Best Jailbreak Tweaks to Hands-on this week

If you are privileged to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with any of the supported jailbreak tools, you are lucky to get through Cydia successfully. So if you are busy looking for the Best Jailbreak Tweaks, here we come with the highest help collecting this week’s latest to hands-on.

best jailbreak tweaks

Note to the user: Cydia store has been temporarily shut down at this stage in response to a serious bug. So with that, Cydia purchases will no longer be enabled but Saurik confirms this puts no impact on Cydia installer.  And for sure those who are privileged to Cydia can go on using Cydia to install, uninstall and monitor through all the existing tweaks at the same time browsing through the existing repositories

What are the Best Jailbreak Tweaks to play this time?

With every new week, we find a set of updates in the store to get by all the iOS jailbreak users. If you are searching for the coolest tweaks, here we are giving the support on your decision by collecting all the latest highlighting releases this time.

EasyAccess for $2.50

If you are a big fan of multitasking on iPhone, EasyAccess is a great option to play with. This amazing tweak makes multitasking more working on the iOS. Having this, you can go with two actions in two apps at once and smoothly moving between applications on a very much customizable dock that you can call at any time required with the Activator.

ifConnected for free

Low Power Mode is a very useful feature for iOS users to slow down your running battery power. And with this free jailbreak Tweak you can make the feature more useful as it allows you to set different conditions for Low power mode to on or off automatically.

LowBatteryBanner for free

You may have felt your iOS low battery alert is somewhat irritating as it could appear at any time when you go lower the 20% and by disturbing whatever you were doing. But if you have jailbroken and take this free Jailbreak tweak, you can easily make it a banner-type changing from the notification-type.

MotionPicture for $1.50

If you are willing to play with advanced wallpapers, themes, lock screen etc, having this MotionPicture for a little one-time payment. Having this you can set any animated GIF or MOV, MP4 video file as your Home screen or the Lock screen wallpaper. But remember this could make your device battery drain a little faster as this plays a video in the background.

Is that all from Cydia Download?

iPhone X jailbreak

No. This is just a hand pick from what has updated this week. In fact, this week has brought a rich list of Best Jailbreak Tweaks to enjoy your jailbroken iDevice to the highest. So if you are privileged to Unc0ver, Electra or from any jailbreak tool to get installed Cydia installer, you are lucky to grab these amazing apps. Have a try and leave a comment about your experience.

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