All Best Cydia Tweaks Weekly Roundup

The need of jailbreak comes when someone in thirst of more power on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices above the standard iOS stock walls. Although it seems quite still the state of jailbreak, it does not make the updates to Cydia less. So if you think, you have missed checking out the recent releases of Best Cydia Tweaks in the past days, this would be worth reading for all learning.

Best Cydia Tweaks

Since Todesco’s Yalu came working on 10-10.2, there was no update to a workable jailbreak so far. Although there were certain demonstrations on various firmware there on, we found none of them ready for coming to the public. And among them, Todesco’s WebKit exploit helpful in Jailbreak iOS 11 is noticeable on which we could keep more trust. And in the recent times, we came to a new jailbreak concept call Saigon from a different developer from the names we often get in the ear in target iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak. But at the moment, that is just a Xcode source project dedicated to the developers.

What are the Best Cydia Tweaks this time?

With the distracting pause continuing in the jailbreak, we find Cydia quite slow in the upgrades. But as that not going to get to a halt completely, we here reserved space to tell you about what is new in this week. So let us see how they work.

SwitcherXI for Free

Cydia Tweaks

For the ones with iOS 10 jailbreak privileges would love to take iOS 11 features. But when jailbreak makes you stop, the only option is having Jailbreak Tweaks inspired with the features. And here SwitcherXI is one like that which brought you the 11-like App switcher experience. It is a free aesthetic tweak to get iOS 11 matching App switcher experience.

Tooth for $1.00

Cydia Tweaks

This is a useful addition to Cydia store for the users of Activator. In fact, it can make you interacted the Bluetooth devices with Activator gestures to easily connections and options individually. The tweak sits in the paid category to take after $1.00 of payment.

HideReminderSearchView for Free

Cydia tweaks

Although the new Reminders app is one of the loved ones of fans, there is some distract with its in wanting state of customization. But as a solution the new tweak now sits in the store for free from which you can hide the Search bar from the Reminders app by simplifying the interface.

UpsideBoard for Free

Cydia Tweaks

This is an interesting tweak update which allows upside-down viewing on your iPhone. And as the tweak does not come to a limit from the Plus-size handsets, this has become a useful tweak for a majority.

iPAd Support for Whatsapp for Free

Cydia tweaks

If you are a fan of Whatsapp messaging service and like to get the service on latest iPad, this is a useful tweak to try. In fact, it allows you the native iPad compatibility to the WhatsApp Messenger application for no cost.

These are the Best Cydia Tweaks to highlight in this weeks releases. So hope you find this worth reading and do share for everyone love to play with Cydia Tweaks.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks to Volume HUD

Volume HUD of your the stock iOS is one of the things you wish to be changed. But once you are jailbroken, it is possible with a number of tweak approaches coming in the aim of different layers of customizing to the iPhone, iPad, and iPad. So with the chance for 10 jailbreak with Yalu, I here bring a collection of iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks in gaining better compatibility and look for the Volume HUD. So take a look for the tweaks that work great with Yalu, the only Cydia approach to 10th iteration even for now.

iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks

Best iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks based to the Volume HUD

Although Apple keeps upgrading the operating system, the need for jailbreaking the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch find growing. In fact, Cydia playing the role of a roller Coaster with speed updates and updates with slight lags with different turns. But in concern the jailbreak opportunity, for now, it is still same as weeks before as 10.2 is latest jailbreakable thanks to Yalu. However, as the hope grows, this is another roundup to make you exciting wait. Check them out!


While the Volume HUD of the stock Apple mobile operating system still in need of better modifications, ByeBye HUD found thanks to Cydia developer Midkin joins. And notably, it offers three different theme options as,

  • Minimal view: In the signal region
  • Bar view: View overlaying the Status Bar
  • Slider view: Overlaying the entire Status Bar region with a wide view slider

iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks

But with all these, it comes free to the user to access from the Cydia’s Bigboss repository.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

The matter for most of the users is, displaying the Volume controller right in the center of the screen with complete annoyance to what you doing at the moment. So addressing it directly, this simple tweak comes in the Cydia store bringing it in a banner notification-style interface. And it makes the Volume display in the top of the screen with no interruption to what you are doing. It comes free and on an extremely flexible work frame.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

This is one of the most creative Jailbreak tweaks to ever pick. In fact, it gives a slight pulse animation in the center while you change the Volume. So it is considered a very nice aesthetic effect for a complete change in the look to the feel. Take a look at the Tweak, free from the store.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

This is another Free Cydia alternative for Volume HUD with strong configuration and inspiring changes to the UI. Knowing you are not happy with the Volume controller in the center of the screen, this makes it move to the top with strong configurations on a number of elements of the interface as appearance, animations, position, size and more.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

Just as the name implies, it is Status Bar-based Volume HUD with perfect satisfaction for minimalists. And with this, you no longer need control of the volume with the buttons as your smart touch can drag to the position with enough scale. So it is a very nice free Cydia download with a pleasing look of while in the background and black in the filler.


iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

WAStatusVolume is another perfect replacement to the Volume HUD of the iOS with a successful WhatsApp-inspired attempt. It can be taken for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository to whose who like to keep the Volume display with what you inspired seeing in the WhatsApp.

From what we recently hear, these win more love in bringing interesting changes to the iOS Volume Display. So with Yalu, theseiOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks can be enjoyed up to 10.2. But if you are with no jailbreak yet, I am pretty sure these for adding interest and keep you more excitedly waiting for Cydia iOS 10.3.3 or something ahead.

While Apple keeps upgrading the operating system, hackers give the best attempt in making jailbreak possible. So stay with us for another interesting opening of Tweaks and news.

Waiting for Cydia iOS 10.3.3- New Tweaks to Play

Seeing iOS 10.3.3 at the peak of betas, we are set for a new prospect of jailbreak. And in this roundup, I brought you some of the latest releases to the Cydia store to keep you more excited on Cydia iOS 10.3.3 to come. So walk through the complete review of tweaks.

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

Even for now, Yalu 10.2 is latest in getting Cydia Download for iOS 10. But with recent demonstrations by KeenLab, we are set for a new hope of Cydia on 10.3.2 as well as iOS 11 jailbreak. So with all these interesting stories, we find Cydia too playing sometimes slow and sometimes faster game in updating the store. As the past few days have a lot to consider, we here starting with what you might love the most.

Tweaks for Cydia iOS 10.3.3

We are back here with another interesting collection of Cydia iOS 10 Tweaks. If you too believe the chance for Cydia iOS 10.3.3 just like us, this is why it really should be. Take a look for interesting tweaks updates this week.

Auto SilentMe for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

This is a nice tweak to have especially for who follow hectic schedules. In fact, it can automatically silent the notifications of your jailbroken device going with the events marked on the Calendar. So no more forgets but silence mode just on the right time.

Messages++ for $4.99

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

A worth download from Cydia to get useful features to stock messages app. In fact, it integrates Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and more to your messages app.

QuietWhilePlaying for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

Useful tweak that silent the Notifications while Music Playing. So this is important download for those who like the Music experience with no interruptions of time to time Notifications.

BetterPhotoCrop for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

A simple tweak brings better cropping capabilities to iOS. With that, you can apply the slight effect to photo-cropping interface down with no more interruptions with an accidental tap to Notifications.

AlternateControls 2 for $1.49

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

If you like your screen controls to look and behave like Android, this is worth having for a little one-time payment.

Like to know More:

  • CCSmooth for Free- To best customization for the Control Center feel and all functioning
  • SwitcherControls for $1.50- Control Center with a multitasking switcher
  • FavoriteEmojis for $0.99- To replace frequently used Emojis with a section of the favorites, it is customizable through the Settings

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

  • forceForward for Free- A new 3D Touch gesture to easily switch between pages in the edit mode
  • Lysithea X for $0.99- To get iOS 11-like media controls on iOS 10
  • QuietWhileUnlocked for Free- Keeps your iDevice silent/completely quiet when locked
  • TimeMover Lite for Free- Best customization app to lock screen lock to resize and move anyway on the screen

It is time to wrap up things for today but with a strong promise for a better come back. In fact, there would be more interesting releases in the coming week as we are moving on with iOS and more jailbreak updates. So be watchful for all our updates including Cydia iOS 10.3.3.

And in anything, you need more details, feel free to reach us.

New Tweaks Keep You Waiting for Cydia iOS 10.3.3

The most exciting piece of update recently came to view which showed jailbreak possibilities for 10.3.2 now signing and 11 to come. So while all these go, someone would hardly say Cydia iOS 10.3.3 is impossible as anything is possible in any time in concern the jailbreak. So expecting Cydia with a warm come back, here I write you about this week’s best picks of Cydia.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks

iOS 10.3.3 is now at the peak of betas which sees Apple’ next update for the 10th iteration. Coming as a minor point update to the operating system, this would be important for many of the users to keep the run so stable. And as to the rumors, 10.3.3 is also expected to be the relief of all wait for a jailbreak this long. As to KeenLab demonstration shown iOS 11 Jailbreak also with 10.3.2 possibilities to Cydia, we could expect something favorable for iOS 10.3.3 as well. So in that way, it is our time to make you aware of what’s new in Cydia. To find all interesting releases, go through the quick facts below.

Tweaks for Cydia iOS 10.3.3

When paying the highest attention to the way jailbreaking is happening, you often put just a little note to selecting tweaks. But as this comes not as easy as you think, we write you on regular updates in Cydia download to easily suggest what is more worth taking a try once Cydia iOS 10.3.3 updates. So these are some of the notable from the past few days.

Kairos 2 for $2.99

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

An interesting new tweak for Cydia allowing you schedule your text messages as well as iMessages to be sent in a certain time ahead from now. As this feature is still in need of the stock iOS but with a lot of attention as an option for iOS, jailbreakers can enjoy this for worth $2.99.

Actif 2 for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

Actif 2 is a new add-on to Activator which is one of the best ever downloads with jailbreak. So with this new feature, you can experience better time on all Activator options including the changes to conditional statements.

ClassicPlayer for $0.99

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

If you like latest iOS features but with a little touch of Classic flavor, this is a worthy update to Cydia this time. In fact, it can replace your Music player with a Classic iPod-style for a real change in its look to the feel.

HomeCardIconLabel for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

This is another free tweak to get a new icon and a  label for the Homepage as an App Switcher card. Though it is simple, it is useful to give a try to easily recognize and access the feature.

Creamy for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

With all promised with the upcoming 11th firmware update, you find change to the way your passcode buttons look. In case if you are in a too hurry to take the experience right on your iOS 10, here it is the chance with creamy. It will turn your Passcode screen to 11-like experience.

CamMode for Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

With jailbreak, you find interesting updates to Camera. So this is another simple tweak from which you could easily know the camera mode you have activated.

 Sinatra for $1.99

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

When coming to Cydia, your Now Playing interface can be played with many changes. So this a new addition to all the options from which you can expand your Now Playing interface from the Control Center to a full page view.

Wrapping up the things for today we make a promise to come back soon. So keep waiting for Cydia iOS 10.3.3 while 11th iteration of the Apple mobile operating system makes its way to the public progressively.

Do you know Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10 Messages App?

Seen Yalu 10 successfully around months together with Apple iOS changes, we found interesting additions in Cydia. As Cydia is a wide range of various options, this update comes in concern of the most used Message app features. So in this piece of writing, we will show you some Best Cydia Tweaks to enhance iOS 10 Messages app experience to the most excellent. If you are with jailbreak or in planning soon, read and catch how to tweak your iOS 10 stock messages app.

best cydia tweaks

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10 Messages App

As the most used app all the time, we all love to get more features in the messages app. But when you are limited in the stock setting, jailbreaking is the only way for a notable change. So read and find what are the tweaks work best for your messages app.

DarkMessages for Free


Most of you love night mode tweaks on your iOS from which iOS messages can be turned into a different look and feel. Among a number of options in the Cydia, I find DarkMessages as one of the best free choices. So try this for free to make your message app dark-style.

Littlemoji for Free


Bigger Emojis is one of the best features gifted with iOS 10. In fact, iOS 10 made your emojis biggers in size when they are sent with no text. But in case if you now feel, Little Emojis are better, here you are Littlemoji jailbreak app for free to turn them back like iOS 9 days.

TranslucentMessages for Free


TranslucentMessages is a free Cydia Tweak that helps you to change the skin of your iOS 10 messages app. With translucent visuals, this amazing free app prevents you from the boring UI. So to take your message app away from all same stocks, this is a handy pick.

MessageFilter for Free


When you keep the same phone to contact family, friend as well as your professional links, you may often meet with mistakes. Can you imagine how it is when you messed up a message to your friend and with a colleague or boss? Then how could you ensure that your message never going to the wrong contact? Although it is not possible with stock, jailbreak makes the best space for it. With the free app MessageFilter, you can make a special blacklist and whitelist system to where each message needs to be sent. So with a wrong contact, it alerts you ensuring no more mistakes with messages.

The above given are some best Cydia Tweaks to use in the Messages app. But as this is not the end of surprises, stay signed for more ahead.

A Word About Current Jailbreak State

Jailbreak ios 10.3

With Luca Todesco’s Yalu 10 Jailbreak, we find iOS 10 jailbreak fans happy. But as the tool only workable up to 10.2, the version above still stay at a none-jailbroken state. And as we find no Cydia demonstrations above 10.2 so far, we currently at a doubt about how jailbreak will be changed in times approaching. As most believe, it will be jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 or 10.3. However, with the promise of bringing an update soon, I wrap up for today with Best Cydia Tweaks. But not forget to subscribe us for more jailbreak news.