bugs but fewer than what it fixes here.

There will be more to talk on Download iOS 11 from this fall. And it will be encouraged with the new public beta expected within hours confirming more about the development of the revolutionary update 11. So stay as always for all in complete view.

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