Cydia Download iOS 10- Best Tweaks for Music Fans

If you have jailbroken your iOS 10, you must now be observant of what to get with Cydia Download iOS 10. As now the jailbreak is a reason to many inspiring tweak releases, I here give space for what’s best for Music. So read and find inspiring Cydia options for iOS 10 to get all complimenting features to the Music app.

Cydia Download iOS 10

Thanks to Todesco, Yalu 10 jailbreak is found the only successful jailbreak approach to iOS 10. So you can Download Cydia for iOS 10-10.2 following semi-untethered process with Cydia impactor and IPA. But as the tool is capable of working above 10.2, the versions up 10.3.1 latest remain un-jailbroken at this moment. And as there is no single evidence of Cydia download possibilities above 10.2, we invite all fans to stay to the possible lowest firmware to increase the chance for the future jailbreak. For those who still unaware, iOS 10.3.1 is only signing at the moment as Apple recently stopped signing window for iOS 10.2.1 and 10.3. But do not be hurry to upgrade as iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak is still unpredictable.

Cydia Download iOS 10-Apps to Music Lovers

iOS 10 jailbreak inspired many Cydia developers to come with interesting releases. So in this piece of writing, we will reach you through best jailbreak apps to Music App.

Acapella III

Cydia Download iOS 10

This is a nice addition in the store in the target of Cydia download iOS 10. The tweak introduces touch-based gestures instead of touch-based buttons you were allowed this far with the Music app. And also with the minimalist effect in the “Now playing screen”, this makes your Music playing interesting. This useful upgrade is available in Cydia for $2.99 purchase. But in case if you are already with the previous tweak version, you will get a discount upgrade to latest 10.

Don’t Stop the Party!

Cydia install

If you are a big music fan, you might not like to get silenced even in the time of respring. So this is the best tweak to have which make you listen to the music even when your device respringing. With the app free download, you can get the benefit for the Apple stock Music App. But in the paid package you can extend the support for third party music apps too keeping the support to Apple stock Music.

ColorFlow 3

Cydia Download iOS 10

To those who love colors, this is a handy pick from Cydia. Having this for $1.99 you can get a beautiful view to the screen while listening to the favorite music. In fact, the tweak colorizes the interface depending on the music album taking the dominant color from it. And it includes music control buttons, status bar and also the metadata information. with its extended support for Music and Spotify apps, the tweak is loved by many to add a prettier look to what you listen.

I See Stars III

Cydia Download iOS 10

As the name suggests, the tweak helps you to see the stars of each song. In fact, I See Stars III helps you to see ratings for each song through the Music app. So you can easily find what are the best to listen than messing with all names and titles. It adds a rating indicator in the list of music when you are in problem of which to download and make all easier. The app is free to download from Cydia and make your songs selection better and quicker.


Cydia Download

Although you have heard of Haptic feedback trend in some Android models, Harp is the first successful approach in iOS. With the soft “Buzz” when dealing with Apple Music control from the control center or the lock screen it keeps up things easier. Although many expected this feature to see in the stock iOS features, currently the luck is only for jailbreakers. So download this simple yet inspiring tweak and get haptic feedback to your Apple music controls for no cost.


Cydia Download iOS 10

Respringing the device is a real mess when listening to Music. If you have noticed, respring makes your Music interrupted and force you to go from the very beginning with no help to find where you were paused before the respring. So knowing the hassle with this, Cydia has given MusicMark for free which remembers the place where you stopped before the respring and will continue from there for a great music experience. This appears free and simple yet with a great support for best music with iOS.


Cydia Download iOS 10

Spin10 is a simple tweak for $0.99 to modernize the now playing interface of your iOS. Having this downloaded, you will get Now Playing music controls with a circular effect when displaying on the lock screen. So those who are bored with the same old look of now playing can now take this for a change. It applies to album art, music scrubber and also the controls. Not only that, it also colorizes the music scrubber in dominant to the album color you pick. So this is an amazing tweak to make your Apple Music experience better for jailbreakers.



This is a simple free option for Cydia Download iOS 10. As the name implies, it notifies which song you are now playing in everytime you change. The notification comes through an album artwork thumbnail in the right moment you started playing a new song. And with its support for third-party music apps, in the header of the banner notification, it shows from which app you are playing the music too. So in overall, this is a smart app makes your music time easier and happier.

Final words

The above are some of the best Cydia tweaks that make your Music experience great. So those who are with Yalu 10 opportunity can now head for these amazing options in accordance with the taste. But in case if you are upgraded to 10.2.1 or above, the chance for Cydia Download iOS 10 is currently far from reach and will have to wait for any more in the future. But as anything is possible in the side of jailbreak, there will be an update soon before the scope turns iOS 11. So stay to the lowest possible firmware and increase the chance for the future jailbreak.

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