More Tweaks to Jailbreak- All New in Cydia Install iOS 10.2

For those who are with luck of jailbreak iOS 10.2 with Yalu, the past few days are more to cheer. In this roundup of Tweaks, you will find why it is said so as I am bringing here some interesting additions in for Cydia Install iOS 10-10.2 with concern some recent additions. So let’s see how my favorites and yours going to meet and make you more jailbreak iOS 10.

Cydia install

Just as we recently brought, jailbreak above 10.2 still stands same. With Apple iOS 10.3.1 weeks back, you will now find it is only signing with no more downgrade to any older firmware. So those who are upgraded to 10.3.1 are now stuck with it as Apple no more signs any below versions. Although this matters for jailbreakers we hold up you in hope of iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak and keep you all updated through Cydiaguru. So stay with all our updates while enjoying what keeps you more waiting for Cydia install iOS 10.2.

Best in Cydia Install iOS 10.2

Cydia stops for nothing. So with no change, you will find amazing additions this week too from which you can make your iOS 10 jailbreak happier. So check below for some notable apps and tweaks.

discreetVoiceMemos for Free

Cydia install

The app helpful for Voice Memos app users which hide animated waveform and status bar to make the usage more sneaky. It is free to download from Cydia’s Bigboss repository.

GoAway for Free

Cydia install

A free new Cydia app to customize “iPhone is disabled” text appears on the lock screen to anything you wish. With jailbreak, you can now change the text to come when anyone failed too much in passcode attempts.

StatusPeek 2 for $0.99

StatusPeek 2

This is an updated tweak in Cydia install for only a little payment of $0.99. With it, you can replace the status bar in the location of the Notification Center for more ease of the user.

Siliqua for Free

Cydia install

This is an important free addition for Cydia especially in concern of wireless Airpods users. With this, you will be able to add a number of Quadruple and double tap actions to get more functions to your Airpods. The tweak sits on Cydia’s Bigboss repository for no cost.

WAAutoReply for $5

Cydia install

The tweak worth $5 and available to download in Bigboss repo. With this, you can add an auto-reply feature to your WhatsApp with a custom text.  This is useful when you are busy replying to your incoming text and need to inform all at once. The enterprise package is available for $ 15.00 for best Cydia install experience.

Don’t Stop the Party for $2.00

Cydia install

If you are a big fan of music, this new tweak is worth giving a try. For $2.00 you pay it gives undisturbed music experience in your jailbroken device even when respringing. So with the jailbreak, your music is no more killed.

AirDrop Disabler for Free

Cydia install

If you not often in need of AirDrop, this is a free tweak worth in Cydia install. It can remove the AirDrop from the section in the Share Sheet and gives a cleanup look.

Cydia does not stop for anything. So we promise you to write another update soon collecting some more new tweaks to make your jailbreak and Cydia install iOS 10.2 more fun. So stay signed and subscribe us for more news ahead.

Everything from Firmware Download to iOS 10.3 Cydia Install

Following 7 successful testing versions, Apple has finally released iOS 10.3 to the public right in the build number of 14E277. The release found a major upgrade to the operating system which took more than six months from 10 debuted and almost two months from the previous 10.2.1. So as a notable change to the operating system, let us seek all around 10.3. The update post today carries the way iOS 10.3 download, all changes log, updates on iOS 10.3 Cydia Install and all the way Apple next head for. So read on.

iOS 10.3 Cydia Install

Download iOS 10.3 on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The update comes aiming 64-bit devices, which support iOS 10. So you can now download 10.3 over the air which only takes minutes to navigate Settings > General and Software Update. But make sure you are connected to a stable WiFi connection, had a complete backup and also having a sufficient power scale in your device.

To those who still have not received 10.3 OTA notification can simply head iTunes. Through Windows or Mac, you can get connected to updated iTunes to download 10.3 manually on your device. But here too consider backing up the data, to have sufficient power scale prior to process the update. For those who in the aim of iOS 10.3 Cydia install, iTunes method is recommended to avoid possible errors in advance.

What’s New- iOS 10.3 Changes Log

iOS 10.3 is now available to download. And as promised through betas, the update carries many notable features and improvements to make all forcibly update. In fact, it is home to new feature Find My Airpods as Apple’s best attempt to keep up personal music experience, another great feature keeps Apple internal file system managed dubbed Apple File System, Siri digital assistance improvements, new Podcasts widget, SiriKit enhancements, Carplay with more powers and a lot like that. So view the complete change log in the picture below.

iOS 10.3 Changes log

iOS 10.3 Cydia Install- Updates

We have already discussed the state of iOS 10.3 jailbreak and Cydia when the update in betas. But as the first Cydia update post with 10.3 officially in hand, I have notable facts today for those who count days on getting Cydia 10.3. So what do you think of the days ahead?

Thanks to talented iOS hacker Todesco, we got Yalu 10.2 jailbreak to work on iOS 10-10.2. But as he says, iOS 10.2.1 and 10.3 are different challenges to developers with entirely different security treatments and changes in the features. Especially, in view of 10.3, you will come across new settings like Apple’s new File System (APFS) which would hard the job in bringing iOS 10.3 Cydia install. But is it to mean Yalu is iOS 10 final jailbreak approach?

10.3 lacks proofs of jailbreak yet. And as Todesco too got out from the tool developing after Yalu, we currently have no jailbreak hopes for 10.3 or previous 10.2.1. But as Pangu jailbreak, TaiG and other teams have not yet revealed what their plan for iOS 10 jailbreak, we asked you to not to give up hope. But remember we not either encourage you to download 10.3 (for jailbreakers) until any fact reveals about the possibility of jailbreak and Cydia download. So if you sits on Yalu supportable version, stay for the final release of Yalu with successful jailbreak benefits.

Road Ahead

In the Worldwide Developer Conference planned for June, Apple will bring a preview of iOS 11. So there is only a little chance if Apple willing to continue major releases in iOS 10. But we do expect minor updates under 10.3 addressing bugs, needed slight alterations starting in wanting from now in the iOS 10.3 new chapter. So stay signed.

Video Review to iOS 10.3

Note: If you badly need jailbreak in your device, stay in the lowest firmware as possible you can

In considering the jailbreak community, we do not know what will happen in the next minute. In fact, most of the tool developments and news go behind the ears of the public which finally come with surprises. So we do expect iOS 10.3 Cydia install soon with now having 10.3 in hand. If you like to know all updates ahead, stay with us as we tend to bring all changes as immediately as found.

Home Depot Brings Cydia Install for 32-Bit Devices

About hours back, we see the release of update jailbreak by developer “jk9357” for 32-bit users on iOS 9. So regardless of all notable changes, Apple makes you upgrade 10, if you are still rocking in old iOS 9 versions, here it is a great chance to Cydia Install. The update version now released is dubbed Candidate 1. And it signifies the expanding support and also the immediacy to the final launch. If you found this interesting, read on for the complete review of the update.

Cydia install with Home Depot jailbreak

Cydia Install with Home Depot

This tool update finds the proximity to its final tool version. So in work conditions, it treats quite well for those go with the instructions. And as getting a jailbreak update for older firmware while Jailbreak iOS 10.2/10.3 latest trends rule the community is a surprising fact here, let’s go for the notable facts around Home Depot update version. But remember it is strictly for 32-bit devices running 9.1-9.3.4 in the true focus of Cydia install.

Am I compatible to Cydia Install?

As a tool in progress, you required to clearly identify to which firmware versions and device models it truly planned. So get it clear with the list below.

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPod Touch 5 Generation

In simply, the tool update of Home Depot works on 32-bit devices runs iOS 9.1 to 9.3.4. And unfortunately it this time too lacks support for iOS 9.3.5. But in respect to different device models and running firmware, the process could sometimes feature slight changes. And possibly could bring errors. So recommend processing at your own responsibility.

Supported Devices for Mixtape Music Player

Any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device powered iOS 9 to iOS 10.3.

RC 1 Changes Log

  • New 3 bonus tracks added to Mixtape Player as Purple Demo, Lay Low and KJC Anthem Pt. 4
  • Mixtape Player song lyrics display feature
  • Mixtape Player feature with seek backward to once again hear the part won your consideration of the track
  • Feature to re-organize Mixtape Player tracks in Up Next
  • Addressed the issue with volume slider not appearing in some devices in Mixtape Player
  • Home Depot label alignment problem in the welcome screen successfully resolved
  • Jailbreak log saving powered up (which found in iTunes File Sharing)
  • Stops extracts iosbinpack
  • Droplets wallpaper install no longer supports
  • “Enable Jailbreak” set up as “Prepare For Jailbreak” with the support of re-extracting Cydia when the file /.installed_home_depot not in view
  • Added compatibility for all the 32-bit device on iOS 9.1-9.3.4 and with need of the internet connection
  • Support added and expanded on iPod Touch 5

Note: RC 1 reportedly fond fail in Cydia install for some device models. To avoid the interruption, please follow RC 2 IPA which is reachable through the official tool site

Instructions for the Process

Cydia install

  • The tool strictly for 32-bit models where 64-bit support is not planned and expectable. So make sure to check the compatibility
  • The tool accepts a semi-tethered run where you are required re-activation of the jailbreak on each and every reboot. In fact, it all features same as Pangu 9.2-9.3.3 previous and current workable Yalu 10.2
  • Through Mac, Linux or Windows PC connected to the device, download Cydia impactor and drag the IPA to the interface. Once signed with the Apple ID and password go as the screen directs by launching Home Depot app on your device
  • Similar to Yalu and Pangu previous jailbreak, this runs with Cydia impactor and side loading the IPA. So you are forced to re-operate the app with every 7 days if you are with a regular Apple ID. And if it is a developer certificate with paid access, it will expand up to a year
  • The jailbreak will result the complete Cydia install with Cydia substrate support and all other promising features

Tool Credits

As taken from the official page, NSO, qwertyoruiop, Benjamin, ih8sn0w, planetbeing, Jon Seals, Tihmstar, have contributed to the tool developing in different ways. And for more, Stefan Esser (i0n1c) was greatly thanked for the software source code building without whom Home Depot would not be possible to develop.

If you still rocking on iOS 9.1 to 9.3.4 expecting Cydia install, Home Depot is the big chance now available. So give it a try with our guide and tell us too about how you find it working?