Download Cydia iOS 10.3- Any News Updates?

The release of the 10.3 happened almost a week back. So what do you get new in the side of Jailbreak and Cydia? The post covers all news updates around Download Cydia iOS 10.3 for those who count days to 10.3 with powerful apps and features. But will there be any chance for jailbreak iOS 10.3? So read and get everything to the point on Download Cydia.

Download Cydia iOS 10.3

If you are not aware, Apple has released 10.3.1 first minor update to third big software update in iOS 10 very recently. And as expected, it only includes several fixes and improvements to the operating system especially in focus to previous 10.3 times. But currently, it only brings benefits to none-jailbreakers as we still find no single proof on jailbreak above 10.2. So we recommend upgrade 10.3/10.3.1 only for those who doesn’t care jailbreak iOS. But do you know for how long this will remain unchanged?

A Word about Current Jailbreak and  State of Download Cydia

By now, Yalu 10 Jailbreak found a stable career in the chapter which was thanked for iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak. So anyone with the 64-bit device can jailbreak from 10 to 10.2 successfully which will Download Cydia for the complete need. But if you are above 10.2, sadly the same Yalu does not add support and not give a promise for any upcoming releases. In fact, Yalu is Todesco’s final tool update from which he has confirmed his departure.

Can Download Cydia iOS 10.3/10.3.1?

The exploits reasoned to Yalu found patched in 10.2.1 and later. So it is clear why Todesco has not attempted to extend the support of Yalu above 10.2. But do you think 10.3 will remain un-jailbroken for a longer?

With supported facts, it is impossible to Download Cydia iOS 10.3 at this stage. But if any prominent jailbreak developing team going to continue working to the point, it will not take longer for an exact word. So we invite you to stay with all our post updates.

Yalu and Future Jailbreak

Todesco, the name behind Yalu has finalized his departure from tool developing through a recent tweet. But there, he has left a little hope about jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 from which he has warned not to take 10.3 but stay on 10.2.1 to get the future jailbreak. So anyone would now wonder why he put such a message there if he is not involved in any work? Of course, why?

Todesco with Yalu

The reason for Todesco’s departure is not clearly mentioned in anywhere up to now. So it is unknown whether he is in a plan of 10.2.1 public jailbreak for why he was forced to put a message as said. So if you too care about jailbreaking, my advice here to stay with lowest possible firmware 10.2.1 that will increase the chance of Download Cydia ahead. And do not completely give up hope on Yalu for future as anything could be surprisingly changed in any time. So for the reasonable fact, stay to 10.2.1.

When Pangu will End the long Silence?

Thanks to team Pangu, we had a successful history in the jailbreak. So in concern of future jailbreak, why we do not think Pangu will return?

In the time at MOSEC 2016, Pangu took stage time and came with a Pangu 10 demo. So it is a strong evidence which says Pangu keep going the discussion of iOS 10 jailbreak which could probably end up with a reliable tool release. So stay with all updates which would possibly bring Pangu 10.3 in up future.

Cydia install

Given all these, we never know what will happen in days ahead. But if you need to Download Cydia iOS 10.3, we invite you to stay with all our updates and we will bring everything soon once we encountered. If you vote it is another Yalu update or else from Pangu, share your comments below.

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