More Tweaks to Jailbreak- All New in Cydia Install iOS 10.2

For those who are with luck of jailbreak iOS 10.2 with Yalu, the past few days are more to cheer. In this roundup of Tweaks, you will find why it is said so as I am bringing here some interesting additions in for Cydia Install iOS 10-10.2 with concern some recent additions. So let’s see how my favorites and yours going to meet and make you more jailbreak iOS 10.

Cydia install

Just as we recently brought, jailbreak above 10.2 still stands same. With Apple iOS 10.3.1 weeks back, you will now find it is only signing with no more downgrade to any older firmware. So those who are upgraded to 10.3.1 are now stuck with it as Apple no more signs any below versions. Although this matters for jailbreakers we hold up you in hope of iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak and keep you all updated through Cydiaguru. So stay with all our updates while enjoying what keeps you more waiting for Cydia install iOS 10.2.

Best in Cydia Install iOS 10.2

Cydia stops for nothing. So with no change, you will find amazing additions this week too from which you can make your iOS 10 jailbreak happier. So check below for some notable apps and tweaks.

discreetVoiceMemos for Free

Cydia install

The app helpful for Voice Memos app users which hide animated waveform and status bar to make the usage more sneaky. It is free to download from Cydia’s Bigboss repository.

GoAway for Free

Cydia install

A free new Cydia app to customize “iPhone is disabled” text appears on the lock screen to anything you wish. With jailbreak, you can now change the text to come when anyone failed too much in passcode attempts.

StatusPeek 2 for $0.99

StatusPeek 2

This is an updated tweak in Cydia install for only a little payment of $0.99. With it, you can replace the status bar in the location of the Notification Center for more ease of the user.

Siliqua for Free

Cydia install

This is an important free addition for Cydia especially in concern of wireless Airpods users. With this, you will be able to add a number of Quadruple and double tap actions to get more functions to your Airpods. The tweak sits on Cydia’s Bigboss repository for no cost.

WAAutoReply for $5

Cydia install

The tweak worth $5 and available to download in Bigboss repo. With this, you can add an auto-reply feature to your WhatsApp with a custom text.  This is useful when you are busy replying to your incoming text and need to inform all at once. The enterprise package is available for $ 15.00 for best Cydia install experience.

Don’t Stop the Party for $2.00

Cydia install

If you are a big fan of music, this new tweak is worth giving a try. For $2.00 you pay it gives undisturbed music experience in your jailbroken device even when respringing. So with the jailbreak, your music is no more killed.

AirDrop Disabler for Free

Cydia install

If you not often in need of AirDrop, this is a free tweak worth in Cydia install. It can remove the AirDrop from the section in the Share Sheet and gives a cleanup look.

Cydia does not stop for anything. So we promise you to write another update soon collecting some more new tweaks to make your jailbreak and Cydia install iOS 10.2 more fun. So stay signed and subscribe us for more news ahead.

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