How to bring iOS 11.1 emoji on iDevice with iOS 10 Cydia

No question, we believe that at least once you have searched for sandwich emoji through the keyboard on the iDevice to send your beloved. Sadly, there were no many tasty emojis in the previous iOS keyboards. It’s happy to inform Cydia installer followers that Apple has added a large number of additional emojis in iOS 11.1 beta and will be available for the public users with the stable update.

iOS 10 Cydia

If you have an iOS 10 or lower version running jailbroken device? Then you’re totally applicable to get these newest faces and objects on your keyboard without losing the current jailbreak. Note that this method is working on firmwares between iOS 10.2 – 5.1 but there are some differences in some updates. In here we’ll guide you how to get Apple’s most recent emojis on 10.2 – 10 versions using iOS 10 Cydia download.


  • iOS 11.1 beta 2 or macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 file
  • Poomsmart’s Cydia repository

Let’s Have iOS 11.1 emojis on iOS 10 Cydia

  1. Launch iOS 10 Cydia download on your jailbroken device.
  2. If you don’t have the repo, add using this URL:
  3. Before installing the latest emojis on your iDevice, you should remove other themes based on emojis such as Bytafont, Anemone.
  4. Download iOS 11.1 emoji file on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through the Poomsmart. Aldo, it’s possible to transfer the file via Airdrop, Email and other methods.
  5. Navigate to /System/Library/Fonts/Apple Color Emoji.ttc on the iDevice and you’ll find the already downloaded emoji file.
  6. Install these bundles on iOS 10 Cydia installer
      • EmojiPort (iOS 10)
      • Filza File Manager
      • EmojiAttributes
      • EmojiLibrary

    poomsmart cydia repo

  7. Now open the Filza application and move the iOS 11.1 emoji file to the location /System/Library/Fonts/Core from where were you save the file before.
  8. Select the original emoji file in this folder which named “AppleColorEmoji”. There will be one or two files in the folder and zip these two files as a backup for an emergency.iOS 11.1 emoji filza zip
  9. Once the backup is completed, delete the original file to replace with the iOS 11.1 emoji file.
  10. In next step, extract the 11 version which was zipped in the folder. Then rename the earlier deleted file to the original file. This should be AppleColorEmoji@2x.ttc or AppleColorEmoji@2x.ccf.
  11. Once you finished all these steps, respring the device and you’ll see that the latest emojis have appeared on your iOS keyboard.iOS 11.1 emoji on keyboard

How to Remove the Package In case of Emergency

  • Navigate to /System/Library/Fonts/Core and remove the replaced emoji file.
  • Unzip the original file which was previously backed up.
  • Uninstall the packages which installed earlier on iOS 10 Cydia
  • Respring your device and original files will automatically replace.

Everythings fine, by using this method you can easily enjoy with the upcoming emojis without losing iOS 10 Cydia. Follow the guide carefully and let us know if there’s any mistake.

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