Download iOS 11- Problems and Fixes

As the eleventh iteration of the Apple’s mobile operating system is now official, we hear so much of stories all around. But as it is solid and quite possible making troubles, here I reserve the space to discuss some of the possible issues with Download iOS 11 and reliable fixes to follow.

Download iOS 11

As you already know, the eleventh software version is with so many interesting upgrades. It has made application redesigns, added features and so much to existing functionalities. So one can feel there is a lot of reasons to install iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But make sure you are compatible for the upgrade as it is for 64-bit devices.

Download iOS 11- Fixes to Common Troubles

There are many reasons to take the latest 11th software on the device. And the inspiration to me might not be the same that makes you loved the software as it brings countless changes to the iOS experience. So while you are busy collecting benefits of Download iOS 11, you might miss what makes you tiresome with this software. As bugs are quite possible with a gigantic software chapter, here we try to give you some guidance about making them simply solved. To see whether is one of these makes you troubled with Download iOS 11, read until the end.

32-Bit App incompatibility

Download iOS 11

As iOS 11 comes only with 64-bit support, you would be not allowed the access to 32-bit apps here on. If you need to check what are those apps to RIP, visit Settings > General > About > Applications.

Fix: There is no fix to the incompatibility. If you need them work, the only option is downgrade back to iOS 10

“Cannot Send Mail”- Exchange and Email Issue

Exchange and Office 365 email trouble in the Mail app is already confirmed by Apple itself. So the error message “Cannot Send Mail. This message was rejected by the server” is possible for some.

Fix: As this is a trouble reported from a majority, Apple has confirmed working on a fix. But until then, you can temporarily fix it by toggling the WiFi on/off and also the Airplane Mode

Trouble with Photos and Videos

Download iOS 11

With the new upgrade, Apple uses HEIF for Photos and HEVC for videos in the aim of better compression algorithms. But on the other hand, it reports a trouble in transferring Photos and also when recording videos.

Fix: This happens when transferring photos from the device to your PC or in recording videos. So you can switch the old formats as a fix by visiting Settings > Camera > Format. And then make sure the option is set on automatic feature

WiFi and Bluetooth Toggles from Control Center

One of the major revamps of iOS 11 is Control Center where the toggling of the WiFi and Bluetooth are quite changed. When you disable WiFi/Bluetooth from the CC, it simply gets disconnected but remains working for the features like Apple Pencil, AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Watch connections, Handoff, Hotpot and also features like Location Services. So this is a trouble for some about how to turn off WiFi/Bluetooth completely.

Download iOS 11

Fix: To turn off these features from all the functions, you have to go through Settings. And when it is done, you will see the Control center icons have turned gray from Blue and also with a diagonal line through the icons which you will not notice when toggled off from the CC itself

App Store with AutoPlay Videos

Download iOS 11

The new App Store is one of the loved of iOS 11 Features which contains a new Today section with new apps and games every day.  But we find trouble with autoplay videos sometimes with too much of weight.

Fix: This can simply fix by Settings > iTunes & App Store > Video Autoplay. Go there and turn it off

These are some of the most common troubles we heard all over. And as there is a lot to write you with, stay tuned as always to make a smooth Download iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Download iOS 11 Beta 10- A New Testing version updated

Continuing the development Apple’s next iteration of the mobile operating system deserves, we now find Apple opening a new testing session on 6th of September. So all developers can now Download iOS 11 Beta 10 while public testers can expect the release of beta 9 probably within the day. And as always it is available in two ways as via the OTA and through the visit to Apple’s Developer program.

Download iOS 11

Download iOS 11- A look to the release Event

As you already know, the release of the final eleventh iteration is now all set on 12th September. So it is less than a week to go for all celebrations of new iOS 11 features, improvements with more from Apple. In fact, the event planning to host the release of iPhone 8 which considered the game changer for the iPhone line up marking up the 10 proud years this far.

The event will be taken place at the Steve Job’s Theater just as planned on 12th. And that will be with so much of excitement as this is considered the debut event at the ground and with plans of unwrapping gigantic release Apple was planning since a long time. So the event will host the release of 11th iteration, latest iPhone 8, iPhone 7S/7S Plus, new 4K Apple TV release and new Watch update with its own cellular connectivity solution together with more.

About iOS 11 Beta 10 Developer update

The new beta has arrived nearly a week after the previous beta 9. And it features the build number 15A5372a but not with much concern the changes. In fact, the new beta comes with only changes to the system in slight impact, and with fixes rather than making big improvements to the features and other frames. So this would probably be the final beta of the eleventh iteration.

Download iOS 11

The new 11th iteration will only allow for 64-bit devices. So considering the compatibility of the device, developers can take the new beta 10 OTA or through the developers’ center.

News around the iOS jailbreak?

While Apple moves busily in upgrading the new firmware, we are with a miss to the search for what’s new in the jailbreak. But sadly, there is nothing new to write you back as Cydia 10 still stands where it was after the release of Yalu.

In talking about jailbreak, the most recent news comes from KeenLab showing Cydia 11 possibilities again. And as it is a video this time, things are pretty easily viewable in parallel to what the previous demo was showing. So this is music to ears to know that KeenLab sits somewhere in the experimenting yet with no word on any public releases. And if they willing to keep the same work even after 12th, we could have some hope of a new era of jailbreak for the latest iteration 11.

Download iOS 11

What’s new in Cydia?

Seeing no complete jailbreak for a long time has made Cydia quite lag in updates. But as that is not the end of jailbreaking, we find developers in working for more impressive Cydia Tweaks just like happened to this far. And if you like reviewing what’s best in the past week, refer our post previous to catch all them in all details.

In less than a week you will get rights to Download iOS 11. So until then stay with us to get to know everything around.

Download iOS 11 through Beta 7- Notable Changes

Distributing of betas have made significant improvements to the software version in a number of sides. And compared to the previous, we see beta 7 with better storage handling although it carries additions than the previous. In that way, it is important walking through it changes here together with the efficiencies has been made through. So this is all about Download iOS 11 through latest beta 7 notice of the alterations.

Download iOS 11

Download iOS 11- A Few More Weeks to go!

The release of the new beta has come about a week after its preceding. So this is the third time we see a beta in the weekly release pattern when it is almost two months from the introduction of the eleventh iteration at the WWDC 2017. As we are already informed, the release of the new firmware will run to September with no difference to Apple’s practice. In that way, this beta 7 could probably be supported with another release soon and then the Golden Master, which depict the exact release Apple planning through a testing version. So it is just a few weeks to go for the next revolutionary update Apple has been testing for months.

What’s New?

At the stage of beta 7, we pick only several changes, even not in the concern major. By now, we could assume, Apple has worked all on the eleventh firmware making all ready for the official call. So let’s move to the iOS 11 Features in brief which we see through the latest testing version 7 now in view.

Minimal Clock view from the Lock Screen

Download iOS 11

In relevant to the device model, your clock view from the Lock screen will some quite smaller. If you were thinking your clock gets a big space on the screen with the lock, this beta makes it a relief taking the size, slightly reduced.

Control Center with a Music App icon

ControlCenterXI Tweak

A new Music icon will now win your attention even when you are not playing anything on the device but with just opening the music widget through the Control Center.

New Volume indicator for EU

Download iOS 11

For the users of European Union (EU), a new yellow warning will get in the notice in the volume indicator. And that happens when the volume is excess loud.

Bluetooth support on Airplane Mode

Download iOS 11

You can stay connected to the Bluetooth now even when Airplane mode toggled on. And even when it back off, it will remember the settings back with no hassle.

Now Playing on the Cover Sheet

Download iOS 11

In this new beta, you find Now Playing widget available same when you swipe down the Cover Sheet. Although this was gone in the previous testing versions, from beta 7 it is back.

Are you excited to Download iOS 11? Of course, it should be a loud yes knowing what it plays in target the user-frame. And as it is just a couple of days ahead, we invite you to stay with us to grab all updates free and easier from us Cydia Guru. And if anything doubts, write us through the comments below.


Download iOS 11 Beta 6 with All New Changes

Apple on 14th has released the latest beta 6 of iOS 11 for the testing purpose. Just as with all move in beta so far, this is a developer-only update for the moment from which we could expect the public testing version within a day. If you like knowing all changes could have with Download iOS 11 Beta 6, this is the way for it through Cydia Guru. So read on.

Download iOS 11

The latest beta update of 11th firmware has come about a week from the preceding update 5. And by now, it is more than two months for all review of the revolutionary update 11 at WWDC 2017. So moving to more updates here makes us closer to the final rights to Install iOS 11. And until it reaches the stage of Golden Master, Apple will be adding more changes to the iteration coming through more and more betas. So this is too one of the remarkable stages in testing 11, that let us voice a number of system changes. Let us now see what they are.

Download iOS 11 through Beta 6

As the beta is still only in developer-only rights, registered developers are only allowed downloading the beta through the developer Center if not comes Over the air. And once the public testing version 5 is updated, it will also come over the air but only with the correct configuration profile installed. But make sure you are aware of all beta conditions and not involving your daily driver which could put you in trouble in concern your day-to-day work. And also remember having a backup is compulsory if you need your data to be safe after all changes.

Read the complete review on previous developer and public iOS 11 Beta

What’s New in the latest Beta Downloads?

The latest beta 6 coming with impressive visual changes to the icons of App Store and Apple Maps. And it also adds a fix to Reminders icon while taking a different feel with a subtle animation for AirPods. But as it does not stop from there, take a further look at the list below to catch all notable changes in the latest testing era.

  • Bullet now posts in same left in the Reminders icon instead of right
  • Clock icon with slightly bolder numbers
  • Messages app in a new app icon
  • App Store icon changes to a new view
  • Control Center toggle now filling the color blue in the times playing audio through Bluetooth
  • Auto-Brightness option is moved to the “Display Accommodations”  from “Display & Brightness”
  • Introduces a zoom-in animation for a change in unlocking the device
  • Photos with a new Splash screen with new features included
  • Fish live wallpapers are taken off from the Settings
  • A new animation introduces to AirPods, in the times you opening the case near the Phone

Together with that, the new beta brings a host of fixes to some previously reported bugs including DirecTv app launch, crash in launching the App Store, bugs with Family Sharing feature, fix to Notes, trouble in restoring backups and so much more. And at the same time, it introduces a new set of bugs but fewer than what it fixes here.

There will be more to talk on Download iOS 11 from this fall. And it will be encouraged with the new public beta expected within hours confirming more about the development of the revolutionary update 11. So stay as always for all in complete view.

Apple with the New Developer Beta- Download iOS 11

Apple on 24th has released the latest beta 4 of iOS 11 giving the download rights to developers. Bringing significant changes to the latest iteration, the beta updates a remarkable stage in the way to Download iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch in the near future. So this is all about that including the software update info, and more as we see from Cydia Guru.

Download iOS 11

Within a day, we could expect the release of public beta version identical to the latest beta 4. And having the correct configuration profile, developers with the membership of the Apple beta testing program can download the update via OTA as well as through the Developer center. And here are the devices it brings the support to.

iPhone Models:

  • Newest iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus

iPad Models:

  • iPad/iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
  • 2017 iPad Pro model (12.9-inch)
  • New 2017 iPad Pro (10.5-inch)
  • iPad mini 4, 3 and iPad mini 2
  • iPad Air 2/iPad Air

iPod Touch Models:

  • 6th Generation Latest iPod Touch

Download iOS 11 Beta 4- What’s New?

Starting from WWDC, beta testing came to view for the upcoming 11th iteration of Apple mobile operating system. And notably, it continues adding features to the operating system getting charged of improvements with every new beta updates. And with beta 4 now for the developers, we see it clear with a number of new points left to talk. Although we need more time for investigations and deep review of the things, in the brief outline here, you will catch all in the quick update.

Note: As a major software in the Apple mobile operating system, it is possible to meet with several stability issues when trying to reach through a beta. So be cautious in the Install iOS 11 through a beta. And we here not recommend the daily driver which would be double mattered in things you use to do day by day

What’s New?

The update of developer beta 4 marks changes in the Notifications, various improvements in Settings and some more. For the better understanding, here are everything in point view.

  • Introducing New icons

Download iOS 11

Catching some bugs with the app icons for some users, Apple has introduced new icons with new beta 4. It currently applies for  Notes, Contacts, and Reminders. And for the Contacts in Settings too, you will find a new icon while Reminders, Notes remain unchanged in the Settings.

  • Notifications on Lock screen

Download iOS 11

With simply swipe to the left on any Notification from the Lock screen it will bring up the options to clear or view it. And tap on the Notification/view will also open a new screen that can access to the related app but with the use of the Touch ID as instructed. And further, slide to the right will also open the Notifications easier while slide to the left will clear them with no more use of clear again and again. So things are smarter in beta 4.

  • Capacity changes in the Settings App

Download iOS 11

When head “About” from the General section, you will now find the capacity listing the total storage amount a device having instead of the amount when the size of the iOS decreased.

  • AirDrop Settings refreshed

Download iOS 11

In General section under Settings, you will now AirDrop in a separate section with easier settings. So not only through the Control center, but also from Settings, you can toggle off AirDrop, set for all, make different changes as desired.

  • Accounts and password icon changed

Download iOS 11

You are familiar with the horizontal key icon display in Accounts & Password section from the Settings app. But now, it comes in vertical-oriented view for a minor aesthetic effect to the device.

  • Tweak to the WiFi icon

Download iOS 11

The WiFi icon display is now tweaked in iOS 11. So you will catch a minor change in the display when you are connected to a certain network

  • Update to the App Store

Download iOS 11

A new option coming in the App Store to pull downwards and make the easy refresh of the Updates tab in App Store.

For now, the rights to Download iOS 11 latest beta is only given for the developers signed for the beta testing program. And very soon, we will be able to write you with a public update which will dub beta 3 with identical features to now latest. So stay with us for all the news updates.