Download iOS 11 through Beta 7- Notable Changes

Distributing of betas have made significant improvements to the software version in a number of sides. And compared to the previous, we see beta 7 with better storage handling although it carries additions than the previous. In that way, it is important walking through it changes here together with the efficiencies has been made through. So this is all about Download iOS 11 through latest beta 7 notice of the alterations.

Download iOS 11

Download iOS 11- A Few More Weeks to go!

The release of the new beta has come about a week after its preceding. So this is the third time we see a beta in the weekly release pattern when it is almost two months from the introduction of the eleventh iteration at the WWDC 2017. As we are already informed, the release of the new firmware will run to September with no difference to Apple’s practice. In that way, this beta 7 could probably be supported with another release soon and then the Golden Master, which depict the exact release Apple planning through a testing version. So it is just a few weeks to go for the next revolutionary update Apple has been testing for months.

What’s New?

At the stage of beta 7, we pick only several changes, even not in the concern major. By now, we could assume, Apple has worked all on the eleventh firmware making all ready for the official call. So let’s move to the iOS 11 Features in brief which we see through the latest testing version 7 now in view.

Minimal Clock view from the Lock Screen

Download iOS 11

In relevant to the device model, your clock view from the Lock screen will some quite smaller. If you were thinking your clock gets a big space on the screen with the lock, this beta makes it a relief taking the size, slightly reduced.

Control Center with a Music App icon

ControlCenterXI Tweak

A new Music icon will now win your attention even when you are not playing anything on the device but with just opening the music widget through the Control Center.

New Volume indicator for EU

Download iOS 11

For the users of European Union (EU), a new yellow warning will get in the notice in the volume indicator. And that happens when the volume is excess loud.

Bluetooth support on Airplane Mode

Download iOS 11

You can stay connected to the Bluetooth now even when Airplane mode toggled on. And even when it back off, it will remember the settings back with no hassle.

Now Playing on the Cover Sheet

Download iOS 11

In this new beta, you find Now Playing widget available same when you swipe down the Cover Sheet. Although this was gone in the previous testing versions, from beta 7 it is back.

Are you excited to Download iOS 11? Of course, it should be a loud yes knowing what it plays in target the user-frame. And as it is just a couple of days ahead, we invite you to stay with us to grab all updates free and easier from us Cydia Guru. And if anything doubts, write us through the comments below.