Best Jailbreak Tweaks to Hands-on this week

If you are privileged to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with any of the supported jailbreak tools, you are lucky to get through Cydia successfully. So if you are busy looking for the Best Jailbreak Tweaks, here we come with the highest help collecting this week’s latest to hands-on.

best jailbreak tweaks

Note to the user: Cydia store has been temporarily shut down at this stage in response to a serious bug. So with that, Cydia purchases will no longer be enabled but Saurik confirms this puts no impact on Cydia installer.  And for sure those who are privileged to Cydia can go on using Cydia to install, uninstall and monitor through all the existing tweaks at the same time browsing through the existing repositories

What are the Best Jailbreak Tweaks to play this time?

With every new week, we find a set of updates in the store to get by all the iOS jailbreak users. If you are searching for the coolest tweaks, here we are giving the support on your decision by collecting all the latest highlighting releases this time.

EasyAccess for $2.50

If you are a big fan of multitasking on iPhone, EasyAccess is a great option to play with. This amazing tweak makes multitasking more working on the iOS. Having this, you can go with two actions in two apps at once and smoothly moving between applications on a very much customizable dock that you can call at any time required with the Activator.

ifConnected for free

Low Power Mode is a very useful feature for iOS users to slow down your running battery power. And with this free jailbreak Tweak you can make the feature more useful as it allows you to set different conditions for Low power mode to on or off automatically.

LowBatteryBanner for free

You may have felt your iOS low battery alert is somewhat irritating as it could appear at any time when you go lower the 20% and by disturbing whatever you were doing. But if you have jailbroken and take this free Jailbreak tweak, you can easily make it a banner-type changing from the notification-type.

MotionPicture for $1.50

If you are willing to play with advanced wallpapers, themes, lock screen etc, having this MotionPicture for a little one-time payment. Having this you can set any animated GIF or MOV, MP4 video file as your Home screen or the Lock screen wallpaper. But remember this could make your device battery drain a little faster as this plays a video in the background.

Is that all from Cydia Download?

iPhone X jailbreak

No. This is just a hand pick from what has updated this week. In fact, this week has brought a rich list of Best Jailbreak Tweaks to enjoy your jailbroken iDevice to the highest. So if you are privileged to Unc0ver, Electra or from any jailbreak tool to get installed Cydia installer, you are lucky to grab these amazing apps. Have a try and leave a comment about your experience.

Downgrade and save the chance for iOS 12 Jailbreak

Apple has recently released iOS 12.1 as the major operating system version to the public as the first major follower with a considerable set of changes. And if go with the history, Apple will very soon close the gates to the previous versions that signs making iOS 12.1 the only option. So if you do care about iOS 12 Jailbreak, this going to be the final chance to downgrade to the initial iOS 12 released versions in order to save the chance for jailbreak and Cydia opportunities.

iOS 12 jailbreak

As to the usual practice by Apple, they close the signing window for previous firmware after several days from the update of the new operating system version. Probably after 14 days from the new update, Apple will close the window making your device stuck in the latest iOS 12.1.

Electra and unc0ver for iOS 11

As of this writing, Electra and unc0ver are the recently updated jailbreak tools that support iOS 11 in getting successful Cydia. Both these tools accept semi-untethered jailbreak technique that signs the IPA through Cydia impactor tool. With noticed the trend for semi-untethered jailbreak, we could expect more tools in the same way which has introduced by team Pangu from 9.3.3. And thankfully, Jay Freeman (Saurik) has updated Cydia impactor for version 0.9.46 which is with the compatibility for latest iOS 12.

A look into iOS 12.1 latest update

iOS 12.1 is the recent update by Apple from which the user is given a number of improvements and additions. And this time, the firmware bundles some of the most awaited enhancements like group facetime which has kept the user waiting from iOS 12 initial release.

With this amazing new feature Group facetime, you can now take up to 32 people for the same call audio or video. Together, they’re going to be more Emoji over 70 with iOS 12.1 Download to make your conversations more fun. And for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and XR, Dual SIM support with eSIM will be introduced. Additionally, there is a hand full of fixes included with the update here making your experience better with the new iteration. But would you give a try or stay where you are in the concern jailbreak?

iOS 12 Jailbreak Updates

If you are privileged with either Electra jailbreak or unc0ver, I must say you are extremely lucky to have the complete Cydia on iOS 11. But in case you are upgraded to iOS 11.4 or 11.4.1, the chance will be missed for both unc0ver jailbreak and Electra. And also if you are on iOS 12.0 or upper with a hand full of stock enhancements, you too have no entry to Cydia Download. In fact, there is still no public solution available for jailbreak iOS 12 as of the time being although it is demonstrated through powerful sessions.

As with the usual theory, firmware lower the latest has more security failures and drops that could tend to have more jailbreak tool versions. So my advice for the moment is staying on the lowest possible firmware from which your chance to get jailbreak going to be increased. Just as to the recent twitter note by @s1guza, the hacker iOS 12 is with more security patches than 11.4-11.4.1 previous. So comparatively, there is a possibility to get a workable jailbreak for 11.4-11.4.1 before developers in the iOS 12 way.

iOS 12 jailbreak

And further, the developer Pwn20wnd has also confirmed this statement highly through a new Twitter note. This is quite worth noticing as he is the one brought unc0ver jailbreak recently that supports iOS 11.0-iOS 11.4 beta 3.

iOS 12 jailbreak

So having this said, we could expect the developer Pwn20wnd working for iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1 as his work next. If you are already on any of this firmware, there is a reason to stay encouraged as we find a number of developers talking here about exploits with firmware already. If you remember, in the middle of month October is something to remember here is where you had a number of exploit reveals centric to iOS 11.4.1 by Ian Beer. So stay tight if you are on either iOS 11.4 or iOS 11.4.1. But what if you have updated iOS 12?

What if you have iOS 12 Download?

Looking at the current state of possibilities, there is a chance to see another iOS 11 jailbreak sooner than later. But if you are already updated to iOS 12, does it going to mean you are totally gone from jailbreak dreams? Not at all. In fact, the recent demo by KeenLab on iOS 12.1 is another encouraging fact which is on the flagship iPhone XS Max. Although this is unlikely to be released to the public as a tool update, this makes the user a lot of encouraged about the possible updates ahead from iOS 12 jailbreak. And it is clear that developers are more concerned on iOS 12 than iOS 11. So there is a competition in the community about coming to the public through a workable tool. In that way, stay on iOS 12 lower firmware is also good thinking from the jailbreak lovers. But this is all about a game of waiting as anything can be found at any time.

One good example taken through recent happenings is the exploiting by @umanghere on iOS 12 which Apple has patched through the recent iOS 12.1. But the interesting fact here is, the potential exploits happened to remain on the previous iOS 12 and iOS 12.0.1 which seems promising for a new tool works out.

iOS 12 jailbreak

What is more in iOS jailbreak?

Creating a new jailbreak tool needs powerful exploits and also should be more than one. Also, there is more work to do for a GUI-based jailbreak tool which should maintain even after bugs are reported later. So in that concern, staying to the lowest possible firmware is highly beneficial in order to get with a compatible jailbreak support. If you are on iOS 11.4 or iOS 11.4.1, that could be a great advantage as there’s a lot of talks behind iOS 11 jailbreak for further. And similarly, those who are on iOS 12.0 or iOS 12.0.1 also should take the fact into mind as there is an equal possibility for developers to shift to iOS 12 just leaving iOS 11 for several times later. So use iTunes and downgrade your iOS 12.1 to possible lowest to increase the chance of jailbreak. This will only be allowed for a few days more and be hurry if you do value jailbreak more than what is given in the stock frame.

iOS 12.1.1 is testing!

iOS 12.1.1 is the new iOS update available for testing for those who are signed to the official Apple beta testing program. There are two betas out at the moment allowing both developers and public beta testers to take attempt of testing. And as to its release notes setting up, it looks like supporting more enhancements and fixes rather than being just a minor scale update. As to the reveals so far, there are more fixes to FaceTime interface fixing some of the reported problems so far from iOS 12 times. Especially, after iOS 12.1 group facetime, there are several things require immediate fixings.

Cydia for iOS 12

Are you already jailbroken through Electra or unc0ver or else waiting for an update for iOS 12 jailbreak? Leave your comments here and keep looking for all the iOS, jailbreak and Cydia updates ahead. For anything doubtful and unclear, please write us through the comments as we are pleased to write you with what you require from us.

Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks to Hands-on

With Electra and unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11 firmware, many users have privileges with powerful Cydia turns. So knowing your true interest, here we are writing to you with the most updated note of Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks in concerning the recent days. If you are with the complete jailbreak on iOS 11, take a look at the interesting options to pick from Cydia this week.

best cydia apps and tweaks

Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks- latest Updates

Every week brings so many updates to Cydia jailbreak app store. And that is truly why you feel so excited to hands-on the iOS jailbreak opportunities. So take a look here at all new addition to the store to make your Cydia turn more interesting.

TWPlus for Free

best cydia apps and tweaks

Are you tired of the same-old Twitter view? Then what to do above the official Twitter frame? Here you have TWPlus for free from Cydia store to apply various changes above the limited official Twitter profile. It comes offering a number of internal settings after the installation allowing you to get the best tweaking for Twitter. Try it for free if you feel useful.

Moonshine for $1.99

iOS jailbreak tweaks

Apple watch has many interesting features that would love to have on your iPhone. With this paid app as Moonshine, you can have Apple watch inspired Night Mode on your jailbroken iPhone when it is connected to power. This was earlier given as a beta and now has finalized for public use.

Malleus for Free

cydia apps and tweaks

If you are on iOS 11 jailbreak, you will miss the chance of the latest iOS 12 update. But do not worry as there are ways you can simply gain the same feeling above various iOS 11 features. In fact, the tweak here will bring you the exact sound you hear when working on the 3D Touch-based Camera and Flashlight on the Lock screen flagship iPhone X.

What is more to love in Cydia Download?

  • PrivateSafari for free- The tweak is offered from Packix repository for free in the order to keep safely all your Private Browsing from the mobile Safari session. It allows on a request to authentication for the history viewing
  • MtTitleWidgetName for free- The app is offered to rename widgets on iOS just in the manner you like. You will find the app from Cydia’s Bigboss repo
  • DirectNoInstaOpen for free- you can have this free tweak from the CydiaGeek’s beta repo to prevent giving rights to the direct app launch on the Instagram
  • DirectNoScrollingIndicators for free- Tweak available free on CydiaGeek’s beta repository in order to easily hide the scrolling indicators from the application

Final words

It is so interesting to talk about how Cydia comes with amazing app options every week. So stay here with us to catch more interesting updates to Best Cydia apps and tweaks just like here to make your jailbreak experience changed in a beneficial way.

Download iOS 12.1 and Updates to Jailbreak

As of 30th October recently passed, iOS 12.1 has come into the public hand under the official tag. As the first major update following the updated iOS 12, here Apple focuses on bringing various improvements. And just as expected, with Download iOS 12.1, you will get Group Facetime for finally together with more changes. If you waited so long through all betas, this is the time to look into the update iOS 12.1 latest and more on the interesting jailbreak story.

Download iOS 12.1

With every new update, Apple focuses something new and useful. So with iOS 12.1, they have been testing on various new features and functions making it the solution for many matters with the time of iOS 12.

Download iOS 12.1 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Just as all the operating system updates so far by Apple, iOS 12.1 Download rights are allowed over the air through, Setting > General > Software Update. Once you tap, it will confirm your tap and will download iOS 12.1 on the device for the complete installation. But in case if you ever wish to run through iOS 12.1 jailbreak, you should install the upgrade through iTunes with the connection to Windows or Mac.

Compatible Devices for iOS 12.1 Download

  • Latest iPhone XS and XS Max
  • Latest iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE and iPhone 5s
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro first and second
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th and 6th generation
  • iPad Air  and Air 2 models
  • iPad mini 2, 3 and 4 models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch

Group FaceTime with iOS 12.1

Among the features revealed at the WWDC recently passed, Group FaceTime is one of the most interesting. Although it has not come when Apple released iOS 12 to the public, now you can get it to work for you. This allows you to take up to 32 Facetime users for a single call supporting both Audio and Video. And in the call, it will automatically bring the active speaker to the front making notice that this is the one speaks. The same result will come if you tap on any participant. And those who are silent will be placed at the bottom line telling that they are not active currently.

Download iOS 12.1

Group FaceTime will work on all the latest iPhones in both the audio and video requirement. But for older iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, it is not allowed to make group FaceTime Video calls. So remember that before you are making the feature functioning.

More than 70 Emoji Characters

iOS 12.1

You will find updates to Emojis on the latest iOS 12.1. There are color options in hair Grey, Red and also with curls. And this time, there are bald hair Emojis making your conversations more fun.

iOS 12.1 Features

Other improvements that are done through iOS 12.1 are as follows,

  • Dual SIM with eSIM  support on latest iPhone XS, Max and XR Models
  • All three new iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max come with improved cellular connections
  • The latest flagship iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are now the Depth Control in the Camera preview
  • Battery Health to inform users are given more improvements including the ability to verify whether it is a genuine Apple battery used on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
  • For the issue has reported in messages when merged into a single thread at a condition when two users are signed with the same Apple ID on different devices, a fix has placed
  • Allows the feature to reset or make changes on the screen time passcode of your kid with the support of Touch ID or Face ID
  • A Fix has been placed for the issue whereas the most prominent reference frame was not chosen in the front-facing photos in the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR models
  • The issue where voicemails preparation in the Phone app has successfully addressed
  • A trouble that disturbs Screen Time when reporting in the activity report about various websites has been fixed
  • A new performance management feature has been added to manage the device from the unintentional shutting downs. And that includes the option to turn off the for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices for any need
  • The issue in Family sharing when adding or removing members has been fixed with a reliable solution
  • Address the issue in the Phone app of iOS that has made some phone numbers to be displayed without the respective contact name
  • The voiceover in Siri, Camera, and Safari has been improved with more reliability
  • MDM Device Enrollment has been fixed in reporting the Invalid Profile error for some users

Will you Download iOS 12.1?

iOS 12.1 is now available for all the 64-bit iDevices under the build numbers of 16B92 and 16B93. So anyone wishes Dual SIM support on the flagship iPhone, Group FaceTime calling, more interesting Emoji and more, it is the call for latest iOS 12.1 which will also give more stability to your operating turns with a considerable number of fixes to reported issues. But in case if you are on any firmware with jailbreak already, will it be a waste to give up jailbreak for iOS 12.1? It is a “No” from my side but it is up to you to decide.

What is the latest state of iOS 12 Jailbreak?

iOS 12 jailbreak is quite interesting from the very start with various demonstrations came across. And once the update is available, we found some promising words by various iOS security researchers and jailbreak developers about possible tool updates ahead. But up to the date, there is no jailbreak available publicly for iOS 12. But for iOS 11, we have some more to get excited.

Electra jailbreak was the only reliable jailbreak for iOS 11 until Pwn20wnd came out with a new tool update calling it unc0ver. And thanks to his continuous work, the latest version is now publicly released as unc0ver V1.1.0 with a list of fixes.

Electra and unc0ver jailbreak both are running under semi-untethered jailbreak where you are required to Download Cydia impactor and sideload the IPA. So just like you have known the story so far, both these jailbreaks come accepting the conditions of rebooting and jailbreak expiration. And those who are privileged to jailbreak iOS 11 can then switch to updated Cydia download from which you will be able to get thousands of amazing apps, and tweaks under various categories.

Will there be iOS 12.1 Jailbreak?

As of the time being, there is no iOS 12 jailbreak available in the public. But walking with the facts have so far proven, there could be a jailbreak release in the public supporting Cydia iOS 12. So wait for the updates ahead with us.

If you expect a reliable upgrade in the whole system run on your 64-bit iDevice, it is the turn to Download iOS 12.1 over the air or through iTunes. But if you are jailbroken, stay where you are and preserve the chance to Cydia.

Latest iOS Jailbreak Tweaks to Hands on

All the time to the past has a lot of interesting news caught including the release of new iOS 11-target jailbreak call unc0ver. So while things flow a little busy from a side, we now have more interesting iOS Jailbreak Tweaks to review. If you already are jailbroken or planning for a new jailbreak, this is the time to find out all the news around Cydia tweaks.

iOS jailbreak tweaks

The current state of iOS Jailbreak

If you have been in touch with all the jailbreak updates so far, you must know the update of Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak which is for iOS 11.0-11.4 beta 3. Starting from beta, it then officially came to the public taking out of its beta stages. Following the release of V1, we recently came knowing unc0ver V1.0.1 which is addressing some of the known issues. But it seems that does not exactly fix the reported issues. And this is again a semi-untethered jailbreak which is under reboot conditions. Supporting this, we have an updated Cydia impactor tool support to run the semi-untethered jailbreak thanks to the developer Saurik.

Best iOS Jailbreak Tweaks to Play

Every week, we find additions to the Cydia store. So targeting all the jailbreak users on iOS 11 firmware, here we find an amazing set of latest tweak updates to reveal out in bringing the highest tweaking to your operating system. Go through and find the best out of the latest.

Moonshine for $2.00

iOS jailbreak tweaks

If you are an Apple Watch user and loves all its animations and features, this is the useful tweak to try out. This comes in the paid category with the ability to give the Apple Watch’s semi-circular charge animation to your jailbroken iPhone. So as long as you are connected to the power source, it will come in Apple’s Watch-style Nightstand Mode.

SqueakTime for $1.49

iOS jailbreak

If you do care about customization after jailbreak iOS, this is a must-have tweak for it under the paid apps. In fact, SqueakTime is an interesting new jailbreak tweak that allows the user to replace the native Lock screen time indicator with Apple watch clock faces that are found native.

PrivaSee for $1.49

jailbreak tweaks

For the jailbreak users really do care about having the required privacy, this is the tweak to have for $1.49. With that, you are allowed to set Touch ID, Passcode when launching apps, view notifications, and etc. So if you expect to have more security on your jailbroken device, try this for a little one-time payment.

What’s more in Cydia Download?

  • CCDarkModulesBG for free- Available in CydiaGeek’s beta repository for free allowing you to have darker modules in the Control Center of iOS 11
  • DockMat for free- An interesting free jailbreak tweak for the background of the iPhone Dock from CydiaGeek’s beta repo
  • Cydia Community Tab for free- Available in the Packix repository replacing the Cydia home page with the jailbreak news and more similar facts
  • IGNite for free- Brings dark mode for the Instagram app on your jailbroken iPhone. This is totally free through Packix repository
  • DarkSounds for $1.10- A paid tweak for dark mode on iPhone Music App through Packix repository
  • MoreFrequentlyUsedEmojis for free- Will add up to 50 Frequently Used Emojis in the iOS keyboard to easily carry on your conversations. This is free from the BigBoss repository

Final words

The given are some of the best iOS Jailbreak tweaks to have on your jailbroken iDevice. So enjoy all them and leave us your comments.