Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks to Hands-on

With Electra and unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11 firmware, many users have privileges with powerful Cydia turns. So knowing your true interest, here we are writing to you with the most updated note of Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks in concerning the recent days. If you are with the complete jailbreak on iOS 11, take a look at the interesting options to pick from Cydia this week.

best cydia apps and tweaks

Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks- latest Updates

Every week brings so many updates to Cydia jailbreak app store. And that is truly why you feel so excited to hands-on the iOS jailbreak opportunities. So take a look here at all new addition to the store to make your Cydia turn more interesting.

TWPlus for Free

best cydia apps and tweaks

Are you tired of the same-old Twitter view? Then what to do above the official Twitter frame? Here you have TWPlus for free from Cydia store to apply various changes above the limited official Twitter profile. It comes offering a number of internal settings after the installation allowing you to get the best tweaking for Twitter. Try it for free if you feel useful.

Moonshine for $1.99

iOS jailbreak tweaks

Apple watch has many interesting features that would love to have on your iPhone. With this paid app as Moonshine, you can have Apple watch inspired Night Mode on your jailbroken iPhone when it is connected to power. This was earlier given as a beta and now has finalized for public use.

Malleus for Free

cydia apps and tweaks

If you are on iOS 11 jailbreak, you will miss the chance of the latest iOS 12 update. But do not worry as there are ways you can simply gain the same feeling above various iOS 11 features. In fact, the tweak here will bring you the exact sound you hear when working on the 3D Touch-based Camera and Flashlight on the Lock screen flagship iPhone X.

What is more to love in Cydia Download?

  • PrivateSafari for free- The tweak is offered from Packix repository for free in the order to keep safely all your Private Browsing from the mobile Safari session. It allows on a request to authentication for the history viewing
  • MtTitleWidgetName for free- The app is offered to rename widgets on iOS just in the manner you like. You will find the app from Cydia’s Bigboss repo
  • DirectNoInstaOpen for free- you can have this free tweak from the CydiaGeek’s beta repo to prevent giving rights to the direct app launch on the Instagram
  • DirectNoScrollingIndicators for free- Tweak available free on CydiaGeek’s beta repository in order to easily hide the scrolling indicators from the application

Final words

It is so interesting to talk about how Cydia comes with amazing app options every week. So stay here with us to catch more interesting updates to Best Cydia apps and tweaks just like here to make your jailbreak experience changed in a beneficial way.

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