Updates on Cydia Download iPhone X

Calling the latest iPhone edition “iPhone X” we are now center with a great inspiration from an iPhone era. But when it is not only comes beating the iPhone-line up so far with a new set of features, it is also the time to look how it going to make changes in Cydia Download iPhone X considering all chance for a new jailbreak. So get into more facts of the latest “X” era here through Cydia Guru.

Cydia Download iPhone X

The recently held event of Apple was very much struck with the sessions centered iPhone X, 8 and iOS 11 Release.  And just as expected, the 10th anniversary iPhone was in the name of “X” while the others as iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for what expected iPhone 7S and its Plus model. So from the naming itself, Apple has made a change in 2017 latest iPhone lineup.

Although they are featuring respectable changes from one another, changes like glass body, wireless charging, Camera improvements are shared similarly among the trio of iPhones with some more from the internals. So Apple looks in a great success at a glance of the three of iPhone releases, iOS 11 firmware and all. But for how long that will remain in touch when we get questions the possibilities of Cydia in related to the latest “X” model is still a doubt? Let’s see what jailbreak and Cydia going to bring with the latest releases and improvements of Apple’s way.

Possibilities on Cydia Download iPhone X

It is only a few days passed from the official iPhone X release where we find it still young in the chapter. In fact, we are still not with the access to hands on any of the latest iPhones whereas they are not yet open for pre-orders and shipping. But as to the confirmations, the new “X” edition is full of surprising upgrades for an exclusive experience no one had ever before on an iPhone. So do you think it will make anyone’s need for Cydia on new X edition less appealing? The answer is probably a “No” as it is an all-time favorite of fans which brings many more spaces to advancements over what you are already with the stock walls.

Jailbreak iOS 11 through powerful Demos

Cydia Download iPhone X

As now that we officially see iPhone X, we do not know how it will respond to the Jailbreak iOS 11 possibilities. Although we found jailbreak and Cydia possibilities on the eleventh iteration for two times recently, we still do not know what will happen when it comes to iPhone X Jailbreak.

Both the demonstrations by KeenLab are the base to the initial beta versions of the 11th iteration. And for the interesting fact, both they have experimented on iPhone 7. Simply where we have not given any information about how the same exploiting will work on the other devices. So in that way, the question will now get in relevant X device. In fact, we are clear there every feature, security update in the highest applies. And further, it runs the final firmware upgrade of 11 which would probably apply no match with what KeenLab demoed on initial beta versions of the 11th iteration. So it is to better leave all for the times ahead as we are yet indecisive at jailbreak and Cydia Download iPhone X.


Cydia iPhone 7- extra_recipe with Added Device Support

Italian Jailbreak Developer Luca Todesco recently brought 4th beta of extra_recipe+yalu making Cydia iPhone 7 more comfortable and easily-reachable for the user. And with further device additions and firmware support, it will keep the work stable as promises in the real purpose of what it has being brought to. If you are tie to all news so far we brought, keep on reading this latest piece of update to know how Todesco planning to reach out of betas. And we are pretty sure, this going to be work better addressing all lags made iPhone 7 jailbreaking tiresome this far.

Cydia iPhone 7

It is a couple of weeks that we started hearing a new iPhone 7 Jailbreak as a reliable addressing to all found troubles with mach_portal. With the work of developer Xerub on extra_recipe in paired to Yalu, we found the release as a beta dubbed extra_recipe+yalu. In the initial built, it carried support only for a few devices on iOS 10.1.1 with no final word about its work ability. But soon with the update beta 3, substrate support got added with Download Cydia itself. And with recent beta 4, the work addition of iOS 10.0.x found that makes the tool qualified to recommend iPhone 7 users to switch from mach_portal+yalu.

Cydia iPhone 7 with Better Support

Releasing of beta 4 is not the end of the chapter. In fact, in the way to beta 5 we now see more improvements in the tool update. Preliminary adding support for iOS 10.0.0. So in target the iPhone 7/7 Plus this was a feature even in want of the previous mac_portal jailbreak which now see in the updated tool version. So in that concern Cydia iPhone 7 now allowed from iOS 10.0.0-iOS 10.1.1 via extra_recipe.

Cydia iPhone 7

Note for Cydia iPhone 7:

Although these changes arrest the user, still you are not given access to downloadable IPA. So in the time ahead, you will end up with all successful reach and require waiting

So at Present,

  • Latest iPhone 7/7 Plus – iOS 10.0.1-10.1.1 (Access to Downloadable IPA)
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus – iOS 10.0.0 (IPA not yet found)
  • No IPA available to download for iPhone 6s and Plus – iOS 10.2 (only TSMC)
  • iPhone 6 and Plus – iOS 10.2 (not yet access to an IPA)
  • No IPA yet for iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.2 )
  • iPad mini 3 (iOS 10.2/WiFi only) not yet access to IPA download

 Road Ahead of Cydia Download iOS 10-10.1.1

Seeing the development of extra_recipe+yalu, we could expect more device and firmware support in the times ahead. So once we find the update, we promise to bundle all for you for all better time in your jailbreak. And probably there could be times you will head extra_recipe instead of Yalu10.2 as well. But with all now, we recommend flagship iPhone users only to head with extra_recipe while Yalu 10.2 jailbreak let serve for other devices up to 10.2.

While all these make Cydia iPhone 7 more enhanced, we find iOS 11 as another chapter. With the recent Worldwide Developer Conference 2017, we now see Apple’s next milestone update in its first Developer Beta. And as records, the public beta version will come in the end of this month. Then probably, the final release runs for the mid of September.

Is Pangu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Count on 10.3.2 Release?

With all recently revealed on the side of Pangu, iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak is largely at hand. And as always, Pangu this time too looks in the right way choosing the current latest signing in the way to make Cydia Download true. But when will the next tool be released? As still, Pangu has not held any confirmations, what will be its relevance with the coming up iOS 10.3.2 release? Let us walk through all updates in this quick roundup.

iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak

Thanks to Chinese social network “Weibo”, the pictures and a promising video have been released to the public. Although Pangu still seems quite in the chapters, these simply prove they are in a big plan under the cover of silence. Following Pangu Jailbreak 10.3.1 demo at Technology conference, the blogging site “Weibo” claims Cydia install opportunities for iOS 10.3.1 is on the way. But as for the more details, most of the trusted sources claims its turn will happen after iOS 10.3.2 roll out. For all to the point, let up dive deeper.

Pangu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak on the way to rock and roll

iOS 10.3.2 is now at the peak of betas. As 5th beta is now available for download, we could expect the final launch somewhere within the week. And as “Weibo” indicates, this will make the release of next jailbreak sooner to further ensure that Apple has no chance for more holes to cover-up that have taken by Pangu for making jailbreak possible. So the week approached is conclusive for which we have to continue to wait for a few longer.

Video clip for iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak at Technology Conference, in the place “Janus” also known Mercedes-Benz Arena, on Expo Avenue, Shanghai

Taking 10.3.1 or Not?

Since we are in wanting of Pangu confirmations, we suggest you stay with whatever the firmware you are currently in. As for our consideration of the whole fact, we will be jailbreaking 10.3 and 10.3.1 very soon as more sounds good for the position of a public release. But do not be hurry to upgrade 10.3.1 until the Cydia possibilities are talked and proven stable. And for further, if you like to jailbreak on the device, avoid the update 10.3.2 when it is official and forcing you in taking.

As we are still away from any reach of this Pangu Download, Yalu 10.2 is the latest in installing Cydia. So do not be hurry to update 10.3.1 in the expectation of upcoming jailbreak. In fact, the facts revealed so far are thin at consideration and no worth at all to give up jailbreak you currently sit on. So enjoy time with iOS 10.2 jailbreak with best tweaks and apps until we find any reliable updates.

Cydia iOS 10.3.1 demoed

If all going to be true as following, we will soon be jailbreaking 10.3 and 10.3.1. So we invite you to stay with us for all news updates in related to next Cydia chapter you count on days. And at the same time, make sure to save  .shsh2 of current latest while it signs to increase the chance of Cydia in future. For that, you will get support by “TSSSaver” with the additional automatic feature by now.


Latest beta 8 of Yalu, current workable jailbreak for iOS 10 is in the work progress. As the developer confirms, the release will soon take place with more favorable tool features with the slip of some limitations too. As of now, the date of the update is unknown but will soon reach accorance to the estimations.

In anything you feel unclear or problematic, feel free to reach our sincere consideration. And do not click on fake downloads and apps as we here promise to bring the jailbreak chances, once the tool is official. So stay with us.

Download Cydia for iOS 10.2- Yalu waits on Official Confirmation

Todesco drew the end to the no-jailbreak period continued since iOS 10 debuted. Even though there were numerous demonstrations on the possibility of jailbreak iOS 10, Yalu by Todesco is the first successful tool approach to give the approving end to the long waits. But as it still comes in beta 7, when will it answer for the queries about Yalu in official confirmations? Let’s seek for the Todesco’s upcoming plans in the way to Download Cydia for iOS 10.2.

Download Cydia

A word about Yalu movement as far as this

When Todesco made the first beta of his tool, it was extremely limited for a few iOS versions and devices. But with time, Yalu raised with encouraging changes adding support for Jailbreak iOS 10.2 as well. So Todesco in work for Cydia download 10.2 is a sudden upgrade which was out of his plans when developing the tool make public. So thanks to all the changes, it now works smoothly on iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak promising the complete Download Cydia. And with expanded support for none-iPhone 7 64-bit devices you can now get with a semi-untethered Yalu jailbreak with download Cydia impactor and side loading the IPA.

Update for Jailbreakers:

Home Depot beta jailbreak by developer “jk9357” is finally given out through the official word. So anyone who still rocks on older iOS 9 versions can get the benefit of Cydia download now which is targeting iOS 9.2-9.3.4 on 32-bit devices. So those who were worries with Pangu 9.3.3 only for 64-bit users can get quite happy with the jailbreak upgrade to 32-bit. And as it accepts the same semi-tethered flow alike to previous Pangu and Yalu now in betas, Home Depot will too appear not strange for the user anymore.

Yalu projected changes ahead

As Todesco confirmed, the tool at beta 7 is already stable as it going to get in the final release. So with that, we will hardly get the chance to expect cosmic changes in Yalu with the official come out. And notably with compared to what we see now. But for the notable change, it will add support for iPhone 7 jailbreak which currently restricts for 10-10.1.1. It applies with the mismatches in 10.2 and hardware setting in latest device models.

Cydia Download

Aside from that, we could expect more slight changes in the tool build in focus to compatibility, speed, and performance. So those who get problems with Yalu betas will probably get happy act in response if you keep wait for the final tool release. But until Todesco confirms the date and other tool conditions, the release of Yalu will remain unknown for the public. As to most of the rumors the tool will reach the public together with Apple official confirmation on 10.3. So wait for more times ahead.

Will you Download Cydia with Yalu Beta 7?

As the tool is confirmed stable and safe, it is no harm of trying the beta 7. And trusting for Cydia 10.2 download. But if you think it is like taking the extra risk at a time Apple no longer signs 10.2 or previous, wait until Todesco make the tool official. But anyway, the process should run at your own risk as no party going to hold the responsibility for practicable damages and errors.

Once the developer confirmed the tool is fine to process even at betas we find complete comfort there. In fact, there would hardly find someone wait for the official word. So for those who reach Cydia 10.2 with Yalu is now with a fine support to pick all your favorites from all Cydia Apps and Tweaks through the video below. If you have no idea which are in upgrade to 10 support and which aren’t yet, follow our video guide. It will prevent Cydia crashes which in the other way prevents restoring.

You can safely Download Cydia on iOS 10 to 10.2 thanks to Yalu. But if you think it is better to keep waiting than being sorry with the beta process, stay as always with us to catch all updated ahead. And in anytime you feel doubtful about Cydia related facts, feel free to reach us for complete clarifications.

Cydia Download for iOS 10- Successful Approach to Yalu

Putting the end to long jailbreak silence, Todesco made Yalu for iOS 10. Even under the label “still in progress” the tool now supports all 64-bit devices (limitation applied on iPhone 7) on iOS 10-iOS 10.2.  And as Todesco too confirms it is stable as it going get in the final release, you can now take a look at how it works with no harm. So here you are the complete guide to Yalu on the way to successful Cydia Download for iOS 10. Read on.

Cydia Download

Yalu 10 in a Closer View

The tool is now at the peak of testings with the release of beta 7. And as Todesco confirms it is completely stable, you can run the tool for the allowed devices. It works through Windows and Mac in semi-untethered flow just reminding us about previous Pangu 9.3.3 Jailbreak. But as the tool yet to be officially out, you are asked for extra care throughout the process. In fact, we or any party do not hold responsibility for ant errors or damages with the process as the whole process is asked to run at your own risk. But as it is our pleasure to keep you track with proper handling, we here direct you how Yalu properly run to get Cydia Download iOS 10 successfully.

The tool accepts a semi-untethered flow as a make of both tethered and untethered features. As Previous Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9, Yalu requires Cydia impactor download and side loading the IPA. And also remember, everytime you reboot the device, it will drop down your device to none-jailbreak state forcing you to re-run the app to keep the jailbreak and Cydia Download opportunities unchanged.

Like to know how Yalu developed up to now? Get through the quick Changes log


  • Beta 1 Update: 
  1. The Debut of beta 1 with only support up to iOS 10.1.1. Promised to work for 16k devices only (iPhone 6S and above)
  2. backed with Cydia Substrate support
  • Beta 2 Update:
  1. Add Support for iPhone 5S and 6
  • Beta 3 Update: 
  1. Fixed the issue with Apple watch unification
  • Beta 4 Update:
  1. Listening port replacement for Dropbear as taking from of
  2. Tihmstar’s nonceenabler
  3. Fixed the patch with pwn the kernel
  4. Added JIT assistance for emulator developers
  5. tfp0 addition
  • Beta 5 Update:
  1. Placebo addition
  2. Fixes to beta 4 bugs
  • Beta 6 Update:
  1. Improved tool frame with fixes
  • Beta 7 Update: 
  1. Made the tool compatible for all none-iPhone 7/7 Plus (64-bit only)
  2. Enhanced work capacity
  3. Confirmed stable
  4. Fine Cydia support

Prerequisites for the process

To drop down the possible errors and risk of failure in Cydia Download with Yalu, go through all the requirements well.

  • Supported Devices

iPhone 6S and 6S plus  (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

iPod Touch 6th Generation (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

iPhone 5S and iPhone SE (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4 (iOS 10.0.0- iOS 10.2)

When all 64-bit devices added support through beta 7 update, iPhone 7 jailbreak still comes with restraint. In fact, you are currently allowed iPhone 7/7 Plus jailbreak only up to iOS 10.1.1 as devices upgraded to 10.2 seems some mismatches with hardware setting of Apple’s newest device models.

  • Use iCloud or iTunes and backup the device
  • If necessary make a secondary Apple ID to use in signing the IPA if you do not prefer presenting your personal ID
  • Update to iTunes latest and get your Windows PC or Mac prepared
  • Disable Touch ID/Passcodes and Find My iPhone from setting which you can re-enable with no harm once jailbreak and Cydia Download is completed
  • Power charge the device for a sufficient scale
  • Download Cydia impactor on the PC
  • Download Yalu IPA as same on the PC

Step Guide

  • Access Cydia impactor in a new Window
  • Next, use a proper cable and link iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the PC
  • Drag Yalu jailbreak IPA file into the Cydia impactor window

Yalu Jailbreak

  • Continue with “Start”
  • Give Apple ID and Password when required (Recommend the Secondary Apple ID)

Yalu Jailbreak

  • Then give some seconds to sign the IPA (Cydia impactor does not collect your Apple ID or password as it only use them to sign the IPA)
  • Once done, note whether Yalu app successfully installed on the Home screen

yalu app

  • Head settings from the device and go to General > Profile to trust Yalu app
  • Then launch Yalu from the Home screen and “Go” to jailbreak iOS 10.2-10

Now let the device gets rebooted and install Cydia for iOS 10

Cydia Download

What is Best in Cydia Download for iOS 10?

Once you are done jailbreaking, you turn Cydia Download for iOS 10 to catch all best for the need. And as there are thousands new and updated to iOS 10, you can get amazing Cydia apps and tweaks support now thanks to Cydia developers. But if you wonder what are they, take a look at the quick video review where I have picked some of the notable.

Giving sincere thanks to Luca Todesco @ “qwertyoruiop” and also Marco Grassi for developing Yalu, we wrap-up for now. But as this is not the end of jailbreaking, we promise to come with more Cydia, iOS and jailbreak updates soon as we encountered. Until then, have a fine time with Yalu and Cydia Download for iOS 10.


Do not upgrade 10.2.1 or upcoming 10.3 if you worth keep the device jailbroken. In fact, Yalu does not add support above 10.2 and we nothing find in progress of jailbreak aside of Yalu.

Do you think this is helpful in Cydia Download iOS 10? Then put your sincere comments. And in anytime feel free to reach us for further clarifications.