11.0.3 is Official- All new in Cydia Download iOS 11.0.3

Apple on 11th October has released the latest iOS 11.0.3 to the public domains as the third minor scale upgrade following the big iOS 11 era. And as to the release notes, the upgrade carries fixes and slight improvements to several device models in addressing slight issues with previous versions. So at a time, we have a new topic to discuss, this is how we put the eye on 11.0.3 to Cydia Download iOS 11.0.3 possibilities. If you find this interesting, take a look through the sections below.

Cydia download iOS 11.0.3

Up to now, the version 11.0.2 was the latest which was too in the aim of fixes. At the same time, we found Apple seeding beta of 11.1 for which Apple plans next to somewhat bigger. As to the confirmed facts so far, with Download iOS 11.1, you will be able to get 3D Touch App switcher back with so much of interesting Emoji additions. And when that would not be the end of all its development, we could expect more probably later this month through the official release.

Download iOS 11.0.3 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Just as with all the previous 11 versions, you can download 11.0.3 latest via OTA wirelessly or through iTunes with the connection to Mac or Windows. And in concern its targetted devices, we find no difference from the other whereas it is only for the 64-bit devices.

Just as we started, the release of 11.0.3 is in focus to the fixes and slight improvements. So in case if you are troubled with one of the followings, take the move to latest.

  • Addresses the problem where you find audio and haptic feedback meet some troubles on some of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variant
  • Introduces a fix to the trouble where touch input goes unresponsive on some of the iPhone 6S device display due to the use of false parts
  • Performance improvements and more slight fixes

download iOS 11.0.3

Jailbreak and Cydia Download iOS 11.0.3

Apple upgrading is beneficial for those who want to keep the operating system up to date. But in case if your first vote goes to the need of jailbreak and Cydia. you need to double check before getting any upgrade. And as there is still no response to Cydia Download iOS 11.0.3, anyone from a jailbroken firmware or in the need of jailbreak are recommending to stay avoided the latest. But if you are already on one of iOS 11 firmware release so far, upgrading 11.0.3 would not make much change as there is still no jailbreak for any of firmware from 10.2. Although the release of iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak dubbed Saigon was recently updated, it is still not usable and available through a Xcode source project only.

In the look to the world of jailbreaking, we are at a deep uncertainty. So I am still not answerable to the question when one can get jailbreak 11-11.0.3. In that way, I invite all of you to stay here with Cydia Guru to grab all of the jailbreaks and Cydia updates soon once release.

Jailbreak iOS 11

What do you think of the jailbreak and Cydia road ahead?if you are happy with what we here brought, leave us a comment.

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