iOS 11 Download- Some Tricky Features and quick guidelines to use

The latest 11th software by Apple brings so much of interesting changes to the user with various redesigns, additions of features, security upgrades and so much. But if you meet them tricky at some hand with some new technologies and changes, this is a must read the post where I write you with some annoying features and quick guides to fix them. If you like to enjoy iOS 11 Download in an amicable move, go through these quick points for best time with the latest iteration.

iOS 11 Download

The post yesterday on Download 11 in regard troubles and fixes is something similar to I am going to write you here today. And while there is a lot of reasons find to hands on the latest software 11, hope this would add more importance. Then here we go.

iOS 11 Download- Features and guide to use

As we repeatedly stated, the latest 11th iteration brings a host of interesting upgrades to the Apple’s mobile operating system. Although we are still not powered of any update to Jailbreak iOS 11, the things we see in the stock frame are up to the desire more than one expected the 11th iteration to be. But as it is possible to meet some trouble in taking all these innovative features to function, hope the following highlights are helpful.

“Cannot send mail” error

In using the Exchange and Office 365 email in the Mail app has made an error as above stated. As this is confirmed by Apple itself to make a reliable fix, wait for some days ahead. Until then, turn off WiFi and Airplane mode for several times to get a temporary fix.

Hide Notifications

iOS 11 Download

It is not a secret that latest iOS 11 Downloadpacks a lot of improvements on Notifications. And if you still not aware, you can now hide notifications of any application when your device is locked. So enable this via, Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and there choose when “unlocked”.

Control Center Customizing with iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 Download

Control Center of the latest 11 is fully customizable and comes in a single page view. Now the controls come in dark icons that are animated based on the input level. And the widgets placed on the top are capacious too. At the same time going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls will let you enjoy the customization part with the ability to add or remove functionalities.

Behaviour of the Airplane mode

The latest iOS 11 Download software has made some changes in the behavior of the Airplane mode. With a single tap, it will disable the Cellular connectivity also with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. But in case if you toggled on WiFi/Bluetooth when Airplane mode is on, in the next time it will remember the previous state. So in the next time, you turn Airplane mode, it will not turn off WiFi/Bluetooth. This would be a little confusing for some, but in overall view this prevents us enabling them manually saving the time.

What about the Wishlist in App Store?

iOS 11 Download

You will not find the feature Wishlist in latest 11. So if you are worrying about how to create the app list you need purchasing in the future, we recommend the use of a third party app. It is better if you choose the app “Lookmark”.

No longer 3D Touch App switcher Allowed

The 3D Touch multitasking App switcher is not seen in the latest 11. As this could have done due to iPhone X Release, we expect it to be back with an update soon. Although this cannot replaceable by any feature yet, you can try the AssistiveTouch feature heading, Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and adding the Multitasking to easily access the App Switcher with no double tap on the Home button.

AirPlane Button from the Control Center

Download iOS 11

Getting the Airplane section in latest 11 is quite difficult. So you need to expand the music widget first from the CC and then go to the Airplane mode. When music is on, you can easily use the button in the Now playing widget from the Lock screen itself. And also a tap on the radar icon from the music widget will open the Airplane section quicker.

These are some of the features you might feel difficult to handle with iOS 11 Download. And when these are definitely not all of them, we invite you to stay with us to get more catchy facts in the time above.

Let’s meet iPhone X and iOS 11 Download

With the media event on 12th, Apple has finalized the wait making all its amazing products and services publicly available. So now the tenth anniversary iPhone model is on view as “X” while other two models come naming iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. But the party does not complete if we miss the entry to iOS 11 Download which is announced from the same 12th through the GM release. And as promised further, the event has hosted the releases of New 4K Apple TV and also the Apple Watch series 3. So let’s get into all the facts in brief.

iOS 11 Download

The Apple biggest Tech event was successfully held with importance to the iPhone-centric session where the most impressive iPhone X and two other models get to revealed. And as it also where iOS 11 got officially out through the GM release, now both the developers and public testers can also reach what Apple going to have with iOS 11 finally.

When can I reach iOS 11 Download?

By now, the latest 11th iteration is at the final stage of all testing. And probably around 19Th September 2017, we would be able to take the upgrade on all 64-bit devices including the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Since WWDC back in June, Apple started testing the latest iteration. That includes the most extensive testing era Apple’s software so far carried over, including 10 developers betas, 9 public testing versions and finally the GM version for all. And it is a massive update all 64-bit devices which include new files app, customizable Control Center, integrated Lock screen/ Notifications, New HomeKit upgrades, and so much more with the highest interest. And the excitement comes not all alone as Apple has also welcomed tv OS 11, and watch OS 4 version with this GM release.

Like to meet iPhone X?

iPhone X

The tenth-anniversary celebratory iPhone is now in the name of “X”. Just like its naming, everything comes in the edition is unique from others even in compared to the same line releases on 12th as iPhone 8/8 Plus. Although they share some internals, in a lot of aspects we find mismatches. So read the brief description on the brand new iPhone experience.

iPhone X- The Big iPhone release 2017

The new iPhone’s edge-to-edge bezel-less 5.8-inch display is the highest screen-to-body ratio device from Apple up to now. And it features a super Retina OLED display technology with a  screen resolution of 2436×1125 pixels at a 458ppi.  And the display also comes with Apple’s True Tone feature supporting improved 3D Touch and haptic feedback in use of the Taptic Engine.

One of the exciting parts about new X model it uses of Face ID. So those who are familar to Apple’s Touch ID can now integrate with the iPhone with just a look. For the technology, it uses new 3 D sensors in the FaceTime camera. For more, the new iPhone will grab our attention in the features of wireless charging, Animoji through Face ID, an A11 bionic processor for boosted performance, IP68 rated water proof, improved camera, storage capacities, alluring color options and also accessories.  And pre-orders for the iPhone X will open from October 27, 2017, on which Apple planning to ship from November 3rd. And it will start at $999 and then move to $1,150 in the highest capacity.

With the September event, we have a lot new to celebrate. Although things are wrapping up, for now, we promise for a better and faster come back with some more interesting reveals. So hope you find my iOS 11 Download update interesting with the pack of the new X model details. Then stay as always for more interesting reviews.

iOS 11 Download- Public Beta 2 is Now Updated

Making the waiting over, public testers can now install the latest beta of 11 which has released hours back. Just featuring same as the third developer-only beta found recently, this is now available for none-developers. So knowing these makes us closer to iOS 11 Download, here is everything we know about the new update in the public testing version.

iOS 11 Download

Starting from WWDC 2017, we found interesting updates all over the web in regarding the 11th iteration of the Apple mobile operating system. And with the new beta 3 for developers, things were more discussed as it was home to many more changes including design, security as well as fixes. But while it was only for the registered UDID or developer account holders, public testers were kept for some more wait. So with the news beta 2, it too getting over as now none-developers can start testing what Apple is planning at this stage with the new second testing version. At a glance, it is exactly the same to the recently released third developer testing version with hardly something in turn.

Visit our post on Install 11 beta 3 for the complete learning of the Apple third developer beta which inspired the now released second public testing version.

Getting Closer to iOS 11 Download- Public Beta Updates

iOS 11 Download

Just as the recent developers testing version, this comes with interesting changes. Although it offers nothing new, we could say 11th software update is now solid and bringing reliable improvements. In fact, at this stage of beta. It is home to necessary improvements including ARKit access, better Siri, route detection, AirPlay/iCloud with third party apps, fixes to 3D Touch/WiFi and so much more. So there we could see the second public beta and the third testing version for developers are identical. But make sure you are agreeing to all the conditions with installing a beta. In fact, it is not recommending by us on your daily driver. And I also here take space to show you some interesting features coming with the new 11th iteration as it will be a lack if I miss the chance.

What’s in iOS 11 Download?

  • Lock screen and Notification Center with connected to each to easily manage notifications
  • Can get a preview of the screenshot in the bottom-left corner right before you save it on the device
  • Control Center in a single page control with more 3D Touch to capabilities
  • iMessage app drawer redesigned
  • Improvements on Syncing using iCloud with better support for iMessages, Siri, and Photos and other data
  • Capabilities to Apple Pay to easily pay other Apple Pay users
  • Automatically disables the notifications when you’re driving with the new feature Do not disturb while driving
  • Siri upgrades to the voice and give support to text translation also supporting the QR code applications
  • App Store with the look like Apple Music and also home to new “Today’s” tab
  • iCloud Drive app replacement with Files app and more

And for more, there is a big role especially for iPad users which I am going to give in a video review as below.

While Apple moves with adding and changing things to the heart’s content, we are getting closer to iOS 11 Download. Although we wrap up here, we are not ending things up here. And we do not forget to make a promise to write you back with another interesting update. It could be another beta, a jailbreak demo with Cydia Download or something even more differed. So we invite you staying with us as always.

Our comment section is always open for you in writing us with anything you doubt. So feel free to reach us. And if you like my post on iOS 11 Download, share it for all.

Waiting for iOS 11 Download- Check out Amazing Features

Apple has started testing iOS 11 with recent WWDC 2017 started June 5th. And from there, we now see the first Developer beta of iOS 11 is out although the public release will run more months ahead. And it is not a secret that it packs a lot of feature upgrades this time in the true meaning of the successor to iOS 10. But if you still do not know why you should wait for iOS 11 Download, take a look at my post and catch a handy pick of features Apple promised to bring upon iOS 10. So do not miss the post!

iOS 11 download

Anyone holding a paid Developer account as well as signed for the Apple beta testing, here it is a chance for the first iOS 11 Download in beta. But if you are a member of the public testing, it will probably go around the end of June but no earlier. And as to the facts revealed, it is still too early for anything regard Jailbreak iOS 11 which would anyway come to the rights once the firmware is official. And even when getting a week over from its first developer beta release, none of the reputed jailbreak developers look involved for a new update. So wait for the time ahead to catch all interesting updates on iOS 11 Download and jailbreak.

iOS 11 Download- what’s your favorite feature?

When talking about the milestone update to come, we find the endless view on its feature upgrades. But knowing you excitedly wait to know all notable features in the same place, we picked some of the useful. So read on.

  • Lock Screen with Improvements

iOS 11 Download

Lock screen and the Notifications of 11th iteration looks merged to make a big difference. So swiping to unlock will now make you closer to Notifications in the redesigned Lock screen experience.

  • Lock Screen with Now Playing

iOS 11 Download

Your Lock screen can be customized in various ways. So with the coming iOS 11 Download, Now Playing comes with a better view which shows up as a card rather than taking the whole screen.

  • Control Center giving more customization

iOS 10 jailbreak Tweaks

With iOS 10, we got big changes to iOS Control Center. So now with the coming software update, it is more in concern bringing more customization. In fact, all things are now manageable through a single interface which also allows to add or remove the actions.

  • Status Bar icons are changed

iOS 11 Download

Status Bar icons of iOS is now changing with 11. If I say they are now a bit of classic Nokia style, you would agree. And this brings a nice change if you were looking for jailbreak iOS this far to make subtle changes on the status bar.

  • Record the Screen!

iOS 10 jailbreak Tweaks

With a new toggle in Control Center, you can now record the screen. Simply, tap on the toggle and tap again to stop once you are done. Simple yet smart as will save the files in the Photos app.

  • Update to iMessages

iOS 11 Download

The coming biggest update brings interesting changes to iMessages. In fact, the iMessages App drawer is now enhanced also with redesignation to other features. So in typography too, you will feel a better support just as much as the eye-candy.

  • Change to Calculator app icons

iOS 11 Download

In the 11th iteration of Apple mobile operating system, the Calculator new keypad looks similar to the Phone app. So this seems a nice change to the way iOS looks overall.

  • New Feature- Do Not Disturb While Driving

iOS 11 Download

This is a very useful feature coming with the new software update as an improvement to the known”Do Not Disturb” mode. When you are in the Car, it automatically disables the Notifications except those marked as favorites. So for the ones trying to contact you while driving is now replied with a new feature.

  • Siri with supercharges

Jailbreak iOS 11

In iOS 11 Download, you will meet Siri in a completely different face. In fact, Apple has brought strong feature upgrades to Siri this time including the features like UI improvements, Voice support in male, Siri better sync features, the ability to type for Siri, and more. So simply Siri will be everywhere in your latest 11.

  • App Store in a different view

iOS 11 Download

Since a long time, this is the most notable App Store changes Apple has introduced to the user. So you will now find it similar to iOS Music App with big cards and more. For a notable change, it will promise to come with a new Today tab giving the user chance to find all new updates to the store.

  • Apple Pay with Person Pay feature

iOS 11 Download

The user can now pay each other through Apple Pay. Working through iMessage thread the amount can be paid with the card that confirms through the Touch ID. So everything looks better and easier in the major firmware to come next.

  • Many Features to iPad

iOS 11 Download

In the latest software update, we see many iPad-specific features. Although there seems a lot to talk about them, in brief, they are as the Mac style dock, improved multitasking feature, new slide over, drag and drop, app switcher, pencil improvements and so much more.

Just like these, there are many interesting changes coming along with iOS 11 Download like many redesigned aspects as well as brand new like what we find iPad-specific. So we invite you to stay with us if this looks interesting. And do not forget to tell us about your favorite feature in iOS 11 Download and how you feel the change above iOS 10.

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