Download Cydia for iOS 10.2- Yalu waits on Official Confirmation

Todesco drew the end to the no-jailbreak period continued since iOS 10 debuted. Even though there were numerous demonstrations on the possibility of jailbreak iOS 10, Yalu by Todesco is the first successful tool approach to give the approving end to the long waits. But as it still comes in beta 7, when will it answer for the queries about Yalu in official confirmations? Let’s seek for the Todesco’s upcoming plans in the way to Download Cydia for iOS 10.2.

Download Cydia

A word about Yalu movement as far as this

When Todesco made the first beta of his tool, it was extremely limited for a few iOS versions and devices. But with time, Yalu raised with encouraging changes adding support for Jailbreak iOS 10.2 as well. So Todesco in work for Cydia download 10.2 is a sudden upgrade which was out of his plans when developing the tool make public. So thanks to all the changes, it now works smoothly on iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak promising the complete Download Cydia. And with expanded support for none-iPhone 7 64-bit devices you can now get with a semi-untethered Yalu jailbreak with download Cydia impactor and side loading the IPA.

Update for Jailbreakers:

Home Depot beta jailbreak by developer “jk9357” is finally given out through the official word. So anyone who still rocks on older iOS 9 versions can get the benefit of Cydia download now which is targeting iOS 9.2-9.3.4 on 32-bit devices. So those who were worries with Pangu 9.3.3 only for 64-bit users can get quite happy with the jailbreak upgrade to 32-bit. And as it accepts the same semi-tethered flow alike to previous Pangu and Yalu now in betas, Home Depot will too appear not strange for the user anymore.

Yalu projected changes ahead

As Todesco confirmed, the tool at beta 7 is already stable as it going to get in the final release. So with that, we will hardly get the chance to expect cosmic changes in Yalu with the official come out. And notably with compared to what we see now. But for the notable change, it will add support for iPhone 7 jailbreak which currently restricts for 10-10.1.1. It applies with the mismatches in 10.2 and hardware setting in latest device models.

Cydia Download

Aside from that, we could expect more slight changes in the tool build in focus to compatibility, speed, and performance. So those who get problems with Yalu betas will probably get happy act in response if you keep wait for the final tool release. But until Todesco confirms the date and other tool conditions, the release of Yalu will remain unknown for the public. As to most of the rumors the tool will reach the public together with Apple official confirmation on 10.3. So wait for more times ahead.

Will you Download Cydia with Yalu Beta 7?

As the tool is confirmed stable and safe, it is no harm of trying the beta 7. And trusting for Cydia 10.2 download. But if you think it is like taking the extra risk at a time Apple no longer signs 10.2 or previous, wait until Todesco make the tool official. But anyway, the process should run at your own risk as no party going to hold the responsibility for practicable damages and errors.

Once the developer confirmed the tool is fine to process even at betas we find complete comfort there. In fact, there would hardly find someone wait for the official word. So for those who reach Cydia 10.2 with Yalu is now with a fine support to pick all your favorites from all Cydia Apps and Tweaks through the video below. If you have no idea which are in upgrade to 10 support and which aren’t yet, follow our video guide. It will prevent Cydia crashes which in the other way prevents restoring.

You can safely Download Cydia on iOS 10 to 10.2 thanks to Yalu. But if you think it is better to keep waiting than being sorry with the beta process, stay as always with us to catch all updated ahead. And in anytime you feel doubtful about Cydia related facts, feel free to reach us for complete clarifications.