Cydia iPhone 7- extra_recipe with Added Device Support

Italian Jailbreak Developer Luca Todesco recently brought 4th beta of extra_recipe+yalu making Cydia iPhone 7 more comfortable and easily-reachable for the user. And with further device additions and firmware support, it will keep the work stable as promises in the real purpose of what it has being brought to. If you are tie to all news so far we brought, keep on reading this latest piece of update to know how Todesco planning to reach out of betas. And we are pretty sure, this going to be work better addressing all lags made iPhone 7 jailbreaking tiresome this far.

Cydia iPhone 7

It is a couple of weeks that we started hearing a new iPhone 7 Jailbreak as a reliable addressing to all found troubles with mach_portal. With the work of developer Xerub on extra_recipe in paired to Yalu, we found the release as a beta dubbed extra_recipe+yalu. In the initial built, it carried support only for a few devices on iOS 10.1.1 with no final word about its work ability. But soon with the update beta 3, substrate support got added with Download Cydia itself. And with recent beta 4, the work addition of iOS 10.0.x found that makes the tool qualified to recommend iPhone 7 users to switch from mach_portal+yalu.

Cydia iPhone 7 with Better Support

Releasing of beta 4 is not the end of the chapter. In fact, in the way to beta 5 we now see more improvements in the tool update. Preliminary adding support for iOS 10.0.0. So in target the iPhone 7/7 Plus this was a feature even in want of the previous mac_portal jailbreak which now see in the updated tool version. So in that concern Cydia iPhone 7 now allowed from iOS 10.0.0-iOS 10.1.1 via extra_recipe.

Cydia iPhone 7

Note for Cydia iPhone 7:

Although these changes arrest the user, still you are not given access to downloadable IPA. So in the time ahead, you will end up with all successful reach and require waiting

So at Present,

  • Latest iPhone 7/7 Plus – iOS 10.0.1-10.1.1 (Access to Downloadable IPA)
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus – iOS 10.0.0 (IPA not yet found)
  • No IPA available to download for iPhone 6s and Plus – iOS 10.2 (only TSMC)
  • iPhone 6 and Plus – iOS 10.2 (not yet access to an IPA)
  • No IPA yet for iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.2 )
  • iPad mini 3 (iOS 10.2/WiFi only) not yet access to IPA download

 Road Ahead of Cydia Download iOS 10-10.1.1

Seeing the development of extra_recipe+yalu, we could expect more device and firmware support in the times ahead. So once we find the update, we promise to bundle all for you for all better time in your jailbreak. And probably there could be times you will head extra_recipe instead of Yalu10.2 as well. But with all now, we recommend flagship iPhone users only to head with extra_recipe while Yalu 10.2 jailbreak let serve for other devices up to 10.2.

While all these make Cydia iPhone 7 more enhanced, we find iOS 11 as another chapter. With the recent Worldwide Developer Conference 2017, we now see Apple’s next milestone update in its first Developer Beta. And as records, the public beta version will come in the end of this month. Then probably, the final release runs for the mid of September.

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